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Friday hawt chicks & links – The running shoes edition.

Greetings earthlings and welcome to the thread with it all, the thread with the most, and the thread with the best – it’s the hawt chicks and links thread for your pleasures. Step this way for fun! Guaranteed fun or your coupons back. We have so much fun making fun that the funness is simply unstoppable.

The fun this week is brought to you by Nike. Apparently they thought that getting a race-stirring hate mongering piece of shit to be the public face of their new campaign would be top notch awesome. There are a whole lotta memes on this theme going around so I had to pick one to be my favorite. I hate picking favorites.

On the face of it Nike committing advertising hara-kiri in this manner doesn’t make a great deal of sense. Are corporations like Nike and Levis really so committed to the mythical world of wonders that is social justice?

Of course they aren’t.

The agenda is to defeat the Trump-trade-reset; however, they, in this example Levi Strauss, cannot openly side with China and Asia against the United States.  The PR optics would be horrible…. So they do it covertly by supporting domestic political policies and opposition toward the President who is threatening the construct of their multinational business model.

Together the NFL, Nike and Levi Strauss stand to retain their current level of trade benefit (profit) if President Trump is blocked from instituting America-First trade and manufacturing policies.   Supporting gun control (Levi Strauss) or supporting BLM/Antifa (Nike) is simply a tool to support the political opposition of the policy-maker adverse to their financial interests.

Corporations are getting nervous because Trump is ramping up the countdown to the day when all of the chips get cashed.

That’s my take, judging from the body language in this video. Gayham knows that Kelly knows, and Abedin doesn’t know. A big change in Swamp standard operating procedure is on the horizon; Huma might be doom’ed, and Kelly is signaling to Gayham that if he doesn’t cooperate, the cleansing fire will be licking at his plush pedoface too.


This week also saw proceedings to swear in a new justice of the Supreme Court. It seems that there were a lot of disruptions. It also seems that the “protestors” were paid. Immediately after they were thrown out. From a bag of cash. Right outside the hearing. Where someone could take a photo.

The Center for Popular Democracy promotes an anti-white, anti-capitalism, anti-American agenda it calls “racial justice.”

This was an organized mob action.

Let’s examine the photo:

Soros-funded vibrant pays cash to sweaty dough arms white feminist shit-lib. I hope she has been identified.


She’s not the only one who probably gets paid.

Who paid Rick Wilson to say this kind of stuff about Trump? One thing you know about political operatives is, they don’t work for free. So there must be some client who hired this “Republican strategist” to trash Trump on TV. At least that’s the logical deduction, but while campaigns are required by law to disclose their expenditures, a political operative has no such obligation. Unless his name shows up in an FEC disclosure, you’ve got no idea who’s paying Rick Wilson and, for all we know, he could be on the payroll of Tom Steyer or George Soros.

Another name for when the time comes to put them up against a wall.


Quote of the week goes to Vox day on the subject of China’s announcement that they are providing $60 billion of assistance to Africa in various forms. Apparently it is with “no political strings attached.”

What’s going to happen is that when the loans first default, they’ll be extended. When the African nations default the second time, China will take the collateral. It’s a subtle and inexpensive way to acquire material resources while posing as a benefactor instead of a predator.


A speech given by Archbishop Chaput (Philadelphia) on why men matter.

Plenty of data exist showing that strong, involved, masculine fathers produce confident, successful, feminine daughters.  And likewise, fathers play a crucial role in forming boys and young men in habits of mature self-discipline and excellence.  Masculinity is learned; and the right kind of masculinity is learned from fathers with deep moral character and other adult men of virtue.  The presence of a loving father radically improves the environment of a family.  It results in lower rates of poverty, less crime, better psychological health, and higher rates of education and career achievement for children of both sexes.  None of these realities is a surprise or a news flash.  All of them are simple matters of social science fact.  Another simple fact is that the absence of a father hits the lower social classes especially hard.  It makes the cycle of poverty and crime even more difficult for single mothers and their children to escape.

While there are plenty of good bits in the speech there are also a number of suspect bits that trot out the same old tired tropes of the Matriarchy. Hint: knights in shining armor.


Misogyny could become a hate crime in the UK after government orders law review.

But, the minister added: “We as a government are concerned to ensure our hate crime legislation is up to date and consistent.

“I’m pleased to announce today I will be asking the Law Commission to undertake a review of the coverage and approach of hate crime legislation following their earlier recommendation to do so.

“This will include how protective characteristics, including sex and gender characteristics, should be considered by new or existing hate crime law.”

Theresa May is the worst Tory prime minister in history. I am not surprised. Her very first announcement as PM was to declare that she would fight for social justice.


Care of MOTUS AD I discovered this young hip-hop fan who has started a new channel where he listens to classic rock songs for the very first time. As I went through some of his videos his follower count went up from 26K to 28K in about an hour.

He went a little nuts for the female backing singers so I thought to myself, how nuts would he go if he heard The Great Gig in the Sky for the first time?


A professional chef comments on one of Cappy’s videos, agreeing with Aaron that culinary school is a complete waste of time and money.

Anthony Bourdain was a mediocre line cook and a junkie, stop worshipping him. Good fucking riddance. SINGLE. WORST. RECRUITER. EVER. The amount of lives i’ve seen ruined because people wanted to be this guy… Went out like a 10 time junkie should too! Should’ve bet money on it! Everything you see on tv is bullshit. Even the super high production value shit with the slow motion capture, and people discussing their philosophies… it’s all bs and not worth the pathetic pay.

As someone who has worked in the industry in various roles including as an owner/operator I can confirm that it is seriously fucked up. And chefs and anyone working in the kitchen have the worst of it by far.


Some groovy tunes for the week, and one of my favorite house tracks.



It turns out that men are the ones who can have it all.


Attention whoring on Twitter.


  1. Jan Smith


  2. purge187

    In my opinion, Nike is cashing in on the wave of anti-Americanism and anti-White racism that is currently all the rage among the Left, and unfortunately, I think it’s going to pay off for them in the end.

      And the always reliable Animal Mother made this:

  3. TechieDude

    My brotha would flip out if he watched the video of “the Great Gig in the Sky” being recorded.

    That awesome voice is a pasty white english chick with blond hair. From what I learned on the video, her improvisations ignited how the piece evolved.

    It’s gratifying to see younger people, especially minorities exploring music from a time when musicians and composers had talent. I listen to some of the crap today and wonder if anyone can sing without an autotuner. And sing more than two or three notes. Every notice that a lot of the pop songs have 2-3 notes they simply repeat?

    I’ve reread that comment from the Chef at Cappy’s site 2-3 times, and it still cracks me up. Better yet are some of the comments. One of the commentor’s daughter’s took a pastry class in HS, and was thinking about becoming a chef. So he took her to a pastry shop to ask the owner some questions. In the end, it was a lot of money training for a $10/hr job. Having her moment of clarity, she’s studying engineering now. No matter how the Food NW glamorizes it, it’s a tough, low paying gig.

  4. Anyone interested in a pool to predict when he will have to apologize for saying that men matter?

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