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Via The Other McCain comes this Twitter run from a woman who moved in with a guy who had asked her to marry him, and then quickly moved back out again, (while he was out of town), due to the fact that he questioned her over-thinking things. To whit:

McCain contemplates at length whether or not this was a reverse-engineered red pill play on behalf of the man to get rid of her.

So he hits her with this weird “confession” right before he’s due to leave on a business trip (probably not a coincidence), and it’s like a “fork” move in chess: Either she collapses in abject, apologetic groveling (“I’ll do anything for you! I’ll quit my job! I love you so much!”) or else she can walk away.

Either way, he’s a winner.

Or she could have set fire to his house once he was gone, or sell all of his stuff on E-Bay, or use his internet address to download illegal kiddie porn and then tip off the cops.

Because women are crazy.

I don’t think that this was a level seven play on his part at all. I think that he fell for the feminist lie that women want a man who gets in touch with his feelings, whatever the hell they are. I bet he walked back in the door after his trip with a loud, “Honey, I’m home!” Reason?

Saying that you feel less of a man around a woman is pure beta oxygen. If any men out there were in any doubt about whether or not women really truly want you to not only get in touch with your feelings but put them out there for discussion and examination, this should be all the evidence that you require to disabuse you of this fantasy. This chick was outta there faster than new mosques going up in East London.

Or maybe it was a play. I very much doubt it though.

What we can know from this Twitter narcissism is what she was thinking and what her actions were,  and as always we need to examine what women do, not what they say.

She had moved in with her fiance and had been there for at least a month but she still had her own house to fall back on if it didn’t work out. He did not have the luxury of a bolt-hole; his abode was compromised by having his new love of his life occupying it. As always, actions speak a lot louder than Twitter outbursts. She was shit-testing him and he failed it by revealing himself to be the fawning beta which she must have suspected he was. But still, maybe she was just after beta bucks?

Sounds like he was the perfect provider, exactly what an over-the-hill female lawyer wants when she’s casting around for a compliant male to fulfill her needs. But even when women are seeking a provider, deep down they still want him to at least pretend to have some semblance of being a man.

The final post in her Twitter outburst reveals exactly what the situation is here:

She wants it all. No compromise, no accountability. Pure solipsism at its worst. Sure he dodged a bullet but the bet is that even now he is heartbroken and would take her back in a heartbeat.

What follows on the Twitter feed is an almost endless stream of women loudly proclaiming that she did the right thing, and you go girl! Women delight in their own collective misery and will not hesitate to tell one of the sisterhood what she wants to hear as long as it means that their own provisioning needs might improve due to her misfortune.

There are also a number of beta males who enter and who proudly proclaim that they are not intimidated by their own domineering wives.

I dig Randall’s little gay rainbow flag that he proudly displays so as to signal his wokeness.

McCain originally discovered this feed through that of a female journalist who linked to it. And her own opinion of what happened? Well, she is one of the sisterhood …

What’s the bet that Meghan is single too? I hope those retweets make you feel warm and cozy.



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  1. earl

    ‘ I find a lot of men like the *idea* of “strong, intelligent, independent women,” but in reality, many feel emasculated by it.’

    I never liked the idea…especially after ‘strong, intelligent, and independent’ all meant ‘easily offended, sarcastic and arrogant’.

    ‘They both want to feel “needed” and also be nurtured/put first by a mother/wife-type ‘

    Men want fried ice? Perhaps she doesn’t get a man feeling needed and your wife putting you first go together.

    • Jan Smith

      Certainly this was my experience, but that was back in the day. The ‘strong intelligent independent’ women who emerged in the 1970s were feminists who just thought they were

  2. earl

    Curiosity killed the cat with this one since she’s of the feminist hivethink. I think someone told me that the first law of feminism: “No woman may be held accountable for her actions.”

    • Adam

      Nice example. I was kinda hoping that someone would do a more exhaustive search of their Twitter feeds. You do not disappoint.

      • earl

        In any case…while I know modern wimminz aren’t going to think themselves that way and will hamster their way out of it…I still will hold their actions accountable. Just because they think they don’t have any responsibility or accountability for their actions…doesn’t mean reality agrees with them. If your actions bring about a result…don’t blame men if it isn’t what you thought would happen.

    • TechieDude

      “…It’s no wonder men seek out sex dolls/robots and prostituted women. They want a fantasy…”

      Hahaha.. or maybe they just want to bust a nut without dealing with your bullshit.

      What a dolt. Women have fantasies. I’ve never known a man to have one, other than a fantasy about what she looks like naked, or if she’s a screamer.

  3. He is intimidated by how intelligent she is and then she claims that she can’t even identify Idaho on a map? Basic geographic information that every learns in elementary school? Something not ringing true about this story.

    Also, who uses the words “I feel like less of a man” when they are talking to anybody about anything? Women making stuff up, that is who.

  4. Allen

    So much blarney in so little space. She was crushed by what he said? Really? It sounds like she had her dancing shoes already on and was waiting to boogy. It escapes me why women think they need to justify what they do with bullshit stories like this. Completely out of the blue I tell you, kept my house, had my bags packed, and the car was running, but I was surprised.

    The sheer level of gullibility women sometimes express always amazes me. Her cheerleaders were laughable. Ladies, we know you do this, we’ve always known. In fact many of us have contingency plans for it. They sure do get angry when you laugh at their stories.

    • earl

      Yes…isn’t always funny how women plan for it…then are awashed in a sea of sadness when they finally do their plan.

    • Nick Mgtow

      I remember, I owned a phone number that belonged to someone else before. Long story short, an ex-fling of his continuously called and texted me. Whatever I said as “no, that’s not your ex’s number anymore” she kept calling and texting.

      One day, I thought to myself: “If I wanted a woman to lose attraction, feel creeped and go away, what would I do?” (I remembered how Barney in HIMYM copied Ted when he wanted to get rid of a chick in the first episode…)

      So, when she texted me again, I just behaved as a thirsty creep: “how old are you?”, “do you have any ‘hot’ pictures of you?”, and just like that, just with a snap, I was rid of her.

  5. TechieDude

    Why would someone tweet this?

    Garner sympathy?

    Seems to me some things (like you shattering because your fiance said something you didn’t like, and didn’t have the fortitude to work it out) aren’t for public consumption.

    I’m with Allen. It had to be in her head long before this.

  6. squawkbox

    “sometimes I wish you were just a teacher or a nurse because you wouldn’t think so much, it’s intimidating”

    Flat-out lie. No man in history has ever said that even in the mathematically mega-improbable sense that he thought it in the first place. This is just some fugly insane cannibal working out her neuroses by inventing a narrative of why cats like her more than humans do. I look forward to an “Eat, pray”, love sequel

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Intimidated is a word that crazy girls commonly use to describe the way they want to think a man felt to cause this kind of relationship failure. I have yet to hear it from a man.

      She made it up, or at best made up that quote to embellish a story based on some grain of truth.

  7. Daniel Isenhood

    Her apartment was still available as was her old Tinder profile…

    Our man’s concern about her occupation being linked to her over-thinking is no doubt (I’ve been there) covert for “you’re horrible in bed and you’ve not got enough charm to for me to tolerate it…my guess is you’re over-thinking it, you’re obsessed with yourself and I’ve made a huge mistake.”

    Our man at least deserves applause for addressing it out lout and not tolerating it for the next 10 terrible years.

  8. Dave

    The photo on her twitter shows she has a large man-jaw and (the Great One would be pleased here) a fur baby, her dog which she refers to as her perfect partner.

  9. Crew

    “There are also a number of beta males who enter and who proudly proclaim that they are not intimidated by their own domineering wives.”

    Lol, beta males. What a farce. It never ceases to amaze how a patently pseudo-intellectual system—the sexual-social hierarchy—is used to explain the glaring mistakes of “lesser men”. Men, Christian or otherwise, who create and perpetuate that structure make a series of subjective behavioral and personality appraisals as its foundational pieces. Any protestation about this label or refusal to act in the prescribed manner brings about a pejorative response. It may be “convenient” for men to articulate what they believe are definitive aspects of their fellow man’s conduct because they subscribe to this hierarchy, but what about those men who find definitive flaws in how those decisions were arrived? What happens when those men challenge the structure by arguing that the “unvarnished truth of the structure” is in reality a set of assumptions predicated on sophistry? Would God truly judge in this exact manner by calling Christian men betas, gammas, and situational alphas?

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