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You may not criticize a black woman.

Particularly if one is a white man. From the puke inducing CNN:

A white cartoonist’s depiction of Serena Williams breaking her racket during the U.S. Open final — which led to one of the three controversial penalties she received before losing the match to Naomi Osaka — sparked widespread backlash on Monday. Author J.K. Rowling was one influential voice who weighed in on the polarizing illustration, calling the cartoon “racist” on Twitter….

The cartoon in question:

The problem that the SJW hordes have with this is that it depicts her, (zher?) in a completely accurate manner.

Some pretend Australian who plays chase the ball in the NBL is truly disappointed. Truly.

Really, truly disappointed. As a pretend Australian.

Worryingly, it appears that the cartoonist, Mark Knight, is completely unfamiliar with SJWs and their behavior.

“My wife and children are copping threats and insults on their Instagram accounts. I’ve tried to reply to these people but they just won’t listen … I’m not racist, the week before I did a cartoon on the death of Aretha … some days you’re a hero, some days you’re a pariah.”

That sort of quote only gets the SJWs licking their lips and rubbing their hands with glee. Someone get a copy of SJWs always lie into his hands quickly. Mistakes that Mark has made in that quote alone:

  1. Trying to reply and engage with his accusers. They don’t want your engagement, they want your destruction.
  2. Attempting to declare that you are not racist. You are white and you publicly criticized a high profile black woman – you are racist.
  3. Appealing to logic such as your cartoon of Aretha Franklin the week before. Another cartoon of a black woman?? Racist!!
  4. Thinking that it will all blow over in a few days. They’re just getting started.

Let’s see over the next few days how Mark goes with battling the SJWs in what appears to be a very one-sided fight. Will he still have a job by the end of the week? You tell me.


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  1. earl

    Twitter is a SJW haven for their reality…full of ‘woke’ people who look for racism or sexism in everything. Anybody with sense knows it’s not racist…it’s the cartoonish depiction of her tantrum.

    How many woke people on twitter would think this was the greatest cartoon every created when it is let’s say this guy depicted?

  2. davidpr90210

    What does racist AF even mean?

    Anyway, I know it’s useless to point this out but this is actually a far tamer disqualification from the original and still the best dummy spitter….

  3. Werner Von Mufasa

    The problem is, cartoonist has captured her likeness, character and personality only too well.That’s why Satanists, oops, Progressives are spitting feathers.

  4. purge187

    “2. Attempting to declare that you are not racist. You are white and you publicly criticized a high profile black woman – you are racist.”

    Actually, you don’t even have to do much of anything. If you’re White, you’re a racist in their eyes.

    And Serena and Hope Solo obviously need to cut back on the steroids.

  5. MatrixTransform

    Melbourne Aust here.
    this gibber has saturated the airwaves for 24 hrs and really seems like mass media hysteria.

    Weird we all crap on about Serena and not about say, a hurricane the size of Texas on 9/11.
    ..or a fresh assault on Idlib
    …or a Chinese credit crisis brewing

  6. MatrixTransform

    also, scanned my entire blog-roll last night which is probably 90% American.

    …no a single mention anywhere

  7. Post Alley Crackpot

    “999 people are talking about this”

    So Satan reveals himself after all.

  8. TechieDude

    Have you ever known a cartoonist not to make an exaggerated character? I don’t find that image all to off the mark. I think this is a case of SJW projection. That’s what’s in their hearts, so it is how their eyes see it.

    This is a huge problem that spans more than famous blacks. In my everyday life I’ll get treated poorly by blacks in the service industries from time to time. Ever since BLM, it seems all honkies are bad, and thus you don’t need to be polite or competent.

    Their behavior spans from cool indifference (barely speaking), or overacting politeness, to flat out malfeasance. Worst are in the medical tech fields. Phlebotomists to be exact. I can’t tell if it’s simple incompetence (likely) or spite that they stick the living shit out of my arms. When one of my doctors obtained a chubby black nurse assistant, waiting and drama became incredible. Interestingly, they had a re-org and the white assistant I deal with now ensures almost no wait.

    I’m about done with it all, to be honest.

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