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Podcast #90 – The floorboards episode.

Drama with the floorboard company that wants to charge us more. Also, I go over some comments on the blog, talk about the Swedish election, and reveal a remarkable conversation that I recently had with a Lithuanian.


You may not criticize a black woman.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The world upside down edition.


  1. TechieDude

    I’ve had my fill of contractors these days. I had something similar happen a month ago. We were putting in a concrete pad for a spa for which the contractor quoted me a price. A few hours before the concrete truck is supposed to roll up he tells me “uh..the concrete guys are coming at 1 and they’ll need $400 cash”

    The quote (a verbal one – big mistake) didn’t include concrete. And, I’m with you. A quote, paid up front, denotes a fixed price deal. Their costs run over, too bad. This is why I am very, very careful with my quotes.

    And Roosh needs to lawyer up. Unlike other “de-platforming” Amazon’s arbitrary removal of his books has materially harmed him and gives him cause. Should be a no-brainer for a law firm, and probably would be a landmark case. By having material for sale far more offensive (which isn’t all that subjective to a jury), they’ll have a real hard time defending their actions. They may not put him back, but they will be forced to be explicit in their policy, which would float to Google, twitter, et al. They did it to him because he’s a little guy. A big publisher would put intense pressure on Amazon.

  2. Bigusrigus

    The coddled European mind. That’s what happens when you live in a bureaucracy where everything is taken care for you. Everyone knows about the concept of a contract. Hardly anyone understands how they operate in a practical sense and most don’t have an idea about commercial reality. Had a landlord once that kept instructing contractors to invoice me directly – a sub-tenant – for maintenance to an apartment. No matter how often I laid it out, they could not comprehend the contractual hierarchy of a landlord > tenant > sub-tenant arrangement.

    Also, had a girlfriend that complained about not being paid enough at a nonprofit. She could not comprehend that every extra dollar she took in salary, was one less dollar that went to the cause she claimed to represent. Saw this time and time again in Germany. Graduate university at 30. Never worked an honest job in your life. Get a position in postgrad, corporate or government. Stay in it until retirement. Has no idea of how the sausage is made.

    Coached a football club. We needed new uniforms. Suggested that we do some fundraising from friends, family and local business. The local leaders of the club thought it would not be right to raise money from people who were not direct participants in the club. No real justification, just nonsense. I thought Europe was fucked until I got back to Australia and experienced illogical debates on basically every social issue. Seems as if one will need to pick his poison.

  3. Hi Adam,
    I’ve previously commented on the Rijksmuseum. I visited once but was blown away. I think it is the balance and the historical journey it takes you on.

    The Vermeers were iconic, but I was taken by the small church interiors of de Witte,3

    And the landscapes of Weissenbruch,9

    I recently visited Budapest and whilst their national gallery is not as well stocked as the Rijksmuseum the Csontváry Kosztka, Tivadar – Pilgrimage to the Cedars of Lebanon was amazing in its symbolism.,_Tivadar_-_Pilgrimage_to_the_Cedars_of_Lebanon_-_Google_Art_Project.jpg

    I think the art that is deemed of value says a lot about the state of Western culture and identity.

    Something has been lost, much is being neglected and even decried, and the ambitions of art and for art diminished.

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