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9 year old Australian girl refuses to stand for National Anthem.

Big news in Australia this week was some snot-nosed brat refusing to stand for the National Anthem at her school, which rightly disciplined her but then faced the wrath of the SJW hordes on social media. The precocious prodigy is 9 years old, and her reason for disrespecting the National Anthem was rather advanced for someone of her age.

“The reason why I don’t sing it or stand is because Advance Australia Fair means advance White Australia,” Harper told Brisbane’s The Courier-Mail. “When it says we are young it completely ignores the fact that indigenous culture was here for over 50,000 years before colonisation.”

What an extraordinary thing for a 9 year old girl to say. If I think back to what I was saying at the same age it was probably about which model army figure set I wanted for my birthday, (German mountain troop infantry!)

Here is a photo of the young lass:

SJWs … they make ’em young.

Now granted that she has a face which I am sure every young boy in her class just wants to punch. But still, I can’t see her coming up with this sort of nonsense all on her own. And seeing as the school disciplined her for her actions, where then does the fault for such indoctrination reside?

Well, here’s a photo of her parents:

Don’t you just love her father posing for an official press photo of this nature without wearing any shoes with his jeans? It’s just so woke I consider myself asleep in comparison!

It should also come as no surprise to hear that her self-satisfied parents fully standby and support their daughter’s actions. Which is entirely understandable seeing as I have no doubt whatsoever that they’re the ones responsible for filling her young head with such nonsense.

I am also quite certain that Australian aborigines must be so gratified to hear that a 9 year old white girl is taking up their cause for them. I’m sure that they won’t feel patronized at all by such grandstanding on their behalf.

This is virtue signaling on her parent’s part at their child’s expense. It’s one thing to be a hypocritical shit-lib all on your own, but to brainwash and degrade your own child on a national level has to be a real step forward in the SJW world. And when you think about the ever-in-flux SJW hierarchy, bleeding heart white dipshits such as these sit right at the bottom level. Perhaps their only real chance to raise their SJW market value was such a display of proxy wokeness through their own child.

What the kid will go through at school when the cameras are turned off is another matter entirely. Her classmates won’t forget her behavior, and neither should they. She will suffer real consequences for the obscene solipsistic behavior of her parents. She is the one that will have to go to school every day while mummy and daddy return blissfully to their own lives, smarmy and content in the knowledge that they are as woke as straight white folk can be.

Even now I can imagine her parents scrutinizing their own genealogy with great enthusiasm as they desperately search for any far-flung ancestor that had the great foresight to muck about in bed with an aborigine.  The ultimate bestowal of virtue signaling wokeness will be if they can proudly present their white freckle-faced daughter as being of aboriginal blood. Such events are what SJW dreams are made of.



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  1. purge187

    The father’s beard is making it difficult for me to tell if his wife has a bigger man-jaw than he does.

  2. David

    Since song lyric accuracy is so important then can we change the song to Advance Non-Australians Fair at the same time……?

  3. 'Straya Kunt

    White makes right. This precocious little 5h1t had better learn that sooner rather than later.

  4. Allen

    I forget what but doesn’t the Manosphere have some term for where a beta guy is leaning into the woman and she’s standing somewhat aloof? At any rate that photo makes me think of one thing: Beta Parents. They’re probably best friends with their child to.

    That photo is just wrong on many levels.

  5. Xword

    Triple synchronised head tilt with pike … 9.6 out of 10!

  6. Apex Predator

    I can tell you with a high degree of probability that woman is a top and the hubby is a bottom who likes his asshole pegged.

    Everything about him sets my gaydar on fire with warning. He is extraordinarily effeminate.

  7. Carl-Edward

    I believe that one can tell a great deal about people and their politics both by looking at their physiognomy and their dress. One look at the father tells the whole story. The mother wears a forced smile intended to reflect relentless goodwill – a thing so characteristic of liberals.

  8. Dave

    “When it says we are young it completely ignores the fact that indigenous culture was here for over 50,000 years before colonisation”.

    Here’s the clincher then….. if these shitlibs seriously believe colinisation of this land was wrong and whites should not be here then why don’t they either off themselves or get out of the country? hence removing their “white presence” as the ultimate and only >TRUE< means of accurately addressing their beliefs?

    The answer is they won't because they don't really believe the crap they preach.

    It's like climate control freaks who still drive cars and waste electricity using smart phones…. it's all self deluding fraud where the aim of the game is to convince yourself into believing your a good person… a better person than anyone else around you.

    • Al Jahom

      “why don’t they … get out of the country?”

      Probably because no other country will have them.

      We certainly don’t need any more smug cunts like them in the UK.

      Perhaps, if they’re sufficiently dedicated to the cause, now’s the perfect time for them to head to South Africa.

      • Dave

        Heh…… you reminded me about all the lefty trash in the USA who said they could not live in an America run by Trump….. he then wins and none of them leave.

  9. I had to search for a while to figure out where I’ve seen that family photo before.

  10. Pete

    Her father is a Jew. Just saying

  11. Axis Sally

    Funny you should mention German mountain troops. I live in the Rocky Mountain region of North America and wear the bergmütze in defiance of the ubiquitous ball cap here. You would be surprised how many probable SJW types compliment me, apparently not knowing what it is.

    • Adam

      Damn that’s a great idea for a cap, especially the lovely green ones. I’ve been wanting a cap for this time of the year to keep the rain off. Might just grab one of those.

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