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Podcast #91 – The good times bad times episode.

The one where I lay it all out there.

Also, a wedding in Italy, a new car purchase, and which university is the most worthless.

Link mentioned from the good Heartiste.


Stop making sense.


Friday hawt chicks & links – Hiatus for a week.


  1. Powerful, honest and delighted to here you have pinpointed the problem.

  2. Jan Smith

    re Single mothers… oh, dear, you poor boy! Explains everything. But not surprising.

  3. TechieDude

    Couple thoughts.

    Moving blows. You’re lucky to have your sanity after all that. At least you didn’t have to buy/sell houses each time. That’s another level of misery too awful to contemplate. Still, it’s wise that you and the missus have your own decompress time. It’s why my marriage is tipping 30 years at this point. You have to keep in mind priorities. Each one of you should be a priority for the other.

    Soyboys – these frickin millennial douches with the coiffed hair and beards. All I can think of when I witness them is; 1. What a faggoty look, or 2. They look like a boys. It’s the clothes they wear. There is a classic cut to a suit. There’s a way a MAN dresses. May be another trait of the modern man – something about not primping up like a woman, or wearing clothes tailored like a woman. When I see more than a few of them in my travels, I think of the classic term coined by Anthony Bourdain (Peace be upon his soul, whatever) – “Douchebag apocalypse”

    And studying ‘leadership’? Wow. That homo will have a day of reckoning, for sure. Leading what, exactly? It’s like the project managers I know that have a PMS certification and know exactly dick about the technology we have to implement and what it takes. I had to make my bones in the field before scoring such a position in the past. BTW – I do the exact same thing you do, only with technology. And the street cred of having been there and done that makes the students happy, feeling that they got their money’s worth coming to my classes. I have tons of stories where I’ve hammered the instructors (that all they ever did was present) in courses I’ve attended. I find where they are weak and pepper them with questions. I see it as blood sport.

    I don’t know about Clarey either. A drink or two is good for you. I myself am way more gregarious after a drink. That said, medically, I shouldn’t. It’s a long ugly story. It can be unhealthy.

    I can’t find my reviews on amazon. I thought I reviewed your stuff, but I guess not. Fuckit. I’ll change my handle and do it again.

    • Adam

      Blood sport indeed. I am fucking brutal when I’m a student. The only thing I keep in mind is to not overdo so as to prolong the day and piss off every other student in the class.

  4. Dave

    Fresh out of my engineering degree back in the early 90s and commenced work in my first major role as a contractor for a large firm. My boss, also a contractor was an interesting fellow who taught me many things in relation to management and interaction with people which I never could have learnt from a course.

    One thing he said to me all those years ago in relation to leadership which has stuck in my mind ever since is that “over the course of my professional working life I will encounter people who’s ambitions exceed their abilities”, and hell has he been right.

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