Friday hawt chicks & links – Hiatus for a week.

It’s been a tough week for yours truly, and to top it all off there was a thunderstorm last night that cracked a bolt right over the old Adam abode. This sent the computer into a spin and my browser page that was open with all of the links for the week went into oblivion and for some reason I can’t recover it from the history file.

God working in mysterious ways and telling me to have a night off?

I will have a new article going up later today, but for this week the links thread is a bust. Hawt chicks can never be a bust though; that would be a sin.

5 thoughts on “Friday hawt chicks & links – Hiatus for a week.

  1. TechieDude

    Might I suggest Evernote?
    That way your notes can be kept between mobile devices and your desktop. I don’t think I’d use anything browser based for important stuff.

    And a battery backup – bigger the better. Mine’s pretty robust, keeping my machines relatively safe.


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