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Kavanaugh – turning the volume up to 11.

The prog left’s increasingly hysterical attempts to derail Trump’s nomination of Kavanaugh to the US Supreme court bench have been noteworthy for two reasons:

  1. The Right fought back against the left instead of collapsing in a heap at the first murmur of “the sexual assaults!”
  2. When the Right doesn’t toe the line on the previously accepted cozy arrangement of heads we lose tails you win, then the only place to go for the progs is to turn up the volume to 11 and keep it there, no matter how badly it begins to hurts the ear drums of everyone concerned.

This is because the modern left truly has no ideas. They don’t even have old ideas. All they have is the ability to find jaded and used up post-wall women who will literally say anything for their 15 minutes in the media sun. The left believe the lies that they tell these women to say because they so desperately want everyone else to believe it as well. It’s all they’ve got.

Kinda sad really, when you think about.

But also sad in the sense that the Right has fallen for this playbook for so very long, even when it was obvious, (Bill cough Clinton cough) that when it came to turning the light on an actual sexual predator on their own side the left where never going to hold the same so-called standards to themselves as they did to the Right.

The left have been reduced to hysterical women running around with their pants on fire screaming that their pants are not on fire.

One outcome that I fully expect after the conclusion of this whole drama is that the prog left will move to dis-empower the Supreme court. It’s okay for such an institution to have powers vastly beyond the scope of its original mandate when the lunatic left are in charge of it. But when they lose it to the other side it will immediately be time for lots of ‘thoughtful’ pieces in the New York Times and other vanity billionaire blogs patiently explaining why the Supreme court is actually really really bad, truly.

Too bad that they won’t be in power to achieve this outcome.

I fully expect to link back to this little article many times over the next few years.


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  1. Allen

    I can hardly wait for one of the liberal judges to retire while Trump is still in office. This is going to be hard to top. Perhaps the nominee engaged in secret child sacrifice, oops, Roe v. Wade. I’ve always thought a check was needed on the court. Perhaps a 2/3rds majority in the US House could overturn a decision, and tell the court, “Try again later.” The Senate and the President not being required to sign off.

    • TechieDude

      I believe there is such a check.

      Congress can nullify, change, or add a law that makes their ruling moot. I think setting aside a verdict can be done from what I recall. It just takes a certain amount of testosterone.

      The other way, which has happened in the past, is for the executive branch (Trump) to simply ignore them. If memory serves other presidents in the past (Jackson?) did that. Obama really didn’t ignore the supremes as much as simply choosing not to enforce the law (do his job) as the law was written.

      • Congress has a lot of power over the Supreme Court and the US Court System as a whole. First they control the purse and determine by statute how many lower courts (District and Appeals) exist. They control the number of Justices that make up the Supreme Court. And most importantly, they control the jurisdiction of every court, including the USSC, and can determine what the courts can and can not adjudicate as an appellate court per Article III, Section 2.2. Since most of the controversial cases are on matters outside the Article III courts original jurisdiction, most of them can be overturned via statute and removed from the court hearing them again.

  2. Here’s my take on Kavanaugh. Contrast with Judge Roy Moore’s failed Senate bid in Alabama; The state Republicans and the RNC did not want him in and when the Dems ran the hoax that he abused teenager girls 20 years earlier with two women middle-aged women coming forward, the RNC said they were serious allegations and Hannity piled in against Moore, the state Republican leadership did to mobilize the local party, and the smear led to voters being uncertain and in a safe seat Moore narrowly lost. Interestingly it was the beginning of the end for Bannon who talked tough but did not deliver a ground game to get the Moore vote out. McConnell was brutal with the outsider Moore.

    Now take Kavanaugh, a Bush, establishment insider, McConnell told President Trump if they cleared the decks (shelved wall funding, no conflict with Mueller or Sessions, he would be able to get Kavanagh seated). To achieve this McConnell needs all his votes and there are 8 republicans headed by Flake, who are either liberal in disguise or just hate Trump and want to deny him a huge victory. The hearings went okay, the Dems threw their dummies out and made fools of themselves, but it was heading to an routine vote victory. Then the fake cases came out, just like on American campuses.

    Grassley’s committee will vote on party lines and approve Kavanaugh whether the women turn up or not. The Dems thought Kavanhaugh would fold but he has not. McConnell will not put it to the vote in the Senate if he does not have the votes. I think McConnell will use every inducement, threat, and every ounce of his political capital to get the vote threw. They know if they cannot get Kavanagh through they will lose the House in the midterm elections and possibly the Senate as disgusted Republican voters sit on their hands. Get him through and McConnell is also AFRAID that they might keep the House and increase in the Senate because then he has no excuse on the Wall, tax cut 2, Gun rights reciprocity, and POTUS will win in 2020 (which I think he will win anyway).

    By the way, the House, which the Dems have a demographic chance of taking back, is central to the House Intelligence committee where Devan Nunes, who has led the effort to expose the conspiracy in the DOJ and the Mueller coverup. If the Dems take the House they will gain control of the committee and close down the investigation. Instead, they will start proceedings for impeachment of POTUS (even though they know it will never go through the Senate) keep Mueller in place, and seek to block and resist. I hear that they might even try to impeach Clarence Thomas as a strategy to delegitimize the Supreme Court. Also, watch Trump fire Sessions after the Midterms.

    Thomas might want to retire but I hope he stays on until Trump’s second term. Can you imagine what the left will do if Trump proposes Amy Coney Barrett if/when Bader-Ginsburg to meets her maker? Their heads will explode. No matter the midterm outcome I think the Soros money will flow and the violence and demonstrations in the streets will resume and escalate, particularly if the Mueller sham is exposed. And POTUS’ rating continue to rise as the economy improves.

    • As a Kentuckian, while McConnell may sometimes come across as a squish, he’s not as bad as most on the farther reaches of the right think. He’s publicly supported the border wall, he’s always supported tax cuts, and he’s successfully blocked gun control measures when he was minority leader. The issue with him generally hasn’t been his stances, but he’s one of the last members of the old guard in the Senate. When he joined the body it acted entirely different than it does today. The Senate was built on being collegial, finding compromises everyone could live with, etc… He’s not kept up with the Dems on the move away from it (though based on his behavior the past few weeks, I think he’s about there). What McConnell lacks is an effective whip to keep the Flakes/Collins/Murkowski’s in line and I don’t think there’s a personality on the GOP side of the Senate currently that can effectively do that like the Dems do with their caucus.

      As far as the Nunes chair position, he’s retiring regardless of the outcome of this fall’s election. If the GOP maintains control, it will be very interesting to see who the new Speaker and house leadership taps for that role.

  3. TechieDude

    This whole shitshow was a setup from the beginning and everyone knows it. Grassley should have said as much and flipped the tables on the democrats. I’d like to see these hearings get closed. TV access only. He should have closed the hearing the instant the protesters started acting out. Then, he needs to see who issued tickets (you can’t just waddle into that hearing) and censure them. At very least, expose their names.

    To be honest, these fool senators are supposedly adults, and were elected to a position of some responsibility. They should do their homework, then vote. These hearings are nothing but theatrics. A supreme court justice isn’t a “popular vote” position. John Q public really doesn’t, and shouldn’t get a say. They could have shut the thing down day one by simply acknowledging that the democrats wouldn’t vote yes in committee no matter who Trump nominated. At that point, it’s farce. What’s the point of letting them harangue the guy?

    Just once I’d like one these senators to flat out say – so what? So you got your tits squeezed when a drunken teen tried to get in your pants, but he didn’t, and you left. So? (BTW – my question here is why a 15yr old girl is at a party with drinking. I used a real life example of a 15 year old found in a university dorm, 30 miles from her home, naked and covered in shaving cream to drill into my daughter’s heads the concept of “Predisposition”.)

    And the other one is laughable. Some dude, you think it was him, showed his pecker to you at a college party. And? So what?

    Dude has decades of experience, a well documented track record, and 6 FBI checks. I think if he were a pervert, it would have surfaced before now.

    The left freaks out over the court because it’s the only way their agenda gets implemented. They can’t get this stuff done if they vote on it because they get clobbered every time. The next nominee will be a woman, probably Amy Barrett. Honestly, I think they are holding her for when Ginsburg pulls the croak chain.

    If anything, this hurts them in the mid terms. I don’t really see a blue wave. Just from recollection, the democrats have more seats to defend, especially in the Senate. So they’d have to win all their seats back, then some. I haven’t seen a good war-gaming post in some time, but the last one I saw, the maths weren’t really in their favor. Take where I live – all the lefties are infatuated with Beto. His problem is that there are more republican voters (over 3/4 million) than democrats in the state. More people voted for Ted Cruz in the primary than all the democrat candidates combined. And, now that it’s getting to crunch time, people are paying attention.

    Months ago “Beto” signs were popping up like daisies in my city. They’ve been disappearing lately. Especially after the first debate. I was walking the dogs and saw an old dude pick up his sign and put it in a trash bag.

    All that said, the fix for all this that won’t happen is – Term limits, and age limits. Get these old, guile filled codgers outta there. Make them retire 75, latest.

  4. Carl-Edward

    The Supreme Court as it now stands, is nothing more than nine politicians in black robes. The Congress could easily abolish the lower Federal courts, and then decide whether there is any need for a Supreme Court (a noble designation for yet another branch of the Federal legislature).

    As to Kavanaugh, he is surely the most put upon man in the United States, with female morons (aren’t they all?) who believe the socialists – for that is what the Democrats are – have a divine right to run what remains of this country. Moreover, most of the bitches hate men, and Trump epitomises the fast-disappearing male, who lives in fear of no-one.

  5. Axis Sally

    Speaking as a subject of the satrapy that calls itself the Federal Government of the U.S.A., it seems obvious that the Supreme Court ceased to function in its original capacity as a check on the other two branches after Brandeis and Frankfurter were appointed. The final nail in the coffin was when F.D.R. threatened to pack the Court in order to ramrod-through his “New Deal.” Since then it has functioned as little more than a rubber-stamp for Enemy “change agents” and their Bolshevist program. These nomination hearings are obviously merely pre-scripted Enemy psy-ops against a dumbed-down, mongrelized, and helpless “electorate.”

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