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Friday hawt chicks & links – The finding your balls edition.

At the time of writing Kavanaugh has not yet been confirmed, but I have no doubt that he will be. The Right is beginning to fight back instead of the usual past procedure of folding like a broken deck chair at the first utterance of sexual misconduct. That Lindsey Graham should be the man to rise to the occasion is proof that there is hope for the forces of light. A light is shining and darkness is beginning to be swept away. We may yet lose but we’re not going down without a fight anymore, at least not in the USA.


But as The Z Man points out, this sham of a process has also brutally exposed the rot at the heart of the system, the rots that lies in the hearts of the weak men who inhabit it.

If they cannot handle the simplest of tasks, how will the “world’s greatest deliberative body” manage to debate a response to a genuine crisis? The answer, of course, is they won’t because they can’t. Instead, they will look around for the strong man to arrive and take over the task from them.

That’s what we are seeing with the Kavanaugh hearings. Serious men would never have allowed a handful of deranged matrons, suffering from the typical middle aged female hysteria, to disrupt this process. Generation after generation since Gettysburg, the political elite has grown weaker as the quality of the ruling elite has declined.


A culture of thank-you.

At the start of each meeting, our SVP requires a few moments to go around the table and say “Thank yous” to people who are either at the table or not at the table. A public thank you with an explanation of why you’re thanking the person or group. I have been the recipient of one thank you, and it made me feel queasy. I guess I’m supposed to be grateful someone noticed me, but I didn’t like having people clap and giving me recognition for what is, in essence, doing my job. Yes, I went above and beyond. But that’s what you’re supposed to do.

I have never said thank you to anyone during this session. It’s not that I don’t say thank you. I’m very grateful for people/teams who give assistance. I say thank you in emails, over the phone, in person. From my perspective, saying “Thank You” is a very personal thing. Sharing that to a wider group isn’t in my repertoire. That’s not a lack of gratitude or graciousness. It’s between me and the people/teams I work with. Thank you, for me, has a place in few public forums. An entertainer thanks their fans. A politician thanks their base of voters/supporters. Those are public roles, with public audiences.

Many friends of mine have said “Just play along, fake it, do it because that’s what he wants, play the game.” I’d like to do that. But that’s not authentic. Authenticity, sincerity, is essential to do this sort of thing. If I just do it, it’s not authentic.

My response to this went along these lines:

At school in Australia we had a thing called ‘warm fuzzies’. They were an anonymous note to someone letting them know why someone, (you), thought they were great. I had always kinda considered them to be cheesy and silly, but now after reading this piece I have had to reappraise my attitude towards them.

Because of the fact that they were anonymous. The teachers were promoting a culture of gratitude with one of humbleness. Bulldog, I entirely agree with your views on this matter. This sort of thing would sit very uneasily for the same reasons that you mentioned. To top it all off, your narcissistic VP is building his cohort of sympathizers; the ones who are more than willing to suck up to go up. He will indeed be keeping notes of exactly who is not getting with the program and performing the dancing monkey role.

It is even more insidious because it stems from a false culture of perceived goodness and generosity.

He is building a team, without a doubt, but it is his team. Those who are loyal to him, not necessarily to the company.


Apparently people are having less sex.

the study notes that men and women are spending more time on “looking good” and less time putting those good looks to use in the bedroom. A pathological narcissist wouldn’t want to risk his or her image by actually sleeping with someone who would find out what they look like the morning after, or discover how skilled they are as lovers. The Social Media Narcissist recoils from intimacy because it demands a pence of vulnerability to be true, real, and valuable. It’s safer for the maintenance of her image if she struts and poses on her world stage, full of snark and gogrrlies, signifying nothing, than to risk it all by stepping out from behind the ‘shopped selfie to place her painstakingly animated Marvel Comics heart at the mercy of another.


No evidence that high cholesterol cause heart disease.

DOCTORS have found there is no evidence of a link between high levels of bad cholesterol and heart disease, a study says.

And with this claim, a number of leading cardiologists say statins, taken by millions of Brits to tackle cholesterol, don’t have any benefit.

If you base your diet based on what the government tells you to eat then you deserve to get fat and die. By the way, I’m just going to throw something out there on this: the government has spent the better part of the last 30 years attempting to replace its native white population with hordes of dusky foreigners. Maybe the whole government recommended diet being really bad for you was a design feature. I mean, they are trying to get rid of us.

Also, such bogus diets then create enormous health problems. Witness the sharp rise in diabetes which was more or less unheard of 40 years ago. Now we need to raise lots of money for diabetes. Money that goes to organizations supported by the government. They purposely infect us with diseases that they then guilt-trip us into handing over our money for them to pretend to find cures.


4 reasons for the white identity movement.

For all too many on the Left, Whites and especially White men are expected to carry the burdens of building a new and “progressive” order, at the same time as we are derided and shamed for representing the old order.

We are not your mules, beasts of burden for you to exploit even as you complain about our stubbornness.

It’s a cute piece but the writer still inhabits the mindset where he thinks that the left and right can agree on this and then go along to get along. That sort of thing ended with the Spanish Civil War, so he still has a mighty lot of personal red-pilling to do.


From this week’s Woodpile Report:

I consider the avoidable use of parenthesis an annoying imposition on the reader. It’s like enjoying a bowl of onion soup and the waiter comes along and drops a live salamander into it, “no extra charge”. Well thank you very little.

The lower reaches imagine parenthetical expressions to be quite clever. No, they aren’t. They reveal laziness, if not weak mindedness.

Well, damn, that’s me shot down in flames. I mean, “shot down” in flames.


The feminist totalitarians.

We can look back over the past dozen years and see how feminist ideology has, with astonishing rapidity, emerged as the most powerful force in American culture, and this power is purely destructive. Feminism never creates anything, but rather its “success” involves destroying individual men, and depriving men generally of social, economic and political influence in a sort of zero-sum-game formula.

They are our enemies. We must destroy them before they destroy us. Every feminist is my sworn enemy. Male feminists are not to be pitied or despised, but also destroyed.


Part 2 of Aaron Clarey’s piece on how government outsourced socialism.

I think the true brilliance of the socialists of the world was to fool the masses into thinking they were independent-minded and not the complete tools of socialism they are. You actually have them thinking they’re smart, independent-minded, individuals, in control of their own destiny when they truly are the human batteries that power The Socialist Matrix.

It’s a long read, but worth it. Take your time, grab a good whiskey, lean back in the chair a little. Feels good, doesn’t it.



Podcast #92 – The Nordic walking episode.


Photo-free zone.



    Yep, Graham’s second testicle finally descended. Hope it stays put.

  2. I thought parenthesis was one of these ()? Why are he and you using “” to make that point? What am I missing?

    Beautiful girl this week.

    Hoping Kavanaugh gets confirmed. I was confident two weeks ago, but with the latest one week delay, during which time you know George Soros is going to pay several more women to ruin this man’s life, I am no longer as confident. I’m also torn between “will the R voters get pissed off and vote for more R” or “will the R voters get pissed off and stay home”. I’m leaning towards the latter happening because we have had control of both branches for two years and this shit continues to happen.

  3. jb

    Maybe the whole government recommended diet being really bad for you was a design feature. I mean, they are trying to get rid of us.

    Or maybe that’s what they’re doing now. Huh, huh? Yeah.

    We are not your mules, beasts of burden for you to exploit even as you complain about our stubbornness.

    Of course we are.

  4. purge187

    “They purposely infect us with diseases that they then guilt-trip us into handing over our money for them to pretend to find cures.”

    I suspect the cures for cancer and HIV are already out there somewhere. They prefer to keep us sick and dumb.

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