Going down without a fight.

Local councils in Australia originally existed to manage the three R’s of local government – roads, rates, and rubbish. But in the last twenty years the face of local councils across Australia have been collectively hijacked by the prog far-left in the form of the Greens. They have politically weaponized councils and turned them into radical outlets for their Marxist and Socialist ideologies.

Several local councils across Australia stand out as being particularly bad in this regard. Fremantle council in Western Australia has a long and demented history of being out where the trains don’t run. Soy-boy-latte mayor Brad Pettitt is a prime example of the Quisling white leadership that have donned the black armband in search of bonus diversity points with their fellow progs. They’re counting on the hope that when they eventually triumph then they will be able to point to their own efforts at undermining Australia’s young and fragile culture as their get out of white jail free card.

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Sunday lifting thread – Autumn beginnings.

Autumn has arrived right on schedule here in The Netherlands. Today is dark and cold, a chilly 11 degrees Celsius with steady rain, a taste of what is to come after what has been a truly glorious summer. I like autumn. It is my favorite season of the year. I especially enjoy it in a country like The Netherlands which sits far into the northern latitudes, thus enjoying especially moody and foreboding times of darkness. Add to that the fact that the country is below sea level and the mists, fogs, and general murky nature of the environment gives comfort to those who appreciate this time of the year.

At 8.30am I left my house, bound for the small city of Leiden and my first gym session of the season. The last 8 weeks have not been kind to me in regards to attending the gym. Work and sickness contrived to keep me away for most of that time, and as a result my numbers have dropped off in a depressingly dramatic fashion.

The only way to beat it is to get your butt back in the gym.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – Hiatus for a week.

It’s been a tough week for yours truly, and to top it all off there was a thunderstorm last night that cracked a bolt right over the old Adam abode. This sent the computer into a spin and my browser page that was open with all of the links for the week went into oblivion and for some reason I can’t recover it from the history file.

God working in mysterious ways and telling me to have a night off?

I will have a new article going up later today, but for this week the links thread is a bust. Hawt chicks can never be a bust though; that would be a sin.

Stop making sense.

This will most probably be a rambling and at times incoherent post as the last few days for me have been of a similar nature. A few personal crises that have chosen to emerge at the same time, as these sorts of things always do. I let the stress get the better of me and it impacted my professional endeavors which is a personal disappointment, but I will deal with it. The nature of the issues are not important; what interests me is the mechanisms we use to continue to function in the midst of unwelcome events.

In my first book I wrote a line that went something like this: nothing makes much sense when you’re in the middle of doing it.

Sometimes nothing makes much sense for well after the fact as well.

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