Nobody must suffer the awfulness of the feel bads.

What does conservatism stand for in Australia? It is a question that I ask myself more and more as we slide into an endless morass of adopting the modern obsessions of the left at the expense of our own conservative principles. Less than a year ago the conservative government legalised gay marriage. Now we have our new prime minister Scott Morrison throwing himself into the obscenity morass with his own efforts on this front.

Coalition launches bid to protect gay children.

The acknowledgement that a perversion such as gay children exists, let alone the transsexual abominations, is testimony to how low conservatism has sunk in Australia. It may as well not exist anymore. Which is exactly what the left desires. The left doesn’t even have to be in power to achieve its core goal of undermining the family as well as the key pillars that bind together our society, culture, and civilization. Forty years of manipulation have reached the point where the right will simply jump to do their bidding.

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A woman’s greatest enemy is other women.

I have written about post-wall sex author and self-confessed drunk Nikki Gemmell before, as in the time where she attempted to make the claim that ‘beta blokes are better’. The crux of that piece of hers was that beta men are more well rounded and thus men who become betas will enjoy a wonderful life of pliant women loving up to them. Gemmell’s actual motive was to muddy the water for the younger generations due to the fact that she is a bitter and used up old crone who wouldn’t rate a sidewalk wolf whistle from an octogenarian D&D player.

In yesterday’s Weekend Australian, Gemmell attempts the same trick but this time her target is the girls – Underarm hair: bring it on, girls.

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Friday hawt chicks & links – The slippery slope edition.

As I write this week’s edition of the hawt chicks & links thread I am listening to the wonderful melodic harmonies of The Alan Parson’s Project’s first album, Tales of mystery and Imagination, and on my vintage Bang & Olufsen turntable at that. The album is based on the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe, a man who knew a thing or two about horror and the macabre. And it is somewhat fitting as we appear to be living through such an age now, where the diseased, the demented, and the deranged openly inhabit our most cherished institutions. Ungodliness is celebrated, while faith and piety are persecuted under the chants of eradicating hate, the byword for all that is actually good and worthy of being cherished in the world.

But we live at a time where everything is set purposely backward, so as to better confuse and confound those who are susceptible to falling from grace. So let us peel back a very few pages of the torments that surround us, and peer beneath the horrible film of decadence that threatens to overwhelm us. But have faith and take heart; there are some who still stand resolutely in the face of evil. Which is the very best that each of us can aspire to.

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How to get things done.

I received a letter from a fan who had the following request:

I read your post called “Australia is still my country” and found something interesting when you said this: 
“I probably achieve 5% of what I say I will do, but that is 5% more than most other people manage.”
This seems to go against what we people conventionally think about goal setting (or the actual few that set goals). 
This resonates with me because I find it difficult to set and accomplish goals. 
Would you be able to elaborate more on this? 
The article that he is referring to is one I wrote last year on my arrival in The Netherlands, Australia is still my country. The section that he is interested in is the following:

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