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The battle lines.

Sunday is not normally a day for politics on the old blog, but with the confirmation of Supreme Court Judge Kavanaugh breaking this morning, what other choice do I have? Certainly it caps a glorious run of winning for President Trump, and make no mistake about it, this nomination and confirmation was his victory. The wonderful thing for Republicans is that finally many of them have woken up and understood that if they hitch their wagons to his train then much glory will be heaped upon them.

The turning point in the Kavanaugh hearings was when Trump publicly commented on the ludicrous nature of the Democrat’s main witness and accuser, an act which he performed against the wishes and advice of almost everyone around him.

Addressing thousands at a boisterous rally in Mississippi, Trump relied on his own visceral sense of the moment and mocked Christine Blasey Ford for gaps in her memory, directly impugning the accuser’s credibility.

Establishment Republicans initially reacted with horror. But Trump’s 36-second off-script jeremiad proved a key turning point toward victory for the polarizing nominee, White House officials and Kavanaugh allies said, turbocharging momentum behind Kavanaugh just as his fate appeared most in doubt. . . .

“How did you get home? ‘I don’t remember,’ ” Trump said, reenacting Ford’s hearing. “How did you get there? ‘I don’t remember.’ Where is the place? ‘I don’t remember.’ How many years ago was it? ‘I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.’ ”

The riff lasted less than a minute, but had lasting ramifications.

Trump’s presidency hasn’t even hit two years yet, but the lasting ramifications are impressive to say the least. As a few awake individuals on our side have been saying for a while, expect a red wave in the mid-terms. The Democrats just sunk their own boat while they were sitting inside and they did it all at the direct goading of Trump.

Trump’s election did not settle anything, it merely began the great unraveling where the initial battle lines were drawn and the sides loosely mapped out. At the time most of the key players on both sides of the House were arrayed against Trump. But post-Kavanaugh the lines have dramatically shifted in Trump’s favor. He has played the political game better than anyone in living memory. The so-called professional politicians, lobbyists, and lawmakers have been revealed as the amateur bit-part players that they really are. The Democrats have literally reverted to the party of the crazy cat ladies. They have nowhere to go but down.

Expect things to heat up from here. It may get messy, just sayin’.

Another wonderful outcome of recent events is the complete unmasking of Jordan Peterson for the leftist prog that a certain few of us suspected and then claimed that he is.

A few of the Peterson fan boys are attempting to water this down with the same excuses that they used when he publicly attacked and libeled me – he didn’t mean it, he was being sarcastic, he was joking, he forgot to take his medication …

Whatever. If you still believe that he is on our side then you deserve everything that you get. As far as I’m concerned you have all been sufficiently warned by people like myself and Vox Day, and Peterson’s own actions have demonstrated the truth of our claims and accusations. If you still don’t believe it then I can’t be bothered with you. Some people are simply beyond useless and not worth the effort in convincing.

As I said, the battle lines have now been clearly drawn. It is time to choose your side and to carefully note where the players are actually standing. Our most dangerous enemies are not the obvious ones. They are the ones who claim to stand with us while they carefully plant seeds of doubt and lies.




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  1. purge187

    The Huffington Post has issued a flood warning in anticipation of all the Liberal tears.

    I suspect the Kavanaugh circus has red-pilled multitudes of Western men. For what could very well be the first time in my life, I actually have confidence in a President. Can we repeal the 22nd Amendment – and the 19th, while we’re at it?

  2. Abelard Lindsey

    Trump will prove a transformative president much like Reagan. Trump is a lot blunter than Reagan. But Trump was born and raised in NYC whereas Reagan was a Mid-west farm boy who went to Southern California.

    The problem with JP is that he actually accepts the arguments made by these women against Kanavaugh when it was obvious from the get go that they were a put on job. There are reasons for skepticism about Kavanaugh. He thinks the Patriot Act is peachy and was even down with Bush Jr’s “enemy combatants” think that allowed him to weasel out of the Geneva Convention’s stance on the treatment of POW’s. These are all legitimate issues that should have been raised by the hearings.

    The surest sign that “progessivism” is pure mental illness is the fact they never said a peep about these issues. It was all about the fake drama of women making up “rape” stories. That Jordan Peterson gives these issues a shred of credibility makes clear that he is a jumped up phony.

  3. TechieDude

    You left out the best part of Trump’s riff. – “I had A beer” – followed by “how did you get there…I don’t knot” followed all by – “But I only had one beer”

    The man has a gift of saying out loud what nearly everyone is thinking.

    This one caught my eye this morning –

    Wailing as they lose. These people are insane. They are fully invested in the frame job.

    They are all batshit crazy and evil, and now it’s too apparent not the notice.
    I’ve had a lot of conversations started by people I know that are largely apolitical, many women. The democrats really screwed themselves. First, there as never going to be a blue wave. The math isn’t there. They would have to retain all their seats, and gain. The average turnover with a republican president is like 11 seats in the house. They aren’t going to get them.

    And, Booker and Harris pretty much screwed chances of running in 2020. No one likes a preachy knowitall. You’d have think they’d have learned that by now.

    There better be payback for their behavior too. Feinstein should pay dearly (Wouldn’t it be funny if she were ousted with a republican winning CA governorship? BTW – if you read that link above, these hysterical harpies were all carted off and arrested.

    All fun and games until you do time, pay a fine, and get a record.

    • Adam

      Graham had the line of the drama when he said to a protester, “why don’t you throw him in a pond and see if he floats?”, or words to that effect.

  4. Jock

    To me the most amazing facts are:

    1. Ford is some kind of academic psychologist ideal for playing mind games, and;

    2. She has indirect links to the CIA.

    It’s so obvious. They are not even trying to be subtle anymore.

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