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Podcast #93 – The environmentalism vs feminism episode.

Who are worse – environmentalists or feminists?
Also, an Italian wedding, the lunacy of windmill farms, and the art of having a shit time.


How to get things done.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The slippery slope edition.


  1. Klaus

    You raise some good points…if this is your output when you’re in a filthy mood…then as much as I wish you well…

    Keep the faith, Adam. This too shall pass.

    With windmills, you’re of course right. Here in Germany, before your time in Holland, the German government dropped nuclear power immediately, after Fukushima and the idea now is to use the winds (lotsa wind in Germany). It’s probably paranoid but I suspected that the State wanted to have some kind of power lined up, in an emergency.

    Good for you with tats. My objection to them is that, should you ever regret having the thing AND you’re short of dough, then say, a tat on your left forearm will be a reminder many times a day that…damn, I wish I still had that Euro 200…

    Feminists hanging from a tree? Nah, that’s not enough. I want them, assuming an economic collapse and an increase in violent crime, to have to come to you and ask you (humbly) to accompany them, as protection.

    Eating shrimps “crudo”? That adds a new dimension to “come the raw prawn” – hahaha.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Adam

      I was working in uranium exploration the very day when Fukushima went down. We got the news, looked at each other and went, time to find another job.

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