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Podcast #8 – The Literally Hitler episode.

In this episode of The Greasy Pole, The Great One and I discuss what it means to be literally Hitler and how one brave man has taken these accusations to the next level.

Plus more stuff that I’ve forgotten about but was really cool and funny at the time.




The civil war that we might have to have.


Terror House magazine threatened by lady-man NPC.


  1. TechieDude

    Some thoughts,

    You pronounce Baton Rouge “Bat ton rooj”, not “roag”. The deal with New Orleans is it’s slightly better than the absolute shithole it was pre-katrina. However, as they’ve built it back, it’s completely lost it’s character. Last time I was in the French Quarter, There was only one or two live bands playing in clubs. Virtually no one in them listening. Most were out walking around like idiots drinking Hurricanes and Hand Grenades.

    The reason people, mostly millennials, say people are “literally Hitler” and calling those that disagree with them nazis and fascists is they are morons, and are utterly ignorant about what Hitler, Nazism, Social Democracy (which is what all these movements were called) were about in reality. I’ll also add in their ignorance of who and what Che Guevera was, and what happened in the French Revolution. Long story short, ignoramuses like them got caught up in lies, got a dictator installed who promptly lined every one of them (Who could push for revolution again) up against the wall. They keep it up, there will be war. Then again, as Tessio said in the “Godfather” –
    These things happen every five years or so. Clears out the bad blood…”

    Those idiotic signs – No matter where you come from, you’re our neighbor, in English, Spanish, and Arabic were all over my neighborhood when I moved in. Like the ‘Beto’ signs out today, it’s a virtue signal. It serves a purpose though, as they are now identified as the left loons. Funny, I think there’s only one still left standing. Maybe two.

    I got a kick out of them, Since I doubt the Mexican cutting the lawn at the houses with the signs (they all appear to have ‘outsourced’ lawnwork) can read Spanish. And I don’t think I’ve seen a middle easterner anywhere near this side of town. And even then, doubtful they could read Arabic. Not all mooslims are Arab. You do see Indians here from time to time, but I’m betting they speak English reasonably well.

    And what about the Asians? There are more living in this upper middle class enclave than Arabs or Mexicans. Aren’t they happy to have chinese neighbors, I wonder?

    Such Bullshit. If a group of hispanics got together and bought a house here, and had a half dozen people living in the house, these same neighbors would be all over bitching and the calling the city and neighborhood association. What about Section 8 housing? Throw a welfare queen and her brood in the neighborhood, and fur would fly. The former was happening right and left in my old neighborhood on the east coast (One of the offers on our house was just such a deal) and the latter a few miles north of where I sit. Even to the west of me, a slightly newer, nicer area, has issues all the time with the vibrant POCs to the south coming up to use the park. Needless to say, these vibrant types have zero notion of civic responsibility – Keep the noise down, behave, pick up after yourselves…

    Fact is, there aren’t these kinds of people living here and those hypocrites like it that way. They can post their signs, since mostly no one cares.

    • Adam

      Yeah, it seems that I pronounce American names like Cappy pronounces Australian ones, (Melbourne, Brisbane, seppo …)

  2. Starrman

    Adam, Listened to the podcast yesterday while working in my Studio. I’m a self-employed bloke and I burned some midnight oil listening to you two cut it up. “Heil Hitler!” I couldn’t stop laughing and Clarey’s laugh is infectious. I kept on laughing. We need to drill down on the left with humor. They can’t stand if someone just laughs at them. It maybe more effective than shame. Of course, shame doesn’t really bother them, mockery on the other hand makes them nauseous.

    Thanks for the laughs. In this climate, we need some laughs…Did you hear the one about?

    • Adam

      That’s not Clarey – it’s The Great One. And his laugh is great.

      Had a great time recording that podcast. Listened to it myself last night and even I was laughing. Fun times mocking the left.

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