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Terror House magazine threatened by lady-man NPC.

The literary magazine Terror House only started operations a few months ago but under the direction of Matt Forney it’s been doing very well in its chosen vision of publishing quality fiction and non-fiction pieces based entirely on merit. Good luck finding that anywhere else on the internet these days. I spoke to Matt last night and they also have plans to produce a dead tree version which will be awesome.

But the beady eye of Sauron has turned towards them. The progs can’t have people publishing work that hasn’t been cleared with the great leftists censors of our time!! That would be heresy!

Seems like some left over flower child missing a man bun took objection to their quietly successful operation.

You can follow the Twitter feed for yourself. A couple of days ago they began contacting writers that have been published by Terror House and threatening them with doxing. Ironically enough most of the threats have come from other so-called literary magazines such as this one:

It’s seems that the children at Moonchild magazine can’t stand having effective competition. Since the left hates capitalism then they must shut it down!!

Terror House has responded to all of this.

Earlier this week, Terror House Magazine was the target of a smear campaign by leftists in the literary community, falsely accusing us of being “racist,” “misogynistic,” and “homophobic” based on statements our editor-in-chief Matt Forney made on other sites years ago. These leftists have been urging writers to boycott us for our supposed “bigotry.”

A few clicks have come through to my website from the two stories that I have written for Terror House, (you can read them here), but alas, no threats against little old me. I wonder why. Where is the hate? I always miss out.

Nevertheless, I have another story coming out with them in a few weeks. Give them your support by making Terror House a regular part of your browsing day, particularly now that they have caught the attention of the all loving NPCs.



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The ex-good wife.


  1. Social instruction update 36008:
    Terror House = bad.
    Adam Piggot = Terror House.
    Therefore Adam Piggot = bad.
    You bad!
    Happy now?

  2. Ukraine Trump

    Matt Forney deserves all the come-uppance he gets for stabbing the Alt-Right in the back, the very movement that gave him most of the audience and support that he has. He tried to milk it for all it had and then disposed of it like a used maxipad, bitter that its udders didn’t have anymore to offer. He then spent most of this year attacking it harsher than what most SJWs do. But no matter how much he attacks the very movement that lifted him, he will never be able to shake his association with it. It’s stuck with him for the rest of his life, no matter how much he hates it, attacks it, or returns back to the mother that birthed him

  3. TechieDude

    I think the NPC meme is brilliant. Speaking of NPCs, these leftist actions remind me of a scene in Zelda, which my kid would play it all the time. Still does to some extent. Smack one of the chickens in a village a few times, and it would start crowing and then the chicken mob would attack.

    I think I’ll start calling these incidents ‘zelda chicken attacks’

    That’s what’s happening here, only the initial smack is an SJW that just can’t leave anyone in peace. Sick thing is if Matt were a pederast, he’d be their hero.

    These people are social justice pharisees. They live with the haunting fear and outrage that someone, somewhere, may be normal.

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