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Turning back the clock on female accountability.

The last time in modern history that women were collectively held accountable for their own behavior was the end of the Second World War in Europe. European women from occupied nations who had openly fraternized with the Germans were paraded through the streets in disgrace, their heads shaved and their clothes torn. Afterwards they were ostracized and the bastard children from their liaisons with the enemy treated with pity and contempt.

That women were so comprehensively held accountable for their actions speaks volumes to the chaos and lack of control at the end of the conflict, and much less so to male patriarchy. But it is important to remember that some of the most enthusiastic promoters of punishment for these women were their fellow female citizens. Have a look at any number of historical photos of these gals being driven through the streets in disgrace to see the harsh reality.

The woman in the photo has been shorn and tarred. The crowd eager to witness her public humiliation is equally made up of men and women. Muh patriarchy.

Roissy recently wrote about the predilection of women to sleep with their conquerors.

I noticed many commenters at that Daily Mail article excusing the Frenchwomen’s treachery. “They did what they had to do to survive.” This is wrong-headed. Sure, women use their sex to gain favors or even, when times are bad, to survive, but all you have to do is look at the faces of those French girls and see the sheer genuine delight animating them. They probably never felt more alive, or hornier.

It’s all a game until the Allies storm Normandy, your German boyfriend gets a bullet to the face, and suddenly you’re not getting the best seat in the town cafe any more.

But it seems that such an outpouring of real life consequences, no matter how long ago, is simply inexcusable for the current prevailing feminist paradigm. Something must be done; we simply can’t have such a stain on women being allowed to perpetuate into the bowels of history.

Norway apologies to its WWII ‘German Girls.’

“Young Norwegian girls and women who had relations with German soldiers or were suspected of having them, were victims of undignified treatment,” Ms Solberg said at an event to mark the 70th anniversary of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights on Wednesday.

“Our conclusion is that Norwegian authorities violated the rule fundamental principle that no citizen can be punished without trial or sentenced without law.”

“For many, this was just a teenage love, for some, the love of their lives with an enemy soldier or an innocent flirt that left its mark for the rest of their lives.

“Today, in the name of the government, I want to offer my apologies.”

Norway’s prime minister is female, for what it’s worth, though you wouldn’t know it by looking at her photo.

It’s very interesting that she should mention the fact that these women were punished without trial or sentenced without law. I wait with bated breath for the soon to be released announcement condemning the execution of Norwegian men and boys for collaborating with the enemy, or for any fighting men who refused to fight and who were executed out of hand. I mean, none of them got this trial and law stuff either, right? I suppose that means that they missed out on these new fandangled ‘human rights’.

Fat chance of that happening.

Tim Newman thinks that what happened to these women wasn’t right at all:

Leaving aside the fact that teenage girls and women in their early twenties can hardly be expected to be immune from falling in love with whoever struts around town in the best uniforms, how was anyone to know the Germans were not going to be there forever? For much of the occupation it must have seemed that way to a lot of people; for how long were young women expected to wait for liberation?

Yeah, I mean that’s what those telemark skiers who sabotaged the Nazi heavy water plant should have done as well; why were they risking their young lives to stop Hitler getting his hands on an atomic bomb? They had no idea when liberation was.

Lt. Joachim Ronneberg, the 23-year-old resistance fighter in command, and his eight comrades — all carrying cyanide capsules to swallow if captured — had been told by British intelligence only that the plant was distilling something called heavy water, and that it was vital to Hitler’s war effort.

Ronneberg and his compatriots were of course doing their part to save their nation. The women having babies with the enemy? Not so much.

Men have a duty to fight and resist, as do women. The government has a duty to adequately prepare for such an eventuality as well. Many of the European nations that surrendered to Germany are held up as examples of a failure of their menfolk; the men didn’t fight. But the truth in the vast majority of these conflicts is that the men did indeed fight but it was a failure of their governments to prepare for a fight that caused their surrender.

(The Netherlands were giving the Germans a right thrashing until the Nazis figured out that dropping lots of bombs on the unprotected Dutch cities would solve the problem. Rotterdam, which had no air defenses to speak of, was flattened. The Germans issued an ultimatum that Utrecht would be next and the Dutch government surrendered. If only they’d purchased a few antiaircraft guns. This was a total failure of the Dutch government, not the Dutch fighting man.)

But once again, women’s failures are passed off as being acceptable because ‘the men didn’t fight’.

Tim is wrong in his assessment. Not only must women be held accountable for their actions, but it is precisely this lack of accountability that has landed our societies in the present out of control female predicament in which we find ourselves. Turning back to one of the very few modern times where women have been held responsible and actively shamed and punished, and demanding that this be reversed is simply playing into the hands of the feminazi prog harpies.




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  1. earl

    My guess is the people ‘virtue signalling’ what happened to these traitors are in fact traitors themselves.

    • Adam

      Today’s virtue signalers are yesterday’s collaborators.

      • Post Alley Crackpot

        Regrettably, this functions on a cycle — today’s virtue signallers will also be tomorrow’s collaborators in a yet-to-be-conceived plot that enhances their stores of FeelzGoodz(tm), a proprietary blend of emotionally pleasing self-indulgences featuring balderdash, folderol, guff, and hogwash, with just a smidgen of pretentious piffle …

  2. purge187

    Again, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was a grave error. It’s also a grave error to defend indefensible women, especially with your life.

  3. Moritz Kraemer

    Not to rag on Tim Newman on a blog that isn’t his own too much, but he does what all feminists do: only give women agency when it suits the agenda. “Women in their early twenties cant be expected to…” YES THEY CAN. That’s how agency works. You deserve the consequences of your actions.

    • earl


      What age does he think we should start expecting women to have agency? Or does he think we should regard them as children throughout their lifetime and give them as much rights as children have?

      I’d be of the opinion to start expecting agency of women at least shortly after puberty…with the latest being late teens.

  4. MatrixTransform

    The other night on TV some spokes-waaman was being interviewed and was crowing about her personal experience with PTSD and how amazing progress has been made because the of the waamen.

    She never met my Great Grandfather who served in both big wars, particularly the first in France.
    When I knew him he was a frail old feller with a shock of white hair and a beard that lived in the bed in the back room of Nan’s house.

    It brings tears to my eyes even now remembering what what would happen if you closed the door to loudly or if my little brothers chased each other down Nan’s hallway…duh,duh,duh, ratt-a-tat-tat.

    The old man would pull up the covers and crumple into a shrieking shivering ball.
    He’d come out after a few minutes and smile but his tears and snot would be all in his moustache and whiskers.

    He’s dead now of course, so is Nan and apparently … so is their legacy.

  5. Simon Thompson

    Neeed eye bleach after viewing the feral bush pig.

  6. TD

    Norway is prepping for the next invasion.

  7. I need to finish watching that Netflix series about Norway dealing with a de facto Russian invasion, present day. When I last watched the line between who would be the Resistance and who the Quislings was slowly starting to thicken, but it still wasn’t totally clear.

    Just searched and it is called “Occupied”. Be interesting to see whether the sides are clearly judged or whether they just go with a straight up storytelling.

  8. TechieDude

    It’s not all women, we live in a participation trophy / mulligan world. There are hardly consequences this steep for anything. Think about the most flaming homo you know. In then end, we all get old and ugly. And those are the saddest cases you’ll see. If they live, many don’t.

    Part of it is most have lost any sense of shame, or even honor. They want affirmation and honor where it’s not earned, and to not be burdened by shame when it is. Much of it is that God and Religion are passe. And where they are practiced, it’s considered wrong to shame.

    But there are consequences most of the time. You just don’t see them. Or rather, they are shown as some sort of abnormality. Think of all the post-wall woman can’t find anyone interested in her greatness articles we see. That’s a consequence.

    They had a mystery meat baby, and wonder where all the good guys are any more.

    The consequences aren’t as stark or immediate. But they are there. I seen it. I know at least two of my daughter’s peers that had kids in high school, and are now approaching the wall, warp factor five, with zero prospects of landing a husband, even the sorriest beta.

    I’ve had many many peers that the wife bolted, only to her ruin. Last social event I went to at a church (small ‘c’) there were a good dozen of these walking train wrecks.

    That tranny kid in your other post? He’ll pay a price. He just won’t realize it until it’s way too late.

    All that said, you are correct. We need shame. It’s fundamental to the human condition.

  9. John Calabro

    The ones that will have kids with foreigners are the most r type and their genes will be cut down once the economics collapse. The propaganda and monetary incentives will disappear, people who used to live individuals and not care about their effects on society will be force to shape up or be left to starve.

  10. TechieDude

    I’m a firm believer in the Fourth Turning. And we are coming up on a catastrophe that will start generation zero. 2025 for the climax, at or around. And you can see it percolating, especially in the US.

    Right now, generation stupid is driving the ship. Things cannot continue as they are. And it will be a financial catastrophe that does it. In the US, Social Security is mandated as is medicare. When things go pear shaped, they will have to cut nearly everything to pay for that. And they will be means tested. That’s when it goes ugly.

    The music will stop, and there’ll be many left standing. And when it does, there’ll be no money or patience for silliness. That’s when women will shape up. They’ll have little choice.

  11. Tom

    I take it as a given that Hitler was right. Consequently those female “fraternizers” were ahead of their time.

    The cucks that abused them will be the same shit holding out signs now welcoming black invaders.

    By the way, don’t get too excited about the Dutch. It was common knowledge in Australia at the time that the ones that made it to Australia from the Dutch East Indies as airmen used to drop their bombs in the Coral Sea rather than face the enemy in New Guinea.

    The Dutch have an abysmal history as liberals and will probably be the first to go all black in a few years.

    The Dutchies brought the Jews back to England with William of Orange. The fiercest arguments you will get to defend the Jews always comes from Dutchmen. I can’t stand them.

  12. I was raised by a family who lived through the previous 1 & 2 world War generations, as a four year old I visited my grandfather’s house and would look at the pictures of him in is WW1 uniform, a number of older uncles served in WW2 and my foster Mother lived through the bombing campaign, so we were regaled of all the hardships of the war, rationing, and poverty.

    To all of them sleeping with the enemy occupying forces troops was obviously collaboration and traitorous. My mum, quite fair-minded, and able to distinguish between the average German and the Nazi Government, did not hold back on the French women that slept with the occupiers.

    We are talking about a pre-contraceptive pill era where sex would generally lead to children and abortion and promiscuity were deeply frowned upon. It was also a pre-welfare period where families were larger and your main source of solidarity and identity. Individualism was less pronounced, and particularly for women, security lay with their husbands, fathers, uncles, and brothers. Europe was still the recipient of normative Christian values. Such women would have been considered disgraces.

    R/K selection theory may shed some light on this rabbit-like behavior and the Vixen women contempt in the photograph. It is a form of sacrilege that the left spends its time rewriting the histories of their countries now that the generation that lived through the war is nearly all passed away. There will be a complete expunging of this misandric globalist revisionism in time.

  13. jb

    It’s less about feminism making women unaccountable than encouraging today’s women to sleep with the new invaders. Do you think that these leftists “forgive” women who sleep with their political, mostly milquetoast, opponents today? In fact a big meme among feminists today is the white women “enable the patriarchy” by siding with their white husbands and sons. And by patriarchy they mean white existence. So actual Nazis (as opposed to every-body-to-the-right-of-me Nazis) are being pressed into service in the anti-white crusade.

  14. PB

    Governments today will actively seek to punish those who fight and resist. The Occupation is complete, it just wasn’t who everyone assumed it would come from, and shots (mostly) weren’t fired. Some knew, but they were derided as “deniers” or something.

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