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No more milks for you.

Soy boys, the effeminate male NPCs who strive so earnestly to do the bidding of their prog masters, have had their masculinity poisoned by the soy products which they enthusiastically consume. The result of overexposure to soy is an exaggeration of limp-wristed behavior due to a plummeting of their testosterone levels. The end result looks something like this:

Based on the photo I’m assuming that soy also affects eyesight.

The wide open mouth is a feature not a bug of soy boys. It is the equivalent of a dog rolling on to its back and showing its belly; nothing to fear from me, boys. Unkind observers might also theorize that such a supplicating open mouth is also one step further along the line of receiving the poz, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

The soy boys are the unhelpful idiots of the leftist prog brigade, and they are a great example of what happens when beta males believe anything that women tell them in return for the vaguest promise of a future sexual encounter.

But not content with the hordes of soy boys that already infect the earth, our prog overlords desire for all men to be emasculated in a similar fashion. And as such they are now set upon a goal of banning milk. Serious weightlifters know that real full cream high protein Jersey Cow milk is the number one thing to get you growing, get you strong, and get your T values going up the charts. Which makes the prog attempts to force milk out of favor perfectly understandable.

Up to this point they have concentrated on making milk unacceptable by the all too familiar ploy of it being cruel to animals. However, faced with an extremely lackluster response on the entire ‘cows will suffer’ front, the progs have decided to get serious.

Yes, you heard it; milk is now racist. Pinch yourself now and see if you can wake up.

The next step will be to make the claim that everyone who drinks milk is LITERALLY HITLER, conveniently forgetting that the man himself was a vegetarian.


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  1. earl

    Hitler was a vegetarian?

    Well that proves it…not eating animals or animal products makes you a fascist.

  2. purge187

    “Up to this point they have concentrated on making milk unacceptable by the all too familiar ploy of it being cruel to animals.”

    Of course, those same Leftards don’t realize that a cow will be in a great deal of pain if you DON’T milk him.

    And LOL, Earl.

    • Phil B

      a cow will be in a great deal of pain if you DON’T milk him.

      If you try to milk a male cow then I think he WILL be in a great deal of pain. Those milking machines don’t stop until they have 2 gallons … >};o)

  3. I got to listen to a long winded explanation from my friend’s wife (who I like so I let her roll with it) about how milk is environmentally unfriendly because the cows themselves generate so much of various pollutants. My only response was to ask how much pollutant it generated to create a gallon of an alternative milk (almond in this case) and she didn’t have the answer. My coffee also tasted like shit with almond milk instead of heavy cream, which I did point out, although perhaps in nicer language.

    • TechieDude

      That’s a very good point. Lefties have trouble processing abstract concepts like all the work and energy it takes to make almond milk as opposed to processing dairy. I think it’s a vestige of them not understanding how much works in the physical world.

      From the top of my head; almonds are grown in semi-arid California. they take water, which has to be pumped in. There’s the labor and fuel for harvest – they have to be collected, shelled, cleaned. Then probably crushed and boiled under heat. And whatever it is that keeps it an emulsion, it probably isn’t natural.

      Same deal goes with electric cars. What are the batteries made of? where do you get it? How does it get to be made into batteries? Ever see lithium being mined and extracted? Ever see a cobalt mine? They’re in Africa mostly. Every see who’s working in them? Kids.

      All they see is the end product. Not what goes into making it.

  4. Tom

    Your valid argument also extends beyond milk. All high value food is criticized on either environmental, health, or animal welfare grounds.

    Sure, we eat too much, but what it all boils down to is this. They just want to take away your food and give it to the Third World.

    Ever seen old photos of our people in the late 19th Century up to 1950’s. They’re all skinny as rakes and fit as malley bulls from constant physical work and walking everywhere. What did they eat? Meat, eggs, butter, cream, milk, dripping, veges and fruit, and lots of it.

    If we live longer now it’s because of medical intervention, not because of blueberries, avocado, soy products etc.

  5. TD

    The ones pushing soy may be ignoring genetics, too. People of East Asian descent have been eating soy for generations without hanging our mouths open waiting for someone to stick something in.

  6. TechieDude

    PETA has to have some of the more ignorant lefties this country has ever produced.

    Every time they come up with something boneheaded like this it involves the 6-degrees of kevin bacon logic (if you can call it logic).

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