Since I began this here humble blog I’ve had a lot of support from a lot of good people. But one of the biggest supporters of my work has been Wombat, the elusive sidekick of Robert Stacey McCain. When he added me to their “In the Mailbox” feature my site jumped up not just in hits but in exposure. A lot of regular readers found me via The Other McCain as well as a lot of other sites that now regularly link my way.

Wombat has been having a hard time of it this year due to him having to move abode against his wishes. Now on top of that he’s landed in hospital with what appears to be a nasty bacterial infection. Even worse than that, the horrible quacks aren’t letting him spend too much time on a computer, (which simply underlines my rigid belief that you stay the hell away from hospitals.)

He also has a GoFundMe page for his moving situation if you’d like to donate to him. And throw some prayers his way while you’re at it. Wombat is one of the very good guys of the blogging world and he needs our support.