Friday hawt chicks & links – The independent is lonely edition.

And here it is, the hawt chicks & links, brought to you by the good time and great sound of millions of desperate voices all crying out at once as they realise just how much has been wasted for the benefit of exactly nobody.

What am I talking about, I hear you ponder into your soon to be gone Campbell’s Soup. The answer is the subject of this week’s edition which will examine the terrible yet heartening awaking of brute force reality into the dumb and unbelieving faces of millions upon millions of strong and independent women.

It turns out not only that they weren’t as strong as they thought but the whole independent thing is actually rather lonely.

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Women need men but not vice versa.

Via Dalrock, the news of the latest craze to sweep the gaming world truly is something wonderful to behold.

Fed-up gamers report intrusive sex workers to the IRS for tax evasion.

The only thing wrong with this headline is the descriptive “sex workers”. I have some respect for real sex workers, because at least they are open and honest of their profession and intentions. These girls aren’t sex workers; they’re THOTs. And they are yet another glaring example of what happens when women invade male spaces.

It seems that THOTs on Snapchat and other platforms are using PayPal to charge men to see “premium snaps,” which are nudes or pornography. It’s also possible that these ladies of social media are not reporting their earnings to the IRS. In an effort that can only be described as hilarious, the anons at 4chan have launched a full-scale war on THOTs across all platforms. Women who fish for lonely and susceptible beta boys are the bane of many gamers, whose platforms are being taken over by the sex trollers.

I can confirm as I have had a few approaches from THOTs while I was on Discord playing various games. To be honest I didn’t recognize the true underlying element that was going on at the time.

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Australians are addicted to Ponzi.

The Victorian state election in Australia last weekend shocked the political class on all sides right across the nation. The incumbent Labor government which hailed itself as “the most progressive government in the nation” had suffered a string of disastrous missteps culminating in the Bourke street terror attack just a few weeks before. A half dozen of Labor’s sitting members are even under police investigation for potential election crimes committed the last time round.

In the state that they have done so much to destroy they won such a massive majority that they hardly know what to do with all of the seats they’ve gained.

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Living on the edge.

Gavin McInnes recently publicly disavowed his association with The Proud Boys, a group that he founded but whose actual purpose escapes me somewhat. As The Z Man notes, this is an attempt by McInnes to remain just outside the ever moving line of acceptability that is dictated by the Left.

For right-wing edgytarians, the game is always to keep an eye on where the Left is drawing the line. To be edgy on the Right means always staying just inside that line. When the line moves, make sure you move with it, maybe do so reluctantly, while lecturing those to your Right about the need to play nice or be civil. A good discourse on principles and “who we are” always helps.

McInnes made a point of rejecting white nationalism. Once again, this sounds edgy, exactly what the Lefty gatekeepers expect him to say so as to remain in the camp of the approved opposition, (similar to the hilariously named “Intellectual Dark Web). But white nationalism doesn’t actually mean anything; the term is nonsensical. The Poles and Italians are both white but try telling each group that as a nation they are the same and see what sort of reaction you get.

The term white nationalism itself is approved opposition.

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