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A couple of comments.

A brief post to look at a couple of comments that hold important lessons for us seekers of truth and hawt chicky babes.

From WhiteAustraliabutIrepeatmyself on my post on women being out of date by age 19:

The thing to remember though, is that the peak for chicks may be 18 but what a peak it is. So even on the downward slope they’re still doing better than blokes.

Then there’s the simple fact that a chick can get a root anytime she wants. It might not be with Tony Stark but hell, if you’re horny your horny.

This is a common category error and it’s important to understand why it’s wrong.

This is a confusion of different motivating factors in the two sexes. Men desire to get laid, women desire to be desired. Yes it’s true that women can easily go out and get laid in comparison to men, but that is not the reward which they are seeking. For women the most important reward is the knowledge that a man wants them.

This is why fawning gamma males very rarely get laid, and even if they do it’s usually down to pity sex. They telegraph their desperate need for a woman way in advance, meaning that the female has already got what she wants out of the interaction. In order to get laid you must withhold your affection for a lady. The more that you withhold the reward then the further the woman will go in order to receive it.

The fact that women can easily get laid if they want to is totally irrelevant. It is akin to declaring that men can get women to say nice things about them. Who cares about that?

The other featured comment is not from my site but from an article in The Australian titled, They are out to shear masculinity. The article itself is your regular ho-hum run of the mill attempt to proclaim that men and boys are having a hard time of it. What a fucking revelation.

But as always when it comes to these types of articles my first response is to go straight to the comments and select for ‘most liked’. The comment at the top of the pile is the following:

My husband is a man, ex-army, our son is a man and a tradie in the mining and maritime industries. They enjoy being men, as do their mates, so all is not lost. We women in the family are independent, but we love these blokes for who they are.

Fuck me dead and spin me sideways. It doesn’t get much more tone deaf than this. And when you add on the fact that it is the most liked by a big margin, my head begins to hurt.

“Our men are great and really masculine but we actually don’t need them because we are the strongs and independents womens!”

This comment and its accompanying likes underscore the true depth of the real problem that our Western societies face in the broken covenant between men and women. This woman and her ilk proudly think that they are doing their menfolk a favor while they publicly proclaim that they don’t actually need them. With family like these, who needs enemies?

Just another day at the pig trough of the sexes.


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  1. earl

    Women keep repeating the lie they are independent that they eventually believe it.

    Nobody is independent…and women keep displaying why they aren’t when it comes to wanting a man’s resources either through tax payer welfare or divorce court.

    • XXX

      There is more to it. It is female psychology to want to hoard, due to deep seated insecurity. So you get wealthy, “independent” (as in being able to earn good income) women wanting to corner their ex husbands resources even if they have enough for themselves and their children. The reasoning is that their ex is going to invest in a new woman and she can’t have his resources diverted from her chdren to another woman. Yeah, she may not want the man, but she’d damned if he spent on another woman and that woman’s kids, rather than on her own kids

  2. Moritz Kraemer

    Teenagers, arguably girls more so than boys, pride themselves on their “independence” which they don’t actually have. Girls literally don’t mature beyond the age of sixteen

  3. Married women claiming to be independent… Heh! What a smack in the face to their husbands!

    Women who have a man at all, including those who need the affirmation of male attention, cannot claim independence. It’s all feeelz gooed hamster talk.

    “If a woman decides against independence in favor of having a male partner in any capacity, she must then choose which power structure she wishes to have in her relationship.”

    One guess which power structure they’re yearning for.

    • earl

      The patriarchy: ‘can’t live without it…but they’ll try to hamster their way into thinking they can.’

  4. Allen

    Just more of the ersatz wisdom of the clueless. What the hell does that even mean? If you change it around to: “we men in the family are independent, but we love these women for who they are,” it sounds just as goofy.

    Independent of what, of who, how? Does this even have any real world implications or did you get it off a greeting card? It’s not just women either, more and more people are seeing the trivial as profound. It’s downright depressing.

  5. Post Alley Crackpot

    The worst I ever felt is when I gave a chick a pity fuck …

    Even twenty-five years later, my dick still doesn’t feel like it ever got clean.

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