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Livestream with Aaron Clarey.

Cappy and I record a Livestream where we talk about my personal events of the last few weeks and the implications and lessons that we can learn from it. I thought it was a really great discussion, even though Cappy did sound drunk for much of the recording, although he swears that he’s off the booze.


The strange and dangerous cult of happiness.


It’s a red wave, boys; a glorious red wave.


  1. TechieDude

    Video removed by the user?

  2. Cappy’s still drunk. Accidentally removed video.

  3. piranha

    He removed the video because he was shit faced. I’ve never heard him slur his words that bad and I’ve been listening for years. Only got 30 minutes in before it got taken down, not sure how you managed to talk to him like that for the full length Adam.

  4. Nebia Hill

    A case of a skulling one too many stubbies from a slab by Adam’s old bastard mate.

    The Captain was Elephant Trunk, eh…

  5. Still boozin?

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