Today The USA goes to the polls for their mid-term elections, the first since Trump was elected president. The MSM and major pollsters have been going berserk in their predictions of a so-called “blue wave”, a Democrat victory that will sweep both the Senate and the House. The pollsters are calling it at around 86% certainty that the Democrats will win bigly. But as those of us with half a brain cell to rub together know, that has eerily similar overtones to their failed predictions for the 2016 elections, although not quite as outlandish, (in other words they stayed away from the tin-pot dictator level of 90%, but only just – what restraint.)
Vox Day is making the call that this latest example of the MSM getting it completely wrong will be their downfall, but I’m not so sure.
There will be no blue wave. If anything I predict that Trump, and it is Trump upon which these elections are based even if he is not actually up for office, will emerge even more victorious and stronger than before. One only has to look at the rally numbers for Trump over the past few weeks. Crowds of 10,000 or more waiting patiently in line to hear him speak in cities such as Nevada which are historically rather apolitical.

Contrast that to the pathetic numbers that the big guns of the Democrats have been pulling; Obama had trouble filling a school hall with a measly 200 people in attendance.
But even if the Republicans still lose the house, that still means that in the end they will win.

The funny thing is Trump will be guaranteed re-election in 2020 if the Democrats take the House, especially if Pelosi is the Speaker again. That ridiculous old bag is a great reminder of why no sane white person should ever vote Democrat. Trump does his best work when he has a foil and the Democrats in the House are a great freak show for him to use as props for the next two years. Given how quickly whites are figuring out the changing demographics, having anti-whites running the House is manna from heaven.

The Democrat/Soros organised illegal immigrant caravan that manages to travel over 50 miles a day with people “walking” is nearing the border. And the thing about the caravan is that if it is not stopped then it will only be the first of many. Just have a look at what happened when the lefty Australian government allowed one boatload of illegal immigrants into the country on gaining office in 2007. It didn’t stop at one boat because the first boat wasn’t stopped.
Americans, real Americans, white Americans, trust Trump to get the job done. They trust him because unlike every single politician of the modern era he has delivered on his promises. Even better, he has demonstrated that achieving such a task is not as hard as all of the professional politicians have made out for years as an excuse to hide either their own personal failings or their treasonous behavior.
Trump gets stuff done and makes it look not only easy but look like he’s having fun doing it.
The Republicans now have a recognizable leader in Trump. Trump is the Republican party. Who is the leader of the Democrats? Sanders? Or one of the shrieking old women vying for the opportunity to be anointed most crazy bitch of all time?
It’s no contest. This is going to be a huge red wave. I called it months ago but I’m repeating it again. The West is finally waking up to the fact that for the last 50 odd years our politicians have been a bunch of lying treasonous grifters. Let the house cleaning begin.

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