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It’s a red wave, boys; a glorious red wave.

Today The USA goes to the polls for their mid-term elections, the first since Trump was elected president. The MSM and major pollsters have been going berserk in their predictions of a so-called “blue wave”, a Democrat victory that will sweep both the Senate and the House. The pollsters are calling it at around 86% certainty that the Democrats will win bigly. But as those of us with half a brain cell to rub together know, that has eerily similar overtones to their failed predictions for the 2016 elections, although not quite as outlandish, (in other words they stayed away from the tin-pot dictator level of 90%, but only just – what restraint.)

Vox Day is making the call that this latest example of the MSM getting it completely wrong will be their downfall, but I’m not so sure.

There will be no blue wave. If anything I predict that Trump, and it is Trump upon which these elections are based even if he is not actually up for office, will emerge even more victorious and stronger than before. One only has to look at the rally numbers for Trump over the past few weeks. Crowds of 10,000 or more waiting patiently in line to hear him speak in cities such as Nevada which are historically rather apolitical.

Contrast that to the pathetic numbers that the big guns of the Democrats have been pulling; Obama had trouble filling a school hall with a measly 200 people in attendance.

But even if the Republicans still lose the house, that still means that in the end they will win.

The funny thing is Trump will be guaranteed re-election in 2020 if the Democrats take the House, especially if Pelosi is the Speaker again. That ridiculous old bag is a great reminder of why no sane white person should ever vote Democrat. Trump does his best work when he has a foil and the Democrats in the House are a great freak show for him to use as props for the next two years. Given how quickly whites are figuring out the changing demographics, having anti-whites running the House is manna from heaven.

The Democrat/Soros organised illegal immigrant caravan that manages to travel over 50 miles a day with people “walking” is nearing the border. And the thing about the caravan is that if it is not stopped then it will only be the first of many. Just have a look at what happened when the lefty Australian government allowed one boatload of illegal immigrants into the country on gaining office in 2007. It didn’t stop at one boat because the first boat wasn’t stopped.

Americans, real Americans, white Americans, trust Trump to get the job done. They trust him because unlike every single politician of the modern era he has delivered on his promises. Even better, he has demonstrated that achieving such a task is not as hard as all of the professional politicians have made out for years as an excuse to hide either their own personal failings or their treasonous behavior.

Trump gets stuff done and makes it look not only easy but look like he’s having fun doing it.

The Republicans now have a recognizable leader in Trump. Trump is the Republican party. Who is the leader of the Democrats? Sanders? Or one of the shrieking old women vying for the opportunity to be anointed most crazy bitch of all time?

It’s no contest. This is going to be a huge red wave. I called it months ago but I’m repeating it again. The West is finally waking up to the fact that for the last 50 odd years our politicians have been a bunch of lying treasonous grifters. Let the house cleaning begin.




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  1. TechieDude

    I don’t know. Some of the more sober analysis puts 35 or so seats in the house in play for real. It’s inconceivable the progs win them all. The democrats have spent a shit ton of money though.
    Although, I think they are misreading republican and independent turnout. People like me don’t make a huge show of our opinions. It’s not worth it. So they may have spent that money for little return. They seem to do that quite a bit. In early voting in a midterm, Democrats usually have more of a turnout. That’s upsidedown this year, but like 9 points. In some of the races there were more republican early voters than exiting registered democrats.

    I think the republicans will do better in the senate than predicted. I think the Kavanaugh fiasco and some jaw dropping gaffes from lefty women candidates hurt them. In my state, they make too much of betomania. They did the same thing with Wendy Davis, who took the electoral battering of the century. Sure, there were tons of Beto signs in my (purple for texas) neighborhood. As of today, there are far fewer. And, there’s nearly an equal number of Cruz ones. (BTW there weren’t Cruz signs earlier because his campaign figured them a waste of money, since us right wingers rarely signal like this).

    This is a win win for Trump. They’ll keep the Senate, so he’ll get his judges and maybe even another supreme pick. If the republicans keep the house, the moon bats will be deflated. And, nothing will get done. If he loses the house, the moon bats will go nuts, and….nothing will get done.

    He’s the funny part. If they win, Trump can pin a budget on them, and fail to sign any spending unless they produce. An inevitable gubmint shutdown will be on the left. If they try to impeach (which I can’t see how they’d be able to conjur a high crime or misdemeanor), it’ll go nowhere and the dems will take the beating of a lifetime.

    • Adam

      Yeah, Trump supporters have leart not to advertise their voting tendencies. They are the literal silent majority.

  2. Allen

    Everyone knows the state of their own wallet. People notice their local economic conditions, and that more than anything influences their votes. Based on that the House will remain about the same. As James Carville put it so well, “It’s the economy stupid.”

  3. Someone

    “Or one of the shrieking old women vying for the opportunity to be anointed most crazy bitch of all time?”

    Well said! The only Democratic woman that I have any respect for is Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii. She is is an actual war veteran and actually says a number of sensible things at least on foreign policy. She almost sounds like former Congressman Ron Paul on foreign policy. She is also looks and acts feminine and does not come across as shrieking harpie.

  4. TechieDude

    To be honest, I’m not all that hopeful. We’ll see.

    The best line describing how these fools run came from Mark Steyn (I think).

    “The difference between democrats and republicans is democrats are going over the cliff at top speed. The republicans will at least downshift to third”

    We’re going off a cliff, pretty much no matter what. So half of me thinks, WTF, get it over with like ripping a bandaid off. Have it out so we can stomp these dudes and get back to normal.

    Another line of Steyn’s – Buy guns an ammo while you still can.

  5. PB

    Electronic voting systems means you can have any colour wave you want.

  6. Adam before I read what you’ve said I have been saying 4+ in the Senate for the GOP and hoping for a narrow wafer thin hold of the House again by the GOP. In reality, there are a lot or liberals in America and many of the tax cuts and job improvements are still to percolate through. The House districts demography favour the the dems with all those suburban white women virtue signallers. Also many guys simply don’t notice the midterms and some of the GOP candidates are swamp creatures. Logic suggests Dem take the House but let’s see is there is a ground swell.
    4+ Senate
    Against all odds and despite Ryan GOP hold House.
    The Dems are the worst antichrists
    Go POTUS!

    • Hey I just thought if its anything like 2016 we can watch the FemDims and their familiars implode on TV. Last time, at work the next day, I was considered a prophet!
      God bless you. B

  7. Luke

    There was no Red Wave – rather a mild Blue Ripple which will take the House…

    • I woke up and followed it which I will pay for later. It was really a very fragmented set of outcomes reflecting the patchwork of America. Reminds me of the last UK election, lots of micro elections. It does seem to have swung different ways. Florida important for 2020 did not go Communist…by 1%.

      The gerrymandering in Pennyslyvania hurt the Reps but I think it was the white rural vote that held out there but not enough for Scott Walker. Independents with no skin in the game probably virtue signalled. The House seats were Demons to win and hard to defend. And 40% of the electorate did not bother voting.

      At one point it looked like a narrow House win for the Demons and good GOP results in California due to the caravan but that could be fading as I write. So a workable Demons House majority if it gets above twenty seats, and a reasonable Senate majority for GOP – if there are no late shockers – of between 8 and 4 seats. Scalps on either side. And some of the Never Trump traitors out of the way one or two new ones slinking in.

      Ohio and Florida staying red will set up what I predict will be a comfortable win in 2020. I think McConnell will be stronger because of the Senate. Trump will do what any CEO would do in these circumstances, refresh his boardroom, take the fight to the enemy and govern by Executive order, and Senate appointments and hope Ginsburg expires.

      If there is a positive SCOTUS ruling on the right to bear arms and conceal carry that could divert from the fact that there will be little legislation on the Wall, Tax cuts, Guns Reciprocity, etc. How the spending bills get through without Wall funding could be the big issue.

      When Mueller’s non-report is used for a pointless Impeachment circus I think POTUS will release the Fisa’s reports and despite the MSM’s best efforts if a special counsel is appointed to investigate Spygate the whole mess including impeachment investigations will benefit POTUS.

      With the black vote moving towards POTUS (apparently 40% approval) and the economy rip-roaring in 2 years time, a landslide will be on the cards. When Jeff Sessions and Rosenstein are sacked in the next few days or weeks can we finally put a stake through the heart of the Q Anon grifters? Apparently, they are now calling for a military coup.

  8. TechieDude

    That went well. Not.

    Now, matters are worse.

    • MatrixTransform

      My old father used to say that sometimes “things were better when they were worse”

    • I don’t think they are worse. There is a reasonable argument to be made that if the R had kept the House, nothing would have changed over the next two years. As little of the President’s agenda would have passed in the next two years as passed in the past two years. Most of the gains that have happened since 2016 have been due to the Senate confirming judges and the President eliminating regulation and implementing sane policies. It is entirely possible that PDT would have lost the 2020 election as people continued to see a mostly dis-functional government.

      With the D in charge of the House, they will most likely double down on crazy. They will be front and center announcing to the world that the government is run by Nazis and the only thing standing between the Nazis and you is their thin rainbow colored line. Little of their craziness will be enacted into law, however, as it will have to get through the Senate and the President. Meanwhile average people will continue to look around and recognize the crazy. The longer it goes on, the more people will become uncomfortable with the violence, the extremism, and the constant push towards socialism. Perhaps this will result in a stronger conservative/libertarian movement that can continue to turn this country around.

  9. Dave

    One of the posters on Vox said it best “white women are a greater threat to western civilisation than Islam could ever hope to be”.

    We cant win this fight with one arm tied behind ours backs. Every day more of us die, while new invaders arrive and reach voting age across the western world.

    Even if the soy boys wise up within the next decade and realise that diversity really isn’t our strength and begin voting en masse with their own race (as every other ethnic group clearly does), it will be too little too late without the women folk.

  10. Dave

    Trump somewhat to blame for the lack of any real red wave….. failed to deliver on the wall and on immigration issues which were corner stones of his campaign and election…. plus he keeps sending shitloads of US tax payer cash over to Israel instead of using it to address problems in the US.

    • Mr Black

      Congress failed to deliver on those things, they specifically rejected them. Trump is perhaps to blame for not putting enough public pressure on them but they were doing the bidding of their corporate donors, hard to change the mind of a man who is paid to think something.

      • Luke

        I take your point Mr Black but I do think Trump has been remarkably muted on the wall compared to what I think most people expected. This is damaging because it has led to the perception that it was a stunt…

      • Dave

        Trump also ignores the fact that anti-trust laws are needed badly to deal with big-tech and the level of censorship going on….. on top of this he continues to allow Antifa to riot across the country and to also allow non-white groups to destroy public property and attack people.

        There is simply so much he should have done by now that would have weakened both his and heritage America’s enemies that he has not.

        I’ve even watched with fascination as national historical monuments are being removed / trashed and a great many white Americans don’t seem to really care (cucked?)….. remember, when the opposition runs out of statues to remove they then eventually come for you.

        My own country (Australia) is totally screwed – most whites here are 100% cucked, but to be honest I expect more of white America in terms of the will to preserve themselves and their nation given their right to bare arms and having free speech embedded in law (both of which we don’t).

        I expect Australia to conquered by the Chinese this century, though fortunately I won’t live to endure it and I do revel in the knowledge that those fellow cucked whites who ignorantly aided / supported this outcome will also pay win the end as well.

  11. Dave

    Different Dave than directly above, but same country. Agree 100%.

    I think the Tucker Carlson incident is a great illustration of your points. If we had the momentum on our side, these goons would be hiding in terror as Trump brings all of his weight to bear on them – via appeals to the public, law enforcement, the judicial system etc etc.

    Tucker has had his back in a big way too, so I really hope he of all people is not left hanging.

    Fact remains though, that the left is quite literally tearing down statues – erasing the past, so they can build on the ashes. Why is this not seen as sedition, and actively punished as such?

    The wall has to go up, and the deportations need to start. Demographics is not on our side – especially in the anglosphere.

    I was thinking about Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech the other day. She was completely correct at the time of course. Yet even though as a teenager I fully understood, I had no clue as to how rapidly the demographics would or could change. Walk through the Sydney CBD in 1995 and you are in Australia. Watch any TV commercial, film or tv show from that time and its the same story. Today? Its spot the Aussie. Same with the suburbs. All in just over 20 years, and we are a remote, isolated island.

    What will the demographics of a porous US border be like in 6 years time, which is the best possible outcome for Trump staying in office? Steady as she goes, and the occasional phyrric victory isn’t enough. We need a much bigger push back.

    Already the razor thin wins in Florida, Arizona, Texas etc are being called into question (with various shenanigans at play no doubt). They wont need dirty tactics a decade hence however. It will be as blue as California was red once upon a time in a land far far away…

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