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The real difference between the right and the left.

When I am asked by younger guys for suggestions to help them resolve problems that they are experiencing, one of the most common issues that inevitably comes up is the horribly self-defeating practice of telling lies, both to yourself and to others. In fact, I would posit that lies told to yourself are far more dangerous to you.

I used to be a liar and it was because of chronic insecurity and a deep need to be accepted and acknowledged. I was more of a chronic exaggerator than an all out liar, but the lies were mixed in there among the exaggerations.

I recorded a podcast on this topic a while back which is one of my most listened episodes.

The Z Man has an excellent article up today about lying, but of a somewhat different nature.

This habit of mind is something we see with modern Progressives whose hive mindedness has evolved to the point where lying to outsiders is not only acceptable, but a goal in itself. Every election, Progressives fill the airwaves with things they know are lies. In fact, they tell lies that they know everyone else knows is are lies. The practice of lying in the election process has become something like a religious practice for them. The point of the lying is not to conceal or deceive, but to demonstrate their worthiness to the cause.

The academic quality to the lying turns up in all of the Progressive fads. We saw that in the madness of the Kavanaugh hearings. The definition of sexual assault, a nonsense term in itself, has been stretched to mean just about anything, by people who seem to take pride in making the language meaningless.

The defining characteristic of the left is that they lie. Apart from lying to themselves and others, they also practice the art of participatory lies. They lie so as to be a part of a group that at its basis is the cult of telling lies. In other words, they lie so that they’ll be accepted by a bunch of liars. And the only way to progress in this club is to tell even more outrageous lies. It is not a club of deception; it is a club of humiliation, which is a feature of all socialist movements.

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”
Theodore Dalrymple

Every lie they tell digs them further into the hole; every lie humiliates and demeans them a little bit more; every lie reinforces their beliefs that in the end is the only thing that they possess, and which they are at constant risk of having taken away from them for some infraction that was invented post-act.

If you’re wondering why the left are so crazy, you’d be crazy too if you had to live this nightmare.

Yesterday thanks to Remus at The Woodpile Report I found this wonderful article on the lies of modern art. Modern art as I have argued before, is a grand deception designed to destroy the original host which was fine art itself, a wonderful human tradition going back thousands of years. When we now pay money to enter a famous art gallery and worship literal piles of excrement, we are also participating in a lie that is designed to humiliate. Our assent to this terrible betrayal is indeed a small way to becoming evil ourselves.

The real difference between the left and the true right, the nationalist right, is the difference between living in a world of truth or lies. We inhabit the real world of uncomfortable truths.

The secret to breaking free of your programming is very simple; stop lying. The actual process of doing that, as I myself know, is very difficult indeed. If it were easy, everyone would be stopping.




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  1. SPQR

    I think Jordan Peterson wrote a chapter about this…

    • Adam

      Have the balls to come out and say what you mean.

      • SPQR

        Fair enough I was being a little bit cheeky as I know you have had your differences with him.

        What I mean is that JP makes a very similar argument about the life-changing impact that telling the truth has on an individual, and also a similar point about how challenging it is to do.

        I find both of you valuable to listen to/read. I was simply pointing out that you and JP both see this very important concept of truth-telling as a core value.

        • Adam

          Peterson doesn’t live it. He inhabits a world of lies. When challenged on race, culture, and IQ he consistently avoids the subject often with hilarious results. Hell, he can’t even decide on what the word true means and if truth even exists, which is a fairy tale.

  2. Ben David

    The Soviets ruled by coercing people to agree to things they know are untrue. It is demoralizing and enforces conformity. Similarly, the wasteful nature of Soviet industry corroded the souls of the workers.

    The Soviet Unions started falling apart when Yeltsin and others actually started speaking some of the things that everyone knew to be true. Once that dam broke, the power of the Soviet leadership fell apart.

    The election of Trump and the Brexit vote were similar moments – “I thought I was the only one who thought these things”. The Left is desperately trying to close this Pandora’s box. They grow more strident in an attempt to re-impose conformity.

  3. BLBeamer

    An excellent example of this phenomena is: Barack Obama, during his 2008 presidential campaign, stated in no uncertain terms that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. No one who was paying attention believed him for a second. He didn’t have to wink-wink, or smirk or anything. All his fans knew he was lying. It was a lie told for the greater “good” of winning the election.

    Yet, Rush Limbaugh or Donald Trump, who have demonstrated through words and deeds that they were in favor of gay marriage for years before Barack Obama’s supposed “evolving” on the issue, were loudly accused by the left of the nonsensical charge of “homophobia”. But when Obama stated his opposition to gay marriage, nothing but crickets.

  4. Adam, your original podcast on lying was outstanding, as was podcast 95. Searing honesty. Bravo. The lying is everywhere, including in myself, of course, we are fallen, self-deceiving creatures at the best of times. But, thankfully we are made in God’s image. Hence our quest for the truth.

    Yesterday Theresa May presented to the UK Parliament an “EU Withdrawal” agreement; not a compromise, not a halfway house reflecting a deeply divided electorate, but rather a complete betrayal of the Brexit voting small Referendum majority and a worse option than either staying in or the third option of a perilous “no deal” departure.

    Some feat. She will lie, the media will lie, various MP’s will be either too ignorant of the complexities of leaving the EU to know they are lying, or too stupid or careerist to care. But my point is it is across the spectrum left to right. Across the Anglosphere, there are no conservative parties. In the UK we now have various social democratic left parties.

    The rump in our modern UK Conservative party, Brexit Ultras MP’s like Rees-Mogg are also liars. They represent parliamentary seats with strong majorities and therefore have no skin in the game. They did not originally split the party to force the EU referendum, unlike a handful of their colleagues that left and joined UKIP. They stayed and played it safe.

    Mogg talks convincingly of Catholic sexual values whilst his “conservative government” imposes transsexual rights in state schools, makes the gender pay hoax legally binding, and packs the cabinet with “talented women” whose only distinguishing feature is their lack of talent.

    And UKIP, now, sadly, a hobbled husk of a party. Always a bit shambolic, without Farage’s debating skills, and flawed but effective leadership, it is a pale reflection. Riddled with intelligence agents, fractious bile, mediocre talents and financial woe it is safely ignored by a media that despises it.

    No, our conservative backbenchers, that will lack the numbers to oust May, but might fatally wound her, are just another faction of the acceptable opposition, boasting their loyalty to Mrs May, and her “honourable” efforts, whilst opposing… just enough.

    Lies, lies, lies.

    • Adam

      England is on the brink of descending into a civil war based on ideology at the same time as it suffers an internal conflict predicated on race. It will make the last English civil war look like a garden party.

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