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Podcast #96 – The 28 traits of the modern man episode.

I have moved the weekly podcast release to Saturday, (this was uploaded to Soundcloud yesterday), as Wednesday is just too difficult to record and I like to put it up immediately before I have a chance to rethink things.

This week’s episode is about clearing up the misconceptions regarding my 28 Traits of the modern man series. I go into a little more background on each of them, in particular those in which the meaning is inferred rather than being obvious.


The recession Australia deserves to have.


Sunday lifting thread – diet and fasting.


  1. Lexet Blog

    Prince harry went from alpha personality to royal disappointment (to men) in the course of one wedding day. I did not realize he would abandon hunting for a recycled peasant

  2. Klaus

    Louisiana? You’re sure to know the first, “True Detective” series. When you spoke of missing out on working in the wine industry, I had to think of Rust saying,

    “Life is barely long enough to get good at one thing…be careful what you get good at.”

    Keep up the good work.

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