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A follow up on the things we like in chicks.

In the comments on yesterday’s post on desirable traits in a woman, Jack from Sigma-Frame posted up his own list which he published a year ago. He made a bit more of an effort than I did as he actually took the time to explain his thinking, whereas my list is a take it or leave it and if you don’t understand it then I don’t give a shit compendium.

But I like his list a lot. Particularly number 7:

She is generous in her estimations of the motives of others. She assumes that a man means the best, and not the worst. Men like a woman who interprets his words and actions in a positive light, and who forgives the occasional stupid move, or uncouth remark in a casual conversation.

This is so important that I can’t believe that I forgot to include it. I have been with women who have this trait and women who lack it and the difference is a life of bliss or misery. Be uncompromising on this one.

I also want to point out number 16.

She likes to laugh (at his jokes). Humor is an indispensably valuable trait in a relationship. Men aren’t interested in women who crack jokes every other sentence. In fact, men want a woman with a sense of humor that matches his own, so that he can elicit a joyful response from her rather easily. In other words, men want a woman who thinks HE is funny. Not surprisingly, when she does think he’s funny and laughs out loud, the man will always find that to be very sexy.

I have been with very hot women in the past that I have become bored with after a few days. Invariably they lack this trait, and for me this is a deal breaker as I cannot summon the will to spend time with someone if they don’t share and delight in my witticisms. This is not about seeking out a funny woman, (women aren’t funny), in so much as it is about a woman who revels in the absurdities of life. In other words, she can laugh at herself.



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  1. Klaus

    How true! I remember the comment of Anne Bancroft (mega-beauty) who, when asked about marrying Mel Brooks (err…not a beauty), answered, “He makes me laugh.”

  2. There was some folk wisdom in the rural parts where I grew up:
    “(Young women should) date the man who makes you laugh, and marry the man who gets you pregnant.”

    I can’t say that I wholeheartedly agree with this approach, but it certainly does showcase the importance of both humor and the sexual attraction.

    There were certainly a lot of girls who followed this advice – about 20% of the girls in my high school were either pregnant or married before they graduated. From what I can tell, in the 28 years since then, it seems like it didn’t turn out too badly for most of them.

    In my opinion, marrying and starting a family *while young* was also a wise move for them, but most people today refuse to see this truth.

  3. earl

    A woman showing some form of joy, especially in this day and age of being offended by everything, is certainly an attractive trait.

  4. Allen

    Prior to them becoming Progressive Youth Training Academies the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts used to inculcate these values in boys and girls as a matter of course. Such things as, honesty, thrift, loyalty, consideration and what have you. Now we have to talk about these things as a lost art. Well, at least the kids are becoming woke, whatever the hell that means, as opposed to being decent humans capable of being a good spouse and parent.

  5. Post Alley Crackpot

    Reminds me a bit of a “professional comedienne” I once knew …

    I told her to go a bit easy with trying to find new material all the time with me as the sounding board for it.

    She asked me whether I had a problem with her jokes.

    “No, usually there’s no problem with your jokes, especially if they’re good … but I’m not trying to fuck your jokes.”

    She got the joke and the point, but regrettably only for a while.

    I do have to admit that her departure was hilarious.

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