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Australian leaders in denial over Islam.

Melbourne recently suffered a terrorist attack from a Muslim extremist who had lived in the country for many years. The diversity bollards that pepper the city like acne on the face of a teenager working at McDonalds appear to have little effect on knife wielding maniacs. The rumor is that the authorities latest pitch is to cover the footpaths with shopping trolleys, although the challenge will be where they’re going to find all of the 1 dollar coins.

But the federal government, and in particular our great conservative white hope, prime minister Scott Morrison, (and let us never forget that it was his crucial vote that got Turnbull over the line against Abbott), has a much better idea. He’s proposing some sort of round table where all of the local Muslim leaders can participate in a lively discussion about how they can all pretend that they’re not stirring up trouble in “their communities”.

The fact that in Australia we have Muslim communities with their own leaders, (including an Australian Grand Mufti), is all the evidence required of the actual problem. And that is the complete failure of these immigrants to successfully integrate into Australian society, as if they ever were going to.

Show me the Bishop of Mecca and then I’ll take your Australian Grand Mufti seriously.

The problem for Morrison is that the Muslim leaders can’t be bothered to show up for his meeting.

Australia’s Grand Mufti and other Islamic leaders are boycotting a proposed roundtable meeting with the Prime Minister over his tough stance on Islamist terrorism after the Bourke Street attack …

Mr Morrison told The Australian that he would not back down on calling out extremist Islam.

“Extremist radical Islam is a serious problem. We all have responsibilities to make Australia safe, and that means making sure Muslim communities do not become infiltrated with this dangerous ideology,” he said.

“That’s why I privately invited Muslim leaders to attend a meeting, without media, to talk honestly about these issues and what more we should be doing together to protect these communities.

“Some have chosen to publicly boycott this meeting. Continuing down a path of denial only let’s their communities down. It makes their communities less safe and more vulnerable.”

Mr Morrison said he will push ahead with his roundtable with or without the Grand Mufti and others.

The only one in denial here is the prime minister. His refusal to acknowledge that the problem is the fact that these communities exist in the first place is the real denial that we’re witnessing. Inviting Muslim leaders to some sort of roundtable to discuss radical Islam in Australia is like inviting Japanese admiral Yamamoto to a closed discussion on how we could have got the Japs to stop dropping bombs on Darwin.

The Muslim community in Australia is effectively a parallel society. Not only that, it is naturally antithetical with its host society, and more importantly it is acutely aware of this antithesis while its host society is in blatant denial. More and more the push is to make Australians fit in with Muslim demands; cultural, legal, religious or otherwise.

Here is the official communication from the Muslim leaders outlining the reasons for their refusal to attend:

Proposed Government Roundtable
We, the undersigned members of the Australian Muslim community, would like to outline the reasons why we will not be attending the proposed Round Table meeting with the Prime Minister this week.
Many in the Muslim community including the undersigned are deeply concerned and disappointed with statements made by senior Government Ministers and the Prime Minister in the recent past which infer that the community is collectively culpable for the criminal actions of individuals and should be doing more to prevent such acts of violence. These statements have achieved nothing to address underlying issues, but rather, have alienated large segments of the Muslim community.
In order to have a meaningful meeting that will result in positive outcomes, attendees must be confident that their views and concerns will be genuinely respected and that such a forum will not be used to emphasise the very sentiments that the Muslim community consider to be invalid and divisive. The stated objective of the meeting does not provide any such confidence.
We request that the Prime Minister re-schedule the proposed Round Table meeting to allow for a concrete agenda and mutually acceptable objectives to be agreed beforehand. This will ultimately be in the interests of all parties including the government.

20 November 2018
Dr Rateb Jneid, President, AFIC Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, Grand Mufti Professor Mohamed Abdalla, ISSA Sh. Shady Al Suleiman, President ANIC Mohamed Mohideen OAM, President ICV Sh. Isse Musa, President BOIV Ghaith Krayem, CEO, AFIC Sh Moustapha Sarakibi, BOIV Ali Kadri, Vice-President, ICQ

In other words, they’re not prepared to turn up unless they get to dictate what is said and how it is said. They want to be in control because that is their natural end game, and why wouldn’t it be?

Far from courting the very community intent on the subversion of our own, the prime minister and the other leaders of Australia need to publicly shut them out from all decision making in this regard. Get them to the point where they are begging to be included and then we will be in an excellent position to negotiate. But as of this moment the beggars are the Australians themselves which is a key reason for the disdainful attitude of the Muslim ingrates.

But the true denial on the part of Australians is what has to be done to fix this glaring problem once and for all. And that is the complete criminalization of the Muslim religion in Australia. It should never have been let in in the first place. But then, we were never asked about that, were we.


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  1. Adam, check your source link. 😉

  2. Dave

    “Show me the Bishop of Mecca and then I’ll take your Australian Grand Mufti seriously.”


    ‘The Australian’ is nearing 1,000 comments on this story at present, and while almost all of them are putting the boot into Islam, there is way way too much cheering for the PM. They think he is being tough and straight talking.

    No. They are missing the obvious point which you expressed in your article.

    In the frog and scorpion metaphor, we are the frog. Islam has a millennia plus track record of behaviour to judge them on. If despite this we still import them, then we cannot complain when the scorpion bites us. For what other possible outcome could there be? Magic dirt hasn’t worked in any other western country. In fact, Islam quite likes acquiring new dirt. You might say its a sacred duty to acquire everyone’s dirt.

    We are girt by sea, but so long as the Morrison’s, Shortens and Turncoats of our political class are calling the shots, that moat will continue to have its bridges down, along with a welcome mat to every sub 90IQ person on the planet, bringing all the vibrancy that entails…

  3. Dave

    Heh, not only would I agree with criminalizing their religion, I’d also then cut off all the welfare they receive and then see how long they would last – deny food and you can bring them to heel.

    And yes, Adam is correct, there are plenty of idiot lefty whites over here that have sided with the Muslims after they failed to turn up……. you’ll vomit at not only reading idiot articles like the following, but also have your stomach turn at the majority of reader comments also being sympathetic.

  4. The Cob

    As the president of turkey has stated, there is not an extreme islam, only islam. The shit that motivates this is islam. But we all know that. It just depends on how strident the belief is. Religion is a cultural disease. At least the christian one has benefits to society. Delude yourself all u want if that means being a good bloke. I don’t give a shit. Your mind is your own. But this disease is rampant and sanctioned by government throughout our civilization.

  5. I’m not a big fan of banning religions as it rarely works out as intended (see Soviet Union and China for recent examples). The religions just go underground and then you have to have reeducation camps to put the arrestees in.

    The welfare ban, on the other hand, would most likely do quite a bit to get people already in the country to at least make an effort to fit in. They need some sort of income, they need other people to contribute to their ability to live. Absent welfare, this means running some sort of profitable business. Could other muslims just step up and be those customers? Sure, but then that reduces the amount of money they have to create mischief by funding jihad training centers. Add to that the suspicion that many wouldn’t bother to emigrate if there weren’t a pot of free lunch at the end of the trip.

    Add to that a reduction in the number of immigrants allowed and maybe you have a solution that would take a few years but a solution nonetheless.

    I doubt you will get any of these things, however.

  6. purge187

    “And yes, Adam is correct, there are plenty of idiot lefty whites over here that have sided with the Muslims after they failed to turn up[.]”

    It’s one of the Ten Marxist Commandments: when it comes to criminals, if they ain’t White, they’re alright.

  7. kerdasi amaq

    The PM is at fault for dreaming up this round table idea in the first place. The muzzies are right not to play his game.

    What he’s really doing is asking the muzzies to stop making political problems for him now, so he can dump the problem onto his successor of resolving the self-inflicted cultural conflict.

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