Happy Thanksgiving, ya’ all. I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to giving thanks for what you have while surrounded by family. Gratitude, contentment, and family. Things that are sorely lacking in the world today. It’s no coincidence that Thanksgiving is the holiday that the left attack the most. Instead of reading an actual example, let us instead turn to some satire – Thanksgiving must be abolished.

“Just consider how the average Thanksgiving dinner unfolds, according to what I read in my gender studies textbook: A group of barefoot women are locked in the kitchen for days, forced to prepare a sumptuous feast for their domineering husbands. The men all drink scotch and smoke cigars in the living room while laughing about the underpaid employees they fired right before the holidays. Finally the food is brought to the table and the men scarf it down while shouting homophobic and ethnocentric slurs. Then they retreat to the basement to tell racist jokes while the women clean the dishes and slink meekly off to bed. Studies show that most Thanksgiving observances happen exactly like this. It is essentially The Handmaid’s Tale but with gravy.”

Like the cartoon from last week, that actually sounds kind of all right to me.

Of course if you are participating in Thanksgiving then you may be forced to share the table with some family members who happen to be horrible progs. Or even worse, horrible young progs. If that happens it’s best to call a temporary truce for the benefit of everyone else. A truce requires some rules so here is a fine example:
Strickland “Shiv” Crawford, hereinafter referred to as PARTY A, and Brayden Crawford-Micklethwait, hereinafter referred to as PARTY B, agree to consume a Thanksgiving turkey that is organic in origin, but NOT free range. Half the bird shall be deep fried, the other half drizzled with Andalusian avocado essence.

PARTY A agrees to refrain from wearing a hunting and/or tactical vest at the dinner table, on the condition that PARTY B “takes care of the neck beard situation,” and keeps his “Male Feminist” tattoo covered at all times.
Parties stipulate that only American wine shall be served.
PARTY B may consume “IPA” style beverages, provided he agrees to “shut the hell up about how goddamn hoppy it is.”
PARTY A agrees to refrain from inquiring about the total cost of PARTY B’s education, including a recently awarded master’s degree in alternative environmentalist literature from Fordham University, on the condition that PARTY B refrains from defiling PARTY A’s 24K gold “TruckNutz” vehicle accessory with anti-Trump graffiti.
Parties agree that failed Senate candidate Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke shall be referred to as “Bob O’Rourke.” Additionally, Senator Marco Rubio shall be referred to as “El Cucko Grande.”

The prog tendency to behave in this manner is their lazy way of feeling superior, as Robert McCain helpfully points out:

Like the Pilgrims, liberals are convinced of their own moral superiority. The rest of us are ignorant savages, in need of enlightenment.
Here’s the thing, though: No actual effort is necessary for the liberal to feel superior to others. All he has to do is to espouse the appropriate belief — and vote Democrat — and he’s better than you.

After the holiday itself you get to enjoy the leftovers. Some countries around the world have different ideas of leftovers, however. For example, how about China?


An interesting email exchange from Dalrock and Larry Kummer on the subject of weak men screwing up feminism.

I describe fourth wave feminism as women seeking superiority over men. They’re quite open about it. Here’s a fun example, showing how far the idea has spread. The author is not fully on board with the program, giving clear statements about the Matriarchy with assurances that it won’t be a matriarchy. But clear thinking has seldom been a characteristic of feminists (unlike women physicists and doctors).
How To Prepare Our Sons for the Matriarchy” by Jenny Hoople at The Good Men Project – “We must not leave our boys behind even as we raise up our girls.” “The Matriarchy doesn’t mean women over men, it means strong women leading all of us in rebuilding a society …”

That’s only the beginning.


Roissy reminds us that closure is beta.

If a girl breaks up with you:
Do not talk about your feelings
Do not talk about her feelings
Do not argue with her reasons
Just accept it and grieve on your own time.
This is hard.
Because a woman will never give her ACTUAL reasons for breaking up with you. She will only give you society-approved bullshit that makes her look innocent.

Yep. Living the dream, boys. Living the dream.


Let’s go politics. It turns out that MI6 was meddling in the whole Russiagate affair to unseat Trump. At this point any security agency that wasn’t invited must be feeling left out in the cold.

What the alarm in British intelligence agencies shows is that “Deep State” operatives like Peter Strzok had the assistance of “Deep State” operatives in the U.K. in attempting to prevent Trump’s election. The claims by MI6 that declassification of these wiretaps might reveal sensitive counter-terrorism secrets are almost certainly a bogus argument, as what they actually seek to conceal is the extent to which Her Majesty’s government was part of a corrupt project intended to help elect Hillary Clinton.


I hope that the fire is on for your Thanksgiving meal because it turns out that it’s getting rather cold. Super Grand Solar Minimum coming our way.


Here’s another video for your enjoyment but a lot shorter. I haven’t heard of this guy before but this is really good:


And to finish off it strikes me that I also have much to be thankful for, despite my present circumstances. I am healthy, in great shape, smart, devastatingly handsome, have a great job with wonderful colleagues, a new opportunity to work in the USA, and I have many interests and hobbies of which I am a master of some.
I am also thankful for all of the support and messages that you guys have sent me over the last month or so. It truly has been a blessing, so thank you, guys.



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