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Gavin McInnes recently publicly disavowed his association with The Proud Boys, a group that he founded but whose actual purpose escapes me somewhat. As The Z Man notes, this is an attempt by McInnes to remain just outside the ever moving line of acceptability that is dictated by the Left.

For right-wing edgytarians, the game is always to keep an eye on where the Left is drawing the line. To be edgy on the Right means always staying just inside that line. When the line moves, make sure you move with it, maybe do so reluctantly, while lecturing those to your Right about the need to play nice or be civil. A good discourse on principles and “who we are” always helps.

McInnes made a point of rejecting white nationalism. Once again, this sounds edgy, exactly what the Lefty gatekeepers expect him to say so as to remain in the camp of the approved opposition, (similar to the hilariously named “Intellectual Dark Web). But white nationalism doesn’t actually mean anything; the term is nonsensical. The Poles and Italians are both white but try telling each group that as a nation they are the same and see what sort of reaction you get.

The term white nationalism itself is approved opposition.

I have long called out edgytarians such as McInnes and Molynieux. See here, here, and here. The reaction from supporters of the Right to taking such shots at pseudo-celebrities who are supposedly firmly on our side is to pour fire and brimstone down upon my head. The only thing worse that you can do is to attack a lefty professor who tells boys to clean their room and take their pills.

Even when McInnes publicly stuck his tongue into Milo’s mouth he still got a free pass. Because it was Milo and he says some good things so he must be on our side.

The reason that I go after these guys is that they are not on our side. They are not on the Left’s side either, because they are on their own side. Their side is their respective edgy careers which they cultivate at our own expense. They are worse than the Left because at least the Left have the dim courage to pick a side. The edgytarians throw the Right under a bus at the very first sign that their online careers are at risk of being pulled. If that video from McInnes doesn’t convince you then I suppose nothing will.

But as the Left becomes more extreme and more intolerant of even controlled opposition the fate of the edgytarians begins to look rather precarious.

It’s why edgy guy is doomed, at least for now. As I pointed out a year ago, in an ideological age, you pick one side and only one side. There’s no bridging the gap or performing on both sides of the street. The edgytarians, if they are to exist at all, will have to operate on this side of the great divide. That requires a new type of performer with a grounding in dissident ideas. None of the edgy guys today have that, so they will eventually end up on the other side, singing to an audience of true believers.

The edgytarians are whores, singing whatever song they need to sing in order to get their cut. If you’re feeling very uncomfortable with this whole idea, no mark ever wants to admit that he’s been sleeping with an actual whore. And being taken in by these guys is the same thing. It’s intellectual and philosophical whoring as opposed to physical and emotional.

Their only real value is as an entry point for normies to begin to make the move to our side. I’ll give McInnes and Molynieux that much. Peterson is much more dangerous however, as he is an orchestrated obstacle to such people. Peterson is the great misdirect to turn normies who cross over back to the path of the Left while remaining under the impression that they are still on the Right.

If you’re not sure how that works just substitute the words Globalism and Nationalism for Left and Right. Take for instance the idea of unrestricted free trade. That is a Globalist position; sell your nation down the cultural river so you can have cheaper stuff. You may have been sucked into being a Globalist and you don’t even know it. And keep in mind this very important caveat – if you selectively choose ideological positions to support your own personal lifestyle then you are on very shaky ground.

It’s all a bit complicated which is the entire point. The Globalists have picked many different ways to undermine our nations, and by nations I mean culture. Globalism in the short term means individualism; getting whatever you want and being able to do whatever you want with no short term consequences. The long term consequences only emerge when our nations are gone and we are all reduced to being a number, an economic unit which remains viable while it is still useful, (assisted suicide anyone?)

McInnes and his ilk are talking embodiments of this reality. Their professional lives must be lived in some sort of constant dread that the Globalist gatekeepers come knocking on their door. Sooner or later, being edgy just results in taking a very long fall.


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  1. I was somewhat confused by Gavin McInnes’ repudiation of the very group that he helped to found. From what I saw, The Proud Boys were one of the few groups to actually stand up to the Antifa thugs. They represent honour, decency and courage, the very ideals which are so anathema to the left To now acquiesce to the leftist slander that the group is composed of white supremacists is cowardice in the extreme.

    Why didn’t he call out the philosophy of left as condoning mass murder?

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot had one thing in common, besides being Socialists, and that was an adherence to identity politics.

    Bernie Sanders and Miss Occasional-Cortex both subscribe to that philosophy.

  2. purge187

    “I was somewhat confused by Gavin McInnes’ repudiation of the very group that he helped to found.”

    Fear. When the FBI classifies you as a terrorist group – while giving Pantifa a free pass – you know the dejecta has hit the fan.

  3. Watch the video. He didn’t repudiate them, he resigned. His reasons may be open to argument (see ZMan’s take as linked above, McGinnes gives a different, more legalistic reasoning) but he is still supporting them and he is raising money for their legal defense. In the video he also points out the ridiculous nature of the accusations, including showing a picture of a member who has been arrested in NYC (picture includes his black wife and two black/white children). Other members of Proud Boys include blacks, latinos, etc. They aren’t a “white nationalist” group no matter how you define it (good point by Adam about the ridiculousness of the concept).

    • ia

      “They aren’t a “white nationalist” group no matter how you define it (good point by Adam about the ridiculousness of the concept).”

      I think they say white nationalist in the states because they have to. Wouldn’t be much point in French or German nationalism, right? Anyway, in a multiracial society it’s irrelevant (if you’re white). What you think you are doesn’t matter. The other groups will let you know. (Hi, Sarah Jeong.) LOL. I promise you.

  4. Gavin McInnes had a large roll in bringing me over to this side of the divide. I first started watching his videos on Rebel Media. I thought he was really funny and had great ideas. One time he mentioned Pat Buchanan’s book Death of the West had shifted his paradigm. So I read it and went full red pill. I couldn’t believe that book was written in 2001 and so many predictions had come true.

    The fact that Proud Boys was labeled extremist, and Antifa has not, clearly shows the left has all the power. It would be stupid and useless for Gavin to remain the leader of Proud Boys. The other side has control of the judiciary, they would destroy him. This movement has to remain underground, nameless, and leaderless. Our society is occupied. We are the resistance.

  5. John Calabro

    Hey Adam did you hear Gavin been kicked off YouTube?

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