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Women need men but not vice versa.

Via Dalrock, the news of the latest craze to sweep the gaming world truly is something wonderful to behold.

Fed-up gamers report intrusive sex workers to the IRS for tax evasion.

The only thing wrong with this headline is the descriptive “sex workers”. I have some respect for real sex workers, because at least they are open and honest of their profession and intentions. These girls aren’t sex workers; they’re THOTs. And they are yet another glaring example of what happens when women invade male spaces.

It seems that THOTs on Snapchat and other platforms are using PayPal to charge men to see “premium snaps,” which are nudes or pornography. It’s also possible that these ladies of social media are not reporting their earnings to the IRS. In an effort that can only be described as hilarious, the anons at 4chan have launched a full-scale war on THOTs across all platforms. Women who fish for lonely and susceptible beta boys are the bane of many gamers, whose platforms are being taken over by the sex trollers.

I can confirm as I have had a few approaches from THOTs while I was on Discord playing various games. To be honest I didn’t recognize the true underlying element that was going on at the time.

So THOTs being cured en masse of socialism because taxes is one small outcome here. But the really interesting subject that this brings up is encapsulated in the following short video by the young man who apparently began the great THOT audit war.

He is right. Gamers created their own world due to being constantly rejected by the cool kids, particularly the girls. But the girls have followed the gamers and set up shop in their previously private domain. And these girls are often quite good looking, for THOTs at least. So what is the learning outcome here?

Women’s beauty, their sole redeeming feature, relies entirely on the interaction with men in order to have any value.

No men, no value. We constantly hear that only the top 5% of men on social dating apps get messaged by women. That’s all well and good but it means that the majority of women aren’t getting any either. There’s only so much good will that these top men can spread around.

Women followed men into the gaming world , and in general these are low value men by the way, because women entirely depend upon men for their own personal validation. The very idea of Amazonian tribes of women is entirely hilarious because of this factor alone, let alone any pesky biological realities. Gamers set up shop and ignored women and that cannot be tolerated. It’s why men only clubs and organisations are routinely attacked as being sexist whilst thousands of women only organisations proudly flout their female credentials.

Another example of this is in the business world. The #Metoo propaganda campaign has had the effect that male managers no longer want to hire or mentor women. Who would want to when all you’re doing is being set up for financial exploitation and personal destruction via a future false accusation? Better to just step away from them altogether. Female beauty has been completely neutered in the business world by women themselves in some sort of frenzied self-destructive orgy. They killed their only advantage and are now mystified that men don’t want anything to do with them.

Gamers originally attempted to create a world without women but to no avail. But now the gamers are fighting back with the only weapon that women seem to understand – financial war. They want these women gone from their world because they are entirely fed up with their opportunistic  behavior. And the women, as in all other areas, have done this entirely to themselves. When women have no boundaries on their behavior then they will behave as such. Up to now men have put up with it for one reason only.

But once the sex-bots hit the market it’s all over bar the screaming.



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  1. Rollory

    If you must use Discord, exercise commsec. Don’t make your politics clear; do not ever discuss anything related to real-life events local to you. Discord corporate has demonstrated the ability to record and, later, review anything and everything said on a Discord server, and then use that information to track down meatspace connections and act on them. The Daily Stormer has done a series of articles on how this was done to people who were at Charlottesville, resulting in assorted doxxings, employment trouble, and other typical antifa moves.

    Better yet, don’t use Discord.

  2. PB

    Poor guy has a whiff of serial killer about him.

  3. Allen

    I wonder if the stupid burns as much as it looks like it does. Good old Arianna Huffington, she’s trying to get men to mentor women by screeching at them. Fish and Bicycles, you gotta love it.

    • purge187

      I suspect women like her want men to be in positions of vulnerability so that more of them can be accused of improprieties.

  4. Klaus

    If you click on to the Roosh Twitter and read the comments, it’s fascinating. In your last podcast, you said that your readers often miss the point of what you write. Maybe I’m doing this as well…

    One of the most common things written in the manosphere is that women refuse to submit to the same standards that men do. Please! If you have the time, read the comments. I only found one person (“888” – right at the end) who wrote something to the effect of, hey, c’mon gals, pay your damn taxes if you earn money with this…

    To me, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, these gals have confirmed the manosphere criticism.

  5. earl

    I do truly enjoy the fact that feminists openly declare that men are both evil and incompetent…they need us like fish need bicycles…and now they are crying they need our mentoring. Gotta love chick logic that changes the minute their mood changes.

  6. Bigusrigus

    Just started a new job in lower management. Already have three younger chicks (late 20’s, not under my direction) gunning for me because I am “condescending” (i.e. compent in areas where they are not). Only a couple of weeks in and I have received personal attacks from two of them, as a result of discussing difference of opinion in good faith. (Two separate unrelated conversations, both one on one, in an after work social setting).

    If you think that I’m going to refrain from engaging with these younger staff members in the future – ding ding – it’s simply not worth the risk of potentially offending them during what I would consider to be a polite but forthright conversation. All you need to say is something mildly conservative or not be agreeable, and they’re on the attack with emotion.

    Interesting enough, the Asian girls who mostly handle administrative duties, and did not grow up here, seem much more feminine and considerably less emotional than their Australian counterparts (they also don’t socialize so much).

    • MatrixTransform

      Personally, if I was in your position, I’d set the little fuckers up so that they found themselves in the shit for stupidity that drips from their lips and the evil that lurks in their hearts.

      there’s a whole world of consequence awaiting them that lurks just outta sight because condescending pricks like you and me essentially insulate them from it.

      warning to the kiddies…don’t fuck the old man.

      Don’t kick the dog and then act all surprised when the bastard bites.

      • Advo

        Yes. Document everything, and if one or more of these women step into a self-created noose, pull the lever. It’s not that women don’t make valid contributions to the workplace, it’s that you can’t keep people looking to backstab co-workers for cheap advantage.

    • Dave

      Golden rule I was taught decades ago by my father when I first started working is that you do not socialize with those you work with. I’d add to this that you reserve a simple (legally) non-offensive vocabulary you use with women you are forced to work alongside / near if you value keeping your employment.

      In addition I’ve not attended 99% of the xmas parties of my employers over the years and feel it has been a wise move after some of the fallout from these parties I’ve witnessed.

  7. Well written Adam.

    Allen, Seems to me (just based on the one snippet above) that there is at least a mild recognition that the problem here is women. That is a decent first step although whether it will translate into actual behavioral change is open to discussion. I personally have my doubts but maybe some of the middle will continue to realize how far left the left has actually gone.

    • Allen

      This call for mentoring is just another form of short circuiting the competition. Many of them want equality without the hard work and competition it requires. Have you noticed the call for more women CEOs? Is anyone, anywhere, preventing women from founding a company, taking it public, and making a ton of money? Are there any laws proscribing this? No. It’s pretty simple, you have it, I want it, so give it up you SOB. Feminism is nothing more than leftism gussied up.

      • “Have you noticed the call for more women CEOs?”

        I’ve noticed the LAWS for more women CEOs.

        The bill was sponsored by state Sens. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Toni Atkins. “We are not going to ask any more,” Jackson said in August in a floor speech on the bill, the Los Angeles Times reported. “We are tired of being nice. We’re tired of being polite. We are going to require this because it’s going to benefit the economy. It’s going to benefit each of these companies.”

        “It’s time that we burst that man-cave and put women in the boardrooms,” she said. A quarter of the 445 publicly traded companies in California don’t have a single woman on their boards, KQED reports.

        [Then-Governor] Brown acknowledged that that have been “numerous objections” and “serious legal concerns” to the bill [before signing it anyway].

  8. TechieDude

    I remember, way back when women first got into the business world, They’d complain that all the guys were doing business on the golf course, and they weren’t invited so they were being denied career opportunities.

    Didn’t matter that they didn’t play golf. Didn’t matter that the guys were meeting up socially, and bidness was happening. Didn’t matter that Nothing’s a bigger buzzkill than a woman employee/peer intruding on a men’s social gathering.

    What’s funny is this is low hanging fruit for the IRS. Eventually, they would be caught. Things like 5 digits worth of cash flying in and out of a bank account pulls a flag.

    The juicy thing is, once discovered, the IRS will want to know how long they have been doing this.
    Back taxes are a bitch.

    So are estimated tax payments, which each of these THOTs should have been making.

    It’s all fun and games until the IRS comes to take your shit.

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