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Older brother podcast #30 – The anime girlfriend pillow episode.

It’s been a tough week thus far for yours truly due to long hours at work coupled with the efforts to fight off a bad cold, (fingers crossed will remain successful.) Thus my output isn’t there as my energy levels are low. But I did manage to record a podcast last night with Aaron Clarey where we answer a few of his Arsehole Consulting requests.

Losing friends because you’re a Trump supporter.
Your uber Christian parents.
Dating after divorce…or not.
Your Japanese Anime Girlfriend Pillow.
How to sustain a successful society.



Book review: Jordanetics: A Journey Into the Mind of Humanity's Greatest Thinker.


Stefan in the middle.

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  1. TechieDude

    Dennis Prager has a line or two I’ve heard;
    Progressives ruin everything they touch, and make everything political.

    That ruination could be an entire enterprise, or a simple facebook news feed. They believe anything the party produces, and proceed to carpet bomb inanities.

    What’s worse is the six degrees of Kevin Bacon logic to manufacture outrage. The two that come to mind is the candidate that said “We shouldn’t monkey with it”, or in Dallas, the rep that described a financial boondoggle as a “Black hole”. Ignorant of colloquial english, these commonly understood idioms somehow wind up racist, then the sirens and denunciations spool up.

    I know maybe three people in my whole life that were on the left that could discuss their wrongheaded ideas on an intellectual level. Sometimes, they had valid reasons for their viewpoint. These always started with some iteration of “In such a rich country like ours no one should go without [fill in the blank].” Where the logic broke was how to pay for this, especially if everyone else didn’t want to.

    They all were, to a person, hypocrites.

    I had to travel quite a bit with a coworker that was one of the three lefties above. We had epic discussions during dinners and travel times. The best ever was enduring a diatribe on gun control, only to later have him tell me he scared away what he thought was someone in his alleyway by busting a few .223 caps from a mini-14.

    That lit me up. For gun control. Lives in a city (Washington, DC) where that weapon was manifestly illegal, and then firing blind into a city alley. His response when called on this was it was OK, because it was him.

    Back then, before interwebs and ipads, I’d bring books. That trip I brought an Ollie North book. Not that I cared about the guy much, but I’ll read nearly anything on trips.

    I pulled it out on the flight home (across the country), and he gasped. “My God, You really believe that crap. I thought it was an act”. To which I responded “Ollie North is my hero”.

    6 hours of quiet after that. The longest span he wasn’t talking the whole two week trip.

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