Stefan in the middle.

A follow up to my article last week on Gavin McInnes and his craven pandering to his prog masters that he so obediently serves. In the article I stated the following:

The reason that I go after these guys is that they are not on our side. They are not on the Left’s side either, because they are on their own side. Their side is their respective edgy careers which they cultivate at our own expense. They are worse than the Left because at least the Left have the dim courage to pick a side. The edgytarians throw the Right under a bus at the very first sign that their online careers are at risk of being pulled.

I also mentioned Stefan Molynieux in passing in the piece but I didn’t focus on him as all the love was going to Gav. But keep the above quote from yours truly in mind when you read the following tweet:

Roissy has already given this rubbish a severe take down, referring to it as an “argumentum ad technicalitum, a favorite pastime of disingenuous shitlibs and scaredy-cat libertarians.”

These guys are really struggling to remain relevant and it’s not going well for them.

Also struggling to remain relevant are many players in the media which are collectively going down like a fluffer with a knee injury.

This morning, I noted the “Get Woke, Go Broke” factor in the failure of Mic-dot-com — which burned through $60 million in startup capital and was sold for $5 million — and a similar observation may be made about the woes of the Weekly Standard.

What I’m observing is that the fence sitters, grifters, and parasites in the media are starting to have severe problems. And that’s because the battle lines are becoming sharper. Conservatism and liberalism are both dead, only many of their adherents don’t know it yet. What’s left are the two extremes as there is no place for a soft and safe middle any more. It’s going to get ugly.


10 thoughts on “Stefan in the middle.

  1. MatrixTransform

    a bet each way.
    when you lose, you win.
    go the trifecta
    a mug’s game is still a mug’s game.
    best don’t play
    save yr bullets


  2. Someone

    I’ve told libertardians that race, IQ, and culture matter. There is reason why Africa is Africa and south of the border here in the US is what it is as well. And they want to import more of that crap to a first world country. But hey, I’m a ‘da rasis’ to point that out. Leftism infects everything.

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  3. TechieDude

    Empire of Dust on YouTube. All you need to know. Chinese having to deal with vibrancy.

    Best lines ever are the Chinese dude is busting the interpreter’s balls;

    “Eddie…Is that railroad kaput?…You can’t imagine the effort it took to build it.The infrastructure has gone to waste. It hurts to see it.”

    “You went backwards instead of forwards… neglected things others had left to you. What’s more, you completely destroyed them. It’ll take generations to put things right.”

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  4. Dave

    Heh, I guess Stefan does not want to risk losing the non-white component of his regular audience… kinda like the Australian media’s ongoing attempts to play the disassociation game between the word “Africans” and the sentence “rampaging youths in St Kilda, Melbourne”.

    Uttered words will never trump real world observations, the latter having evolved through many generations of timeless experience.


  5. Roman Daoist

    A race ‘has’ an IQ but that IQ is an average. Within that population there is a spread – from dumb to smart. The average IQ cannot be used to predict the IQ of any one person within that population. These are basics. Don’t assert that anyone of _that_ colour must have _that_ IQ. Yes, _generally_ black fellas are dumber that whites or asians but you can’t say of any _particular_ afro-man that his IQ is lower than anyone elses. You may like to but then you are racist. While stating that the avg african IQ is lower than the avg euro IQ a statement of fact – that will probably still have you called racist but incorrectly.


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