It’s that time again that you all know and anticipate, the one and only Friday hawt chicks & links thread. This week’s thread is proudly presented by romantic love stories on your 50th wedding anniversary.

Let’s get rolling, boys!

The big news of this week are the French protests or yellow vests as they are affectionately known.  The lying globohomo media is continuing the claim that the protests are about fuel prices, but as always this is a big fat porky pie. The protests are a massive groundswell of protest against the fact that the French are at risk of losing their country.
Look at all of the footage of the protests and what do you see, or rather what don’t you see?
Vibrants, my friends. You don’t see any vibrants. Apparently France is crawling with them but they’re sure keeping their heads down right now, aren’t they. I wonder why …
As always I’ll fall back on my standard line – the Europeans have over a thousand years of demonstrable history of both getting rid of rulers they don’t like and getting rid of foreign populations that they don’t like, and they’re rather effective at doing both of these.
Also, the protesters are following the golden rule of modern uprisings which is don’t have any clear leaders. The globohomos love leaders as they can either be discredited and destroyed or bribed and subverted. No leaders means that these standard tactics are off the table which leaves them with what exactly?
You know who else doesn’t have any clear leaders? The prog left, that’s who. Just saying.
Anyway, it’s all going down with the yellow vests on Saturday. And some environmentalists who are protesting in support of the gas taxes are going as well. That’s going to be some fun I reckon. The green slime have always enjoyed near immunity from peeps who hate their guts but there’s going to be too much action tomorrow for the gendarmes to give a shit about them. Watch this space.
Okay, enough chit chatting. It’s time for some serious linkage.


Apparently your finger length ratio tells you how likely a girl is to cheat on you.

Finger length ratio is a well-tread topic at the Chateau. There has been debate whether masculinized or feminine women are more likely to cheat (proponents of the former reasoning that women with high T are hornier and thus cheat risks), but this study says more feminine women are the cheat risks, which validates a classic Chateau pearl necklace of wisdom:
Options = Instability


The new work rules now means that the only available option is to avoid all women.

Before a woman can file a discrimination complaint against a man, however, first she has to learn his name. She can’t accuse you of harassment or discrimination is she doesn’t know who you are. So the goal for men now is to be invisible at work — drift into the office silently, like a ghost, hurry to your cubicle, never speak to anyone more than is absolutely necessary, then sneak out when the day is over.

I envisage a return of male only spaces. The womens demanded that we let them into our clubs, so they got in and now any time a man even glances in one of these harpy’s direction it’s all #Metoo!ARCGHGHGHGHGHGHGHG! So it’s back to the male safe spaces. That could be a good name for a male club – the safe space. Maybe we could franchise it. Get waitresses dressed in bunny rabbit costumes. Maybe start a nudy mag with “serious articles.” Smoke a pipe. Killer.


Didact examines the curious case of a liberal who is thinking of fleeing the warm and fetid embrace of his fellow SJW slime.

Half my blog has been my thoughts about the far-left and how it has hijacked and seized control over the Left itself. I, like many other liberals, have been fighting against this cancer for years, but I’ve seen in real time how many liberals are abandoning ship because they saw it as a hopeless situation.

It seemed to start with Anita Sarkeesian, who actually preached to people regularly that literally everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic, and these things must be fought. Anita actually went to the United Nations and urged them to censor everyone on the internet who says even slightly mean things to women on the internet.

Then, Emma Watson joined, then all of the media and Hollywood joined, and now the Democratic Party itself is getting on board. Just the other day, Hillary Clinton, who is already hated by everyone except the far-left, told the Democratic base that they cannot be civil anymore.

Liberals, libertarians, atheists, they’re all the same to me.


Quote of the week goes to G.K.Chesterton.
‘Tradition means giving votes to the most obscure of all classes, our ancestors. Tradition is the democracy of the dead. Tradition refuses to submit to the small and arrogant oligarchy of those who merely happen to be walking about.’


The Yanks aren’t making many cars these days.

GM’s announcement the other day that it will no longer make cars – or rather, just a few – follows Ford’s previous announcement along the same lines.

Chevy will lose more than half of its currently available passenger car models, including the full-size Impala sedan, the mid-size Cruze and the compact Sonic. Plus the functionally viable Volt electric car, which gets the noose for probably just that reason (separate rant; see here for more about that).

Ford has already shed its entire Mercury division and GM its Oldsmobile, Pontiac and Saturn divisions.

Didn’t these clowns all get bailed out by the American taxpayer 10 years ago? Time to give back the dosh.


Generation woke.


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