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A great speech from Rollo on the state of the manosphere and its future direction caught my attention on the weekend.

The manosphere has evolved into something that’s much more of a threat to the Gynocracy. Once Trump defeated Hillary, the stakes were raised. I’m not here to debate politics, but the gender landscape has undeniably, unignorably, altered in the two years since a hyper-masculinized man put down the bid of a hyper-gynocentrist female-supremacist woman for the presidency she believed she was entitled to. We didn’t witness Trump defeat Hillary, we witnessed HIM defeat HER. The Gestalt Masculine prevailed over the sure-thing, “her turn” presumed victory of the Gestalt Feminine …

You are never a ‘man’ to the resistance. To call you a man would be too old school patriarchal and aggrandizing. “Man” is reserved for the Alpha men women want to fuck. No, you are just an ‘ally’ and even then you’re only an ally so long as you remain useful. When that usefulness ceases, when you serve your purpose and look for approval from your mistress, when you hope to enjoy some reciprocal intimacy in return fo (sic) desired behavior, there’s now a new and much improved social convention ready made to remove you from the resistance

If we do not define the manosphere it will certainly be defined for us by others who only see it as a niche market to exploit. The manosphere will fall prey to the Brand of Me. The Success Porn gurus, the Cassie Jayes, the Purple Pill Life Coaches, the Men’s Rights Movement – even Vichy male organizations like The Good Man Project or We Are Man Enough will claim an authority over the manosphere that they’ve never merited all in order to build their own brands.

In other words, the grifters and shysters will soon be at the door and we had better be on the lookout.

These leeches take on many forms, some of which I have covered in recent articles. They’re in it for their own glory, or for their personal brand, or for the money, but usually it’s a combination of all three. But not always. Here’s someone who’s just in it for the money, a lawyer who would have us believe that hiring women is in our own best interest as men because the women will protect us. Really.

These women Kavanaugh chose to include in his life were assets, not liabilities.

As an employment attorney, I need these women in my client’s corner. Not only can women speak up for their colleagues when the chips are down, but they also seem to have an uncanny sense of the workplace dynamics that can really help in defense of a falsely accused executive.

In other words, in order to win these false accusations against women you need to have had lots of professional dealings with women, because a woman’s word counts more than a man’s.

It’s nonsense of course, (the comments are particularly brutal), but the lawyer, who writes under a pseudonym, is merely protecting his turf. The playing field was created and now businesses have sprung up around it so the whole thing needs to keep going. It’s like medical clinics that freeze hopeless women’s eggs. The problem could be solved if women went back to their traditional roles but where would that leave all of those fertility clinics? They got bills to pay!

The shysters aren’t just on our side, however. The gals have to put up with their fair share as well. Check out the hilariously named “man-whisperer”.

You aren’t a mind reader, you don’t know what they are thinking, why they are doing that, or how they can misconstrue your words and actions. Why aren’t they treating you like a priority? Why are they so elusive, emotionally unstable, and making you feel like you’re always walking on egg shells?

All that’s missing is the free set of steak knives. And the woman herself, this amazing man-whisperer?

Personally I am…

40 years old. I have been proposed to 10 times. I was married at the age of 21 for 6 months, 23 for 4 years, and for the 3rd and final time last October. I met my husband on a dating app. I activated my strategy and he proposed on our 5th date- our make or break vacation date… I also have a 3 year old son.  And my husband, a partner in a law firm, has 3 children.

In other words, a gigantic fuckup. But she has bills to pay!

The shysters and grifters also deceive themselves.

After detailing her disastrous history of riding the cock carousel, she actually then stated that she really trusts her gut instincts because apparently they’re really good. At this point I thought it was a parody but it turns out that she’s for real.She also gives lots of advice such as the following:

Anyway, the first video was shot in 2017 when she was 32. What’s she doing now a year later?

Why, freezing her eggs of course.

Once again, the comments are brutal. Guys are waking up to this rubbish and seeing it for what it is. Although not all guys as there are a lot of white knights who valiantly but unsuccessfully come riding to the rescue. And there are other manosphere commentators who on the one hand quite rightly take her to task but then at the same time feel massive amounts of sympathy for her.

I don’t get this guy and his continual moaning about what a poor girl she is and how terrible her plight is. It strikes me as strangely incongruent with the lessons that he is attempting to point out. Who is he pitching for anyway, us or them?

As always what counts is skin in the game. Your past record and your present circumstances count for much. The manosphere needs to keep its nose clean and make sure that the IYIs, (intellectuals yet idiots) stay far away. It’s also vitally important that nobody gets set up as a leader due to the fact that leaders are exactly what our enemies want us to have as that way they can target and destroy them and thus disqualify and discredit the entire movement. The alt right is no more precisely because of this.

H/T to Spawny’s Space for so many of these links.


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  1. CRP sure likes to belabor points.

    • Dave

      I get the feeling that this CRP guy is another Jordan Peterson after watching several of his videos… who is trying to cash in on the current demise of the first world.

  2. “married at the age of 21 for 6 months, 23 for 4 years, and for the 3rd and final time last October”

    How could she possibly know that it’s for the final time given her piss poor track record?

    “I also have a 3 year old son”

    Wait, so married three times but the only time she could manage to get knocked up was during a tryst with one of the guys she chose NOT to marry? I believe the current kid slang is “hot mess”.

    The Emily Hart thing is interesting. I watched a few of her videos a few years ago because they popped up on something else I was watching. She is (or was) sort of funny but the videos didn’t have anything useful to impart. It basically was a pretty girl being somewhat funny. The novelty of that lasted about five videos and I haven’t been back since. Sort of sad (and typical these days) to find out that now, having played out her youth and beauty, she is resorting back to the same old “where are all the good men”. I didn’t watch any of the videos you linked to because at this point I can imagine well enough, given the recurring theme.

  3. TechieDude

    You don’t really need a leader to dispense common sense. Things that are clearly observable. What’s refreshing is the amount of people that are flat out saying it.

    And these women crack me up, especially the dating coaches.

    I think were on the leading edge of a bell curve of women that are realizing they had an expiration date after all and now moan how unfair it is and where are all the good guys?

    Not one of them, at least that I’ve seen, says “Wow, I wasted my youth and time”. Well, maybe one – the one on Prager that everyone was on about a week ago or so.

    Hopefully we’ll get to peak regret soon, and we won’t have to hear the Emily Hart saga repeated endlessly.

  4. Yes, people are being much more open about stuff. No more euphemisms. I wonder what the impact will be…

    • Adam

      The left will continue to ramp up their craziness in line with the general level of rising wokeness.

      And then boom.

  5. earl

    ‘I don’t get this guy and his continual moaning about what a poor girl she is and how terrible her plight is.’

    I saw it as speaking about what happened to her yet feeling pity she missed the boat and didn’t realize the assets she had until it was too late. I’d take him at his word that he wouldn’t date or marry a train wreck like that so it wasn’t white knighting…however disappointment that women choose the career/party/cock carousel is important. Lately I have disappointment for women who chose incorrectly.

    It was her choice however.

    • Adam

      Yeah, I get that, and I can also empathize. But he went on and on and on about it.

  6. Rpro

    Couldn’t do more than a minute and a half of her videos. Narcissistic personality disorder blended with the depth of a urinal cake. It boggles my mind that the only thing women can do, the ONE thing that makes them unique and valuable is never a consideration in their “life plans”. It’s time to look toward women of other cultures to make babies with. South American women are abundantly fertile and actively care for their kids. Let white women have the empty impulse of an overly developed civilization. Let them be rats on a treadmill instead. The next generation will see their mistakes. Imagine senior homes filled with tattooed, pierced nags. Crying for attention all the time, fighting over the one man left alive and he’s deathly drunk because these girls whistle from holes when they walk. Yuck.

  7. Post Alley Crackpot

    “… if we do not define the manosphere it will certainly be defined for us by others who only see it as a niche market to exploit …”

    What’s this we shit, kemosabe?

    Consider this: why have the French so far been unable to shut down les gilets jaunes?

    Because the so-called “leadership” isn’t centralised, it’s distributed, and its origins make no sense to the entrenched powers.

    Do you want to win a battle against entrenched powers, or perhaps a war?

    Stop acting like Marquess of Queensbury rules are going to matter.

    Stop giving the enemy “leaders” that can be taken hostage or taken out entirely.

    Stop presenting anything to them but the back side of your hand or the business end of a baseball bat.

    Stop pretending that “uniting” is going to be of any use against an enemy that’s already united and larger in terms of sheer numbers.

    Rollo’s problem is that he keeps thinking he’s a “leader” in this whole “manosphere” thing, but he would do better to remain a pundit and an observer.

    The problem for him as a putative “leader” is that he can be taken hostage or taken out entirely.

    They have the numbers, they have the geographic distribution, and they have enough dupes to make it happen.

    Do you really, really want to win?

    Imagine how your beloved insurgency can get along without your feeble, overly precious arse, and then plan around that.

    Always Be Attacking, Always Be Planning, Always Be Giving The Enemy Grief And Pain.

    Did none of these people actually read General Giap?

    • Adam

      I posted a comment on his piece that said that we must not fall into the trap of defining identifiable leaders and to say there was push-back from his followers would be severely understating it.

      • Post Alley Crackpot


        One interesting thing about the “manosphere” so far is that it has resisted attempts of various would-be leaders to turn it into a cult of personality. That’s because everyone who’s done that has wound up putting target squares on his chest, inviting enemies to shoot at them from a great distance.

        I don’t know how Rollo feels about the situation, but if I’m venturing into sniper territory, someone else with more gung-ho attitude and unspent testosterone can take point.

        Taking a cue from Baudrillard’s “shadow of the silent majorities” by letting other people take point so you can do whatever you can from within those shadows? When your cover isn’t concealment and you have plenty to risk, it’s really the best way to go.

      • Post Alley Crackpot

        But let’s make this discourse fun for the cheap seats, shall we?

        “Send someone to negotiate …”

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