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Theresa May is still prime minister of the UK after winning the leadership challenge by 200 votes to 117. It was a secret ballot so we can’t extrapolate and make conclusions but I feel confident in assuming that the vast majority of female MPs voted for the harridan because Sisterhood Über Alles – the sisterhood above all other considerations, as Rollo Tomassi has termed it.

A comment yesterday by JP on my article concerning the impending spill sums up the ramifications of the sisterhood pact:

White female politicians in the West are interim placeholders between white native rule and non-white settler rule.

Western women are in despair that their five generation long shit test of their menfolk has been so comprehensively failed. As weak men jump through more ridiculous hoops to prove their worthiness for all things female, we get closer and closer to a time when the immigrant invaders do rise up and take over.

Yesterday we also witnessed a meeting in the White House between the new Democrat leaders and Trump and Pence.

Nancy Pelosi is the focus of my attention here, as Schumer is merely a perfect example of the aforementioned weak males, (and let us not forget his own ancestry).

What did Pelosi think of the meeting?

“I was trying to be the mom,” she added, but “it goes to show you: you get into a tinkle contest with a skunk, you get tinkle all over you.” . . .
“It’s like a manhood thing with him — as if manhood can be associated with him,” she deadpanned. “This wall thing.”…
“The press is all there! Chuck is really shouting out. I was trying to be the mom. I can’t explain it to you.”

That paragraph is the perfect example of the female in action in a leadership position. She differs in no way from the woman at the kindergarten who is trying to get the boys to play nice in the sandpit. She even used the word tinkle. As always, because women are obsessed with their own body image they assume that men go into a fight with the same obsession. The idea of a dick measuring contest exists solely in the minds of women because that is how they would play it out if they had dicks.

She doesn’t know how to handle a man because there doesn’t exist a single man in the entire Democrat organization. Her nagging finger of authority through perceived motherhood is exactly all that is wrong with the Western nations. Apart from Thatcher, an aberration if there ever was one, there has been no successful female politician of any Western nations. No female politician, let alone leader, has made her country better and stronger from her time in office.

Even Thatcher was a disaster in the end because like May she too did not have the grace to step down when it was obvious that she had to go. Instead she clung to power for its own sake and let her country weaker as a result. Contrast that behavior with Chamberlain who in 1940 stepped aside to allow Churchill to take the reins, an honorable decision made because he knew it was best for Britain. The country that he was elected to serve. Now imagine one of our recent examples of female leadership in that position and ponder how it would have gone down.

As both the Labor and Liberal parties in Australia toy with the idea of 50% quota rates for female MPs, we are witnessing the collective collapse of our nations due to this one great mistake. Every other major issue that we are now facing stems directly from the great female shit test that we have been failing for 50 years.



First London falls, then England.


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  1. earl

    Every woman has the ability and capacity to be a mother. When she has her own kids it’s a good thing…when it’s trying to run a nation it’s a massive failure. Feminism however tells them to give up bearing their own kids and turn men they work with into their surrogate children.

    • MatrixTransform

      woman, I won t do your bidding.
      Its not hard understand really.
      You see I have absolutely zero stake in your game you childless witch.
      lets talk terms.

  2. exlib

    May, Merkel, and Macron are as childless as Satan.

  3. Al Jahom

    I can’t really argue with a word here (if we overlook Blair who hung on for far too long, and Brown after him who should have been a warning about what an asocial, unpopular, hand-me-down Prime Minister would be like – remember he slunk in the back door and signed the Lisbon treaty on the quiet).

    As I understand it, Adam, like me and like Cappy, you have no kids… which means we can all enjoy the decline. Unlike the poor sods who have to worry about what these medusas are doing to our civilisation.

    • If you are an economically successful male who has no children and does nothing to protect your community, then you’re almost as useless as any of those harridans you decry.

      “Enjoy the decline.”

      Sounds like something Saruman or Grima Wormtongue would say.

      • Al Jahom

        You’ve just rolled in having no children with ‘does nothing to protect your community’ as if they are the same thing. They are not. I do plenty that contributes to the protection and furthering of my community.

        My point was merely that those of us without kids can, perversely perhaps, be thankful for not having the skin in the game that you have.

      • 1/1024th Idiot

        “protect your community”

        If you have no posterity, do you have a “community?”

        If you are an “idiot,” an outsider in the classical greek sense, why would you compound your “idiocy” by idiotically helping idiots leech of your labors and in all likelihood help ensure your own demise?

        “Gimme gimme gimme for me and mine… idiot. Fuck off.”

        Cuckdads bluster and moan at everyone except their thots. Thotpatrol, wiggah. Man up and thotpatrol.

  4. purge187

    “I was trying to be the mom[.]”

    Yeah, like Norman Bates did.

  5. Having worked for women managers, sometimes in senior positions I have noticed over the last three decades, as their numbers have increased, their quality has not. The exceptional woman leader in the ’70s and early ’80s had to fight her way to the top and prove herself beyond all reasonable standards, again and again.

    Even then Thatcher was a very flawed figure, gifted a massive landslide in 1983 by a shambolic labour party and a tortuous military outcome in the Falklands. It was on Thatcher’s watch that the male skilled industrial breadwinner and stay at home working-class mum were both consigned to the dustbin by mass unemployment, easy credit, and rampant welfarism. The latter was brought about by an overzealous commitment to market forces and a privatisation agenda that wiped out 100,000s of skilled jobs and exported ownership to foreign nationals.

    Having voted Brexit and then Conservative to try and strengthen the Government’s negotiation position I stopped watching the British MSM after the last disastrous May miscalculation of a snap election. Instead, I focused on the real battles in America. But, even by my very low expectations, May has been a disaster, and the “talented” women ministers and MPs around her are a substandard, complacent bunch of failures not fit to even call themselves social democrats.

    But last night I stumbled upon the following broadcast as I was TV channel swapping:
    What struck me was the festering, beta boy, delighted that May had “won.” This rancid Conservative party lacks any balls. It’s not just the women, it’s what passes for the men. All of them. Even “Eurosceptic” Rees-Mogg, ensconced in a safe Tory voting parliamentary seat, lent credibility to May’s now hopeless “strategy.” And Boris, Gove, and Davies – and anyone else – are all ineffective, easily outmaneuvered, and without an alternative credible strategy for Brexit anyway.

    The conservative party is a dead trannie walking…

  6. TechieDude

    I used to be bothered by this kind of thing. Now? Hakuna Ma Tatta.

    After Obama was re-elected in 2012 I had a wave of nausea as I realized the people were irredeemably stupid. Made no sense that clearly things were worse than ever. But they like being lied to. “He talked purdy to me…”

    It also showed that politicians were gutless, self serving cowards.

    So what has to happen for people to wise up is pain. These fools will continue on until there’s worldwide misery and suffering.

    I’m a big fan of the “Fourth Turning”. This all is just another dot leading up to a massive crackup.

    Fuggit. By guns and ammo while you still can. Which you can’t in Britain.

    Suck factor five, Mr. Sulu..

  7. The Art Of Blades

    Watching that meeting you could notice that Pence was just enjoying the show Trump orchestrated. Schumer’s reaction to Trump’s frame was as well really pitiful.

    To add western people absolutely deserve to reap what they have sowed for the past fifty years, though it is their descendants that will pay for it more.

  8. Dave

    “Contrast that behavior with Chamberlain who in 1940 stepped aside to allow Churchill to take the reins, an honorable decision made because he knew it was best for Britain.”

    But Adam, …….was it in Britain’s best interest when you look at the country now? I’ve lost count how many videos and quoted statements I’ve seen from WW2 British servicemen who declared they would have switched sides if they had known what would have become of their country 50 years later under so called democracy.

    Even the old school Germans had no desire for Europe to become non-white.

    • Adam

      That is another topic entirely. Chamberlain’s decision was honorable and the correct one at the time. Was it right for Britain to fight on the side of communism? I would say not.

  9. Perhaps she is trying to be the Mom. However she is apparently not trying to be a good Mom.

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