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Greasy Pole podcast #9 – The Aaron Clarey’s 12 rules for life episode.

The Great One and I disparage Uncle Jordy’s 12 rules for life but then deliberate on what Aaron Clarey’s 12 rules for life would be.

Also, I humiliate The Great One for hanging out with a bipolar feminist even if she is 24 and hawt, he breaks my bubble by telling me that the women in Louisiana are all fatties, the wonders of modern management, Trump’s track record as president, and much more.



Friday hawt chicks & links – The new system edition.


Sunday lifting thread – a new program?


  1. Lexet Blog

    More people need to speak out against Jordan.

  2. TechieDude

    Ugh..The great one is a fool.

    I listened to virtually that entire podcast, enduring his adolescent gloating, waiting for the mcguffin in the story to appear.

    It never did. Never.Sealed.the.Deal. Just a sad story of a 50 something dude macking on a 24 year old freak show, squawking about it like a teenager that squeezed his first tit, and hamstering about it like she somehow deserved all this because her and the current husband are lefties.

    And he bagged on Roosh somewhat – claiming “Listening to them works!”. Right. So does “nexting”. As in, when she told him she had to stop seeing him, ghost her. One of two things would have happened, one – he’d have scored. Or two, the crazy cnt would be out of his life and he’d be better for it.

    Like Adam pointed out, no good ever comes from this. I’ve seen it over and over. At one point my wife had three such friends that were as toxic as this chick, and another that was a sister in law for a short time. The shit they pulled was jaw dropping. It would take nothing for her to pull a #metoo card and get him fired. He works at a university, doesn’t he? They have a hair trigger for this thing.

    And he’s dead wrong about the south. You’ll find plenty of good looking women there, and unlike the north, and especially Colorado, you may find them more feminine. Look at duck dynasty, at the women those longbeards have scored. And they are in Monroe, not Acadiana where you’re headed. They are more typical of girls in that region. Great one traveled through, probably stopping at truck stops. I’ve been going there for decades.

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