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Sunday lifting thread – a new program?

On last week’s lifting thread commenter Purge left the following comment:

Squatting three times a week sounds like overtraining, Adam. How about training legs once a week instead?

Now my initial reaction to this was a hearty rebuttal with moderate amounts of disdain. Doesn’t this berk know that I follow the Starting Strength program which advocates squatting at all times, including but not limited to taking a dump, praying to God Almighty, meeting the Queen, pushing all in, and initiating a sexual encounter which is only ever going to end with a big #Metoo stamp all over it?

But the comment lingered in my hind brain going into the week and on Wednesday I made an important decision:

I skipped the squat on my workout.

Instead of the usual squat destruction I strode in and headed straight to the rack for the shoulder press. I knocked 45kg out of the park into the bargain so tomorrow the 47.5kg is on the block; path back to full strength well on its way.

After that I hit the deadlift and nailed the 120kg. My best is 132.5 so once again I’m heading in the right direction.

But then I had some time on my hands and more importantly, energy. What to do, what to do. So I hit lying triceps extensions and then finished off with the bicep dumbbell curl pyramid smash which consists of 2 curls on each arm starting at 24kg for me and then going down to 6kg while curling every even numbered dumbbell. And when you’re done with that you don’t stop, oh no no no. You head back up the way you came. I made it to 20kg.

But the best thing about this squat skip was the Friday session. I smashed the squat and all of my other lifts which leads me to the belief that squats twice a week is good but at my age three hits is unmanageable.

And so with that information I am now officially on the search for another program. I want something that I can do three days a week which focuses on strength training but also a bit of cutting in it as well. Got to look sharp, you know.

So come at me with some suggestions, (I’m looking at you, Didact). I’ve been following first Stronglifts and then Starting Strength for over two years so it’s time for a switch up. And yes, Purge – you were right.



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  1. purge187

    You’re welcome. 🙂

  2. Zadok

    Check out Andy Baker’s youtube channel and/or website. He has a lot of good info on various programs, especially HLM. He contributed to the programming portion of Starting Strength and co-authored the follow-on Practical Programming with Rippetoe.

  3. earl

    ‘ I smashed the squat and all of my other lifts which leads me to the belief that squats twice a week is good but at my age three hits is unmanageable.’

    Yeah I don’t do more than twice a week for squats and bench. You can’t tear down your body all the time and expect it to rebuild.

  4. didact117

    Well, since you asked… check back tomorrow around 1pm Holland time, I’ve got a post coming up just for you, mate.

  5. Dark

    If you want to utilize high frequency lifting, you have to make sure you keep your volume/intesity in check. There are lots of examples of programs that do high frequency; what you’ll see is that if they are doing a lot of volume, they aren’t doing it at heavy weights, and when they’re using heavy weights, the volume is lower. At least most of the time, you can go balls to the wall for a short period (peaking and deloading) within the context of a longer training cycle.

    High frequency can be great if done correctly.

  6. Dark

    To clarify, non-high frequency programs can do the peaking and deloading stuff too. It’s just a matter of condensing the weekly volume into less workouts. And converse for high frequency. YMMV.

  7. TechieDude

    Recovery is as important as the workout itself.

    It’ll become more so as you age. One mistake, and you’re out for a month and knocked back on the ladder, so to speak.

    I was up to 200-225 squat before an unfortunate medical catastrophe. I worked my way back from barely able to squat the bar and got up as far as 150 when things went pear-shaped for the first time.

    I’m in me second period of recovery, and I’m starting to think the issue is not muscular in nature. There’s no working through an icepick in your knee at the power part of the squat, and another in the opposite hip at the finish.

    So take time to recover.

  8. I moved from psuedo-starting strength (couldn’t get more then 2 per week in after the 2nd son a year ago) to this program
    It’s good and my deadlift has gone up 40lb in 2 month and new PR on bench in that time as well.

    5’5″, 155lb, squat 1rm 350, deadlift 1rm 350, bench 1rm 235, age 28.

    Your milage will vary.

  9. okuin12345

    I dislike the religious fervor of those who say “try this program IT’S THE GREATEST!”

    Equally bad is the bro-science mindset of some one pressing his unique snowflake idea “because it worked for me.”

    So with those two caveats, I will very cautiously recommend Wendler’s 5/3/1 program to you. It’s not for everyone, but for an older lifter (like you and like me), it has the benefits of giving you an appropriate steady rise in intensity but without excessive volume. (This takes care of objection #1).

    Also, it’s been used successfully by many others (#2).

    Start lighter than you think is necessary and increase from there.

  10. Before shopping for a new program, I would look at these issues.

  11. Why do you need a new program? Just squat twice a week on the program you are doing. In other words, create your own modified that works for you. I was lifting twice a week using SS due to other commitments and it was going well. Dropped off for a while and then hurt my back doing non-exercise. Had back surgery yesterday and am looking at 6 weeks or so before I am supposed to go back. I am going to check with my Doc and see if I can do empty bar lifts sooner just to get the form going. I probably won’t be doing max anything for quite a while cause I don’t want to re-herniate the disc. Meanwhile, however, I will still be on the SS program, just modified for my special needs.

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