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Friday hawt chicks & links – The #Metoo edition.

The other day I was at work in the swimming pool running a training session when one of the divers grabbed me on the bottom as a joke because I was kind of bending over and he thought it would be funny. I turned around and had only one thing to say to him:

Hashtag metoo!

Everyone laughed. WTF?

Later in the week I was lining up to get lunch and a female coworker pushed against me and “inadvertently” rubbed her breasts against me.

Hashtag metoo! I exclaimed in the middle of the large room. I was rewarded with loud cheers.

Hang on a second, I thought to myself. I am a victim of gross sexual injustices! Much suffering has been imposed upon me but the more I attempt to use this #metoo thing that everyone else is using the more everyone laughs at me.

And the worst thing is that the breast rubbing and the bottom pinching has stopped. There’s a lesson here somewhere but I can’t work out what it is. But someone day I will have its secret, oh yes, it will be mine.

16 year old model hottie gave Woody Allen her phone number and he bonked her brains out for 8 years.

Babi Engelhardt says Woody Allen showed “total disrespect” toward Mia Farrow, but what did Mia ever do to deserve respect? She’d already been divorced twice before she hooked up with Allen, and was apparently OK with marijuana and group sex. When someone is scraping the bottom of the barrel, living an immoral life of illegal drugs and sexual perversion, they should not be surprised to be treated with “total disrespect.”

Mia Farrow is just white trash and so is Babi Engelhardt. There is nothing admirable about either of them, and the only thing praiseworthy about Engelhardt is that at least she doesn’t claim to be a victim.



The dumbest thing that I have ever seen. By the way, the music is actually happening in the video, it wasn’t added later.


Now work out which one is real and which is the piss-take.


Now for a real sport, when men were real men, and women were real women, and small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri were small furry creatures from Alpha Centuri.

The most tragic line is at the end.

“If courage, stamina, and leadership are the wrong image then I’m obviously in the wrong job.”

20 years later and the British Royal Navy is a floating joke.


Pizza Hut refused to fix a wrong number issue with a local family. They took revenge.

According to them, the company declined numerous attempts to reason with them, so they did the only thing they could. They took their time executing their carefully crafted revenge plan, making sure the business received what it deserved.


Latest climate junket in Poland doesn’t go the way the globalists wanted.

The 30,000 alarmists gathered in Katowice, Poland expected to slam-dunk their report proclaiming a planet-threatening climate crisis, finalize rules for implementing the Paris accords, redistribute infinite billions of dollars from industrialized nations to “climate victim” countries, and solidify their control over people’s energy, jobs, living standards and liberties. It didn’t work out quite that way.




The best part is watching him smoke the 1943 cigarette.





The homo end game in one photo.


Champagne level German propaganda.


  1. TechieDude

    The dude smoking the cigarette from 1943 was the best part. I don’t smoke, but what got me was him proclaiming it was a great smoke, high quality tobacco that they don’t grow/make any more.

    It was made back before the weenies started crowing about smoking. A long while back, I was talking about smoking with my sister – a critical care nurse at the time. I think my position was it was a nasty habit that just got people sick and we’d have to pay for their medical care eventually. Her line was epic, “Oh, I don’t know. They tend to die off relatively young saving medicaid dollars. It’s the old ones that linger on and on that cost us tons of money.”

    BTW – You ought to change the title of these Friday posts to “Links and a hawt chick”. Even though it’s “Chicks” in the title, you haven’t really coughed up more than one in as long as I can remember.

  2. purge187

    Even Mia’s stepkid says she’s no angel:

  3. pound me too

    steve1989 is the bob ross of rations. check out his video eating a 150 year old hard tack cracker from the u.s. civil war. a true artist.

  4. Nice Douglas Adams reference.

    One reason I never liked Portlandia is apparently because I wasn’t sufficiently connected to the culture of which they were making fun. I would have seen that Portlandia canoeing thing and thought it was an incredibly dull and pointless bit, having no idea that Freestyle Canoeing was even a thing, let alone enough of a thing that it deserved to be made fun of.

    Beautiful HC this week.

  5. Fay

    That field gun run video was excellent. Thank you.

    “When men were real men” – ain’t that the truth.

  6. earl

    ’16 year old model hottie gave Woody Allen her phone number’

    No kidding!?!?!?

    Hopefully the lesson of nonstop 50 years of feminist brainwashing is…

    A woman can go after whatever destructive, unedifying, or dangerous desire and whim she wants…and will be celebrated, encouraged, and cheered on to do so. Any bad consequences are a man’s fault.

    A man who either goes after similar whims or has the ‘gall’ to tell females they shouldn’t do all the feelz they want will be vilified, called all sorts of insults, and potentially lose his livelihood. All in the name of equality of course.

    Besides when it comes to Hollyweird…there’s no such thing as patriarchy so teenage girls hooking up with older men is no shocker. It’s the occult, drugs, booze, sex, and whatever other illicit desires you want to partake in. It’s no shock wimminz, pervs, and chads all flock there.

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