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Podcast #98 – The expectations episode.

The one where I complain at length on the inability of retail outlets to meet customer expectations.
Also, the kind of multiculturalism that I can approve of and an update of my plans for the new year.


Champagne level German propaganda.


Sunday lifting thread – The old switcheroo.


  1. TechieDude

    I’ve had glasses since high school. It’s never a week to get new ones. Even the pair I have on now took almost two. No idea why. It’s not the fckign space shuttle, they’ve been making lenses for centuries.

    And when I’m at a restaurant when I’m travelling, my limit is 5 minutes. If there’s no drink, or no forward momentum, I get up and leave. I think I’ve had a hostess notice once, in over a decade, That I was leaving shortly before seating.

    And if I get shitty service, or the food is bad, I never go back. If it’s a chain, I won’t darken their doors anywhere in the country, ever.

  2. Sensing a trend, I am also here to comment on glasses and service.

    I agree, buy the best and maintain them well. I bought two sets of Tart Arnel reproductions (think Cary Grant, North by Northwest) because I really liked the style and because you couldn’t buy the originals (out of business at that time although they seem to have returned, at even higher prices). They weren’t cheap but they are excellent quality and timeless style. I should be able to wear them for decades (assuming I have decades left). PS Glasses since I was 12, now worked my way up to bifocals which are the sure sign of old age in my mind.

    Restaurant service: Went to a restaurant and waited fifteen minutes. Three servers walked past us numerous times helping “their sections”. One of them, at one point, asked if we’d been helped and offered to let our server know that we were waiting. Five minutes after that we walked out, never to return. I don’t care how busy you are, stopping at a table to take drink orders takes all of a minute or two.

    Hunting: Very cool story. I have never hunted hare. Not sure that we have those giant hare here on the west coast of the USA. I went deer hunting on several occasions but have never shot anything. I eventually started jokingly referring to my hunting experiences as paying $45 for the privilege of carrying a heavy rifle with me when I hiked. Finally I gave it up. I still hike, I still shoot, but if civilization collapses and I make it through somehow, I guess I’ll figure out how to hunt at that point. There should be fewer people competing and their won’t be a “season”.

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