Clementine Ford goes off the deep end.

In news that surprised exactly nobody with a functioning brain, serial misandrist and attention seeking opinion columnist Clementine Ford resigned from her job at Nine newspapers in Australia with a well orchestrated public hissy fit that guarantees all of her bridges will be left in smouldering ruins behind her.

The reason for her catastrophic meltdown is because her bosses asked her to demonstrate some respect in her columns for the office of the prime minister of Australia. In other words they asked her to not refer to him as “a fucking disgrace.”

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Lifestyles of the radical feminist lesbians.

So the legend goes, when you open Pandora’s Box then uncontrollable events are released. The lesson to be learned is that you don’t mess with systems or traditions whose underlying purpose and reason for existence may have superficially escaped you. In other words, you’re a lot dumber than you think and you’re certainly not smarter than previous generations who knew a thing or two.

I was reminded of this cautionary tale while reading an article where The Other McCain explains his attendance at a recent event titled, “The inequality of the equality act: concerns of the Left.”

Then I looked up from my notebook and saw a group of women about to sit right in front of me. One of them looked familiar.

“Excuse me, ma’am — are you Lierre Keith?” I asked.

Indeed, it was her. It boggled my mind that this radical environmentalist from Deep Green Resistance was at the Heritage Foundation, but we’re living in strange times, in which lesbians are being driven out of gay organizations because they won’t toe the “inclusive” party line

The inclusive party line concerns the collective madness that is transgenderism and the real and unavoidable tragedy is that it’s affecting the kids.

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The right to self defense.

The cultural delights of diversity continue apace in Melbourne in an incident where two teenage white boys were set upon at a train station and mugged by a group of up to 20 culture enricher imports. What is different about this encounter is that the white kids went back with their own muscle and sent the Sundanese packing.

According to the Herald Sun, a group of youths went to the station yesterday and confronted people of African appearance, who left after a tense standoff.

The group then walked around the station with baseball bats.

The white kids were marking their territory and letting it be known that they weren’t going to take any more nonsense. The reaction from authorities was predictable.

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Look out toyboys, the cougars are on the prowl.

Katie Glass is a “thirty something” columnist for The Times who judging by her photos, (and don’t we just love to), her best years are most certainly somewhere behind her in the far distance.


In an article a few weeks ago she gushed at the joys of dating younger men, much younger men. Apparently everyone’s doing it! By everyone she means regular women like Madonna, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss, you know the score. Apparently these sorts of women are her besties and besties do the same things, and the big thing now is to get engaged to a guy who ten years earlier if the world was still sane they would have been telling to go clean up their rooms.

Who needs a man when a toyboy will do?

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