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2019 – The year of the powder keg.

I’m not one for making predictions for the coming year as it’s not a particular strength of mine. I’ll probably get most things wrong and if I manage to get a few correct then that would probably be down to dumb luck more than anything. What I do find interesting is looking back at the year that has just passed. It’s so easy to take for granted things that just 12 months ago were unknown, unthinkable, or just plain crazy.

2018 was the year of the awakening for normies. The reason for this is that it was also the year that the prog left pushed as far as they were able to, not due to any limitations of permission but more from a want of energy and resources on their part. The progs acted with impunity not only because they are able to but because when things turn against them it will happen fast. One must make hay and all that.

I had thought that the culmination of their degeneracy was the celebration of a 10 year old boy dancing for money at a gay strip club. But The Z Man has unearthed the real chilling peak of 2018 leftist ideological hatred.

This story from the New York Times was bouncing around among dissidents over the holidays. It tells of a black women who got her feelings hurt on Twitter a couple of years ago. The people in charge used her sadness to force one of the people making her sad to confess to imaginary crimes and agree to spend 200 hours in a reeducation camp. Additionally, the black girl will monitor his behavior and determine if he is sufficiently submissive to her, before he is released from custody.

Following the link I discovered this little gem:

As part of the settlement, Mr. McCarty agreed to assist Ms. Dumpson in her legal efforts against his two co-defendants, Mr. Anglin and Brian Andrew Ade.

Mr. McCarty must also apologize to Ms. Dumpson in writing and on video. She may use his video for “civil rights advocacy, outreach and educational activities,” the settlement states.

He agreed to undergo anti-hate training and at least a year of counseling, complete four academic courses on race and gender issues and do 200 hours of community service related to racial justice. Ms. Dumpson’s legal team will monitor his compliance and can inflict monetary penalties if he does not comply.

The progs brought enough pressure to bare that the defendant went turncoat against his co-accused. That pressure was not simply legal; it was also social. The defendant is an outcast, dutifully and triumphantly exposed in the mainstream media where all of his sins were laid bare.

But the accuser’s legal team are not just enabled moralizers; they are arbitrators of virtue, able not only to dictate what is and what is not permissible, but also to summarily impose financial penalties if they themselves do not find the accused compliant.

In other words, judge, jury, and executioners. The prog left’s literal wet dream.

The left are overplaying their hand because their lack of standards and self control allow no other conceivable path. They will only stop when they are destroyed. Quietly, normies are waking up to this. The spontaneous yellow vest protests are the other side of the 2018 lucky coin.

With this as a backdrop we then find ourselves the fortunate recipients of the wisdom of Angela Merkel as she makes a rousing end of year speech where she announced that nations no longer have a right to individual sovereignty.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel gave a very troubling speech yesterday to the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Berlin where she said, “Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty” and that the will of the people on issues like immigration and border security doesn’t matter.

What is it with the Germans and their compulsive addiction to eliminating the ability of neighboring states to govern themselves? Didn’t we fight a couple of major wars with these clowns over this issue? If normies were uncertain that the EU project at its core is the Germans’ third attempt at a collective European political umbrella, now let there be no doubt.

French grandmother-botherer and sometimes President Emmanuel Macron said much the same thing on Remembrance Day when he declared that “patriotism is the exact opposite of nationalism [because] nationalism is treason.”  And if you can get your head around that double self-canceling negative absurdity then I doff my hat to you.

The fact that the French working class proceeded to tear apart the country not long after those words were spoken seems to have somewhat eluded the great globalist cabal. One can picture Macron’s geriatric wife leaning out a window and declaring that the Frenchmen rioting over not being able to afford the price of gasoline should simply all go and purchase an e-car. The modern iteration of letting them all eat their cake.

Where all of this is leading is a dramatic replay of The Spanish Civil War but on a global scale. These graphics care of Roissy underpin the great political divide of the last 40 years that is reaching a peak from which conflict may well be inevitable.

Notice that the prog left has moved much further and faster than the right in comparison. But the right is catching up. The boundaries are being starkly outlined and what any serious student of modern history knows is that the two sides in the Spanish conflict absolutely hated one another.

By 1935, left-right opinion had become so polarized that there was practically no middle ground left. Both sides came to distrust democracy because it was the means by which their enemies might take power. And, as one Nationalist interviewed in the documentary puts it, people on the left and right just flat out hated each other. The whole country was a powder keg.

By the 1936 campaign, the centrist parties had practically disappeared.

Maybe I will make a prediction for 2019:

The year of the powder keg.


Merry Christmas for 2018.


Podcast #99 – The Holiday episode.


  1. bob sykes

    Peter Turchin, the economic historian at the Univ. of Connecticut, thinks the explosion happens in 2020 or shortly afterwards.

  2. TechieDude

    That timeline roughly matches the one in “The Fourth Turning”. Roughly at or around 2025 is when we’re back to generation zero.

    I recently re-read it. And given that it was written in 2008, it’s scary how much of what they say would happen, happened.

    The concept is simple, and I’ve read iterations of it that apply to economics. A turning is a generation in power – roughly 20 years. After four of these, all hell breaks loose. Every 80-100 years this has happened. It’s roughly the amount of time that institutional knowledge breaks. The young not only forget, but are incapable of learning and applying lessons their grandfathers learned the hard way – by misery, fighting, and dying.

    We have a generation of morons yapping, barking, and craving power. They will have to learn the hard way lessons that most have known for millenia. They throw the word “nazi” around, not having any clue whatsoever who the nazis were and what they were about.

    Sad thing is there’s a whole ton of innocents that will suffer.

    I think Mark Steyn had one of the best lines I’ve heard about this – “Buy guns and ammo while you still can”

    • Adam

      I need to read that book.

      • TechieDude

        The youtube video “Generation Zero” is a good place to start.

        I read another one called “The Great Reckoning: Protecting Yourself in the Coming Depression”. This was a pretty similar concept.

  3. — The progs acted with impunity not only because they are able to but because when things turn against them it will happen fast. —

    This is a key recognition from which much else about contemporary political combat flows. Just now, the marauders of the Left can roam freely and inflict destruction. However, popular sentiment is steadily massing against them. It isn’t far from igniting a terrible vengeance. Therefore, it’s win-or-die time for the Left…and they know it.

    • Adam

      Yes, they went all-in after the great shock of Trump. The timelines are interesting, however, as there are multiple nations at play that are at different points along the line. It may be 2020 for the USA but not for Australia. But make no mistake, every Anglo-Saxon nation is in play as well as other great nations such as Germany and France. Take into account the machinations and inroads of the Muslim world, China and India, and of course Russia and we could be set for a real shattering that no amount of guns and ammo is going to help one iota.

      Some men yearn for adventure. Well, I reckon we have a lot of adventure lurking just around the corner.

    • Rollory

      Which is why Charlie Rangel’s military draft bill …

      (old jokes are the best ones)

  4. Al Jahom

    The powder-keg will erupt not with a bang but with a whimper.

    The establishment has a far firmer hold on things than they did in the 20th century.

    The pervasive progressive mainstream media and their partners in circus-mastery will keep a lid on things, when combined with pervasive surveillance from CCTV to Silicon Valley, nebulous catch-all laws under the headings of terrorism and hate, and a populace largely comprising people who have too much to lose (job, lifestyle, reputation etc) .

    Lets face it, the gilets jaunes were a transient eruption that is fizzling out. Trump’s effectively neutered. Brexit isn’t going to happen in a form recognisable to the 17.4M people who voted for it. I’m following the travails of Salvini et al with interest, but colourful political situations aren’t extraordinary in Italy.

    Electoral systems and demographics in USA and many European countries will keep the left proximate to the trough and levers of power, and yes tensions will continue to rise, but I believe the struggle for power between the people and the establishment has been lost and won.

    The only thing left to do is Enjoy the Decline.

    Happy new year 🙂

  5. Al Jahom

    Contrary to my pessimism, this article paints a more interesting picture, though I still have my doubts.

  6. Dave

    Here in Melbourne it was anything but quiet over Xmas, the African gangs really worked hard over the last two weeks to make it almost impossible for the fake media to keep a lid on it… they still describe them as “of African appearance” in-spite of normies waking up….. interestingly the gangs are now not just attacking whites but also Asians, so the media can’t play their race card so well anymore…..

    Boxing day 26th Dec:

    Then came the beach robberies and attacks 2 days later that also included turks and lebbs:

    Now the Africans are threatening to chimp out at the Asian celebrations coming up:

    The Africans have also been doing phone-store smash and grabs across Melbourne for new i-phones too, so a very active little bunch over the Xmas break.

    Tomorrow (5th Jan) there will be a gathering of various groups at St Kilda beach in response to all this, as to what unfolds is still unknown as Antifa have stated they are going to turn up too:

    There is an Australian federal election coming up in a matter of months and there is still no true nationalists party to vote for – those on the right just can’t seem to get their shit together.

  7. Two scenarios in the USA

    1) Trump wins re-election and all the stuff that the progs are doing now (attacking people in the streets for wearing MAGA gear, deplatforming, etc) ramps up to civil war levels

    2) Trump loses re-election and all the stuff that the progs are doing now (attacking people in the streets for wearing MAGA gear, deplatforming, etc) ramps up to civil war levels

    Wait, what just happened there?

  8. SleeplessInAmerica

    First time commenter here. Sorry but I’d have disagree with your assessment of Germany. Merkel doesn’t speak for them, they don’t want to rule other nations. Their problem is that they are too collectively obedient and rule-adhering for their own good. I’m pretty sure Merkel has either been bought off or she has a personal hatred against her co-ethnics. I suppose her rumored Jewish roots may play a role, too.

    • Adam

      Merkel doesn’t speak for them

      Yet they keep voting for her to be their leader.

      they don’t want to rule other nations.

      Oh really? Tell that to every nation that they have screwed financially since the EU transformed into the Germany/France coalition that it is. You can start with Greece, and then move to a little place called Cyprus where people woke up a few years ago to find that 50% of their personal savings in banks had been confiscated, then you can move to Italy which only very recently was refused permission to manage its own economy because it broke an EU rule, the same rule that France was given a free pass on a couple of weeks ago.

      Have I mentioned Spain, Portugal, Lithuania, and Latvia yet?

      If a nation is not allowed to manage its own finances then it is already ruled.

  9. “2018 was the year of the awakening for normies. The reason for this is that it was also the year that the prog left pushed as far as they were able to…”

    It’s much simpler than that.

    • TD

      Succint. Since Trump was elected, it seemed like he was trying to continue many of Reagan’s legacies and collect on that immigration agreement.

  10. Neville

    “If a nation is not allowed to manage its own finances then it is already ruled.”
    WAAY too true, Adam.
    One can speculate whether certain western civilisation non-EU countries have reached that stage already. Certainly there are some (admittedly obscure) signs of that even now.

  11. Rollory

    “One can picture Macron’s geriatric wife leaning out a window and declaring that the Frenchmen rioting over not being able to afford the price of gasoline should simply all go and purchase an e-car.”

    Don’t you know? That was precisely the plan. That was WHY the Yellow Jacket protests got set off. Some years back they put in taxes on gasoline to make people switch to diesel, and now the plan was to put in taxes on diesel to make people switch to electric vehicles. That was the specific trigger for all this.

    You thought you were joking!

  12. Al Jahom

    Since I’ve just resumed blogging and I’ve written a post on this theme, linking back here, I thought I’d take the opportunity to linkwhore here…

    Hope you don’t mind 🙂

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