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Podcast #99 – The Holiday episode.

I went on a holiday during the holiday season and I hate the holiday season.

Plus, my battles with road rage, spectacles, the Allies’ bombing campaign against Germany was bullshit, how we should have made peace with Germany in 1943, and do men need to dress well?


2019 – The year of the powder keg.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The bad Santa edition.


  1. Insomnia has me up at 0100 USA West Coast time, but not listening to podcasts. I have Alan Parson Project Definitive Collection on, which I just picked up. A lot of good music that I had forgotten. Memory, however, is an amazing thing. Damned if You Do played once yesterday while I was working around the house and not paying particular attention. Went to bed around 10 and the full song was playing in my head. Given that it might have been thirty plus years since I heard the song, I still had all the lyrics. Also just remembered that the album cover art always bothered me, as it looked like those two girls had some weird spotty disease.

  2. Moritz Kraemer

    Havent heard the episode yet, but the allied air campaign was – in my admittedly German opinion – a crime similar to the cultural revolution in China, just by the amount of national heritage that was destroyed

    • Al Jahom

      As a Brit, I’m open to this argument. Adam framed it well.

      Yet while it’s sad that so much heritage was destroyed in the war, the slide into squalor I’ve seen in many German cities in the 21st Century seems as significant. Köln is the most significant example for me, but also Frankfurt and Stuttgart have seen stark changes for the worse.

      It’s hard to imagine going back to any of those cities that I once thought so splendid.

      And Germany voted repeatedly for the woman who did that!

  3. Al Jahom

    How do you cope with the drivers in Netherlands, Adam?

    After years of driving around Europe, as soon as I see an NL plate I expect the worst, and my expectations are rarely confounded… dithering, inattention, caravan-towing and a total disregard for anyone’s desire to reach their destination before the heat-death of the universe.

    Heading out into Germany and Italy can only be sweet relief.

    • Adam

      Dutch licence plates are colored yellow. I found out on this trip that the Germans refer to them as ‘yellow danger’.

  4. “the allied air campaign was – in my admittedly German opinion – a crime similar to the cultural revolution in China,”

    Perhaps the Germans shouldn’t have started a war. Considering the consequences of your actions is sort of an adult thing to do. (I haven’t listened to the episode yet but I will for the actual argument) but don’t forget that the Germans bombed Coventry. Also, doing a quick search for Dresden I discover Germans calling it the Dresden Holocaust. Pretty sure that killing 20 or 30 thousand people with whom you are at ware and who are surrounded by rail yards and factories (even if there were arguments for better targets) is a bit different than gassing millions of Jews, so I am inclined to reject their arguments straight off.

  5. TechieDude

    I think the issue with bad drivers falls under two causes. First, I don’t think anyone these days takes the time to develop the skill. It takes physical skill, and mental as well. Know where you are going, look ahead, plan. And second, They are self centered. Everything is about them, even though there are others on the road and it’s a shared resource. “I have to turn left here!” Never mind I’m in the right lane. “Missed my exit, I’ll backup on the shoulder” “I put my cruise control on 55 and leave it. That way I don’t have to stop and go”

    And every time I see a fuckwit driving under the speed limit on a highway with their emergency flashers on I see red and want to smash them with a hammer. I see it more and more these days. If you are that addled, you shouldn’t be driving.

    About the eyes – yes they get weaker. Mine did with bi-focals. I’m not sure if it wasn’t happening anyway. The reading part of my glasses only works with something in front of my face. For computers, I have glasses that have reading as bifocal, but the main lens works to 8-10 feet or so. I pretty much wear them all day. Not sure if you’d want to bother with eyeglass stores again.

    And weissbier? sweet jesus. what’s next, wearing capris? What kind of fruit do you dunk in it?
    I seem to remember a podcast way back when you were mocking us craft beer guys. If memory serves, the line was “IT’s BEER, doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s cold!”

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