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A comment from Apex Predator on yesterday’s piece about the Frenchman who prefers to date much younger women:

To me, it is a win-win actually. The gene pool is being thinned of the least genetically fit. The problem is, men suffer alongside them because of the disparity between marriageable women and the glut of men with rather average expectations of femininity.

The least genetically fit category happens to include men as well. The strong adapt and the weak carry on as before hoping that things will just work out for them anyway. Women are far more susceptible to the siren calls of whatever lunacy happens to be trending at any given moment. But men get caught up by default in the lunacy as well since they either can’t control their women or they want a woman and they figure that whatever she’s saying is the gold plated truth.

As a man if you don’t want to be a victim of the changing gene pool the first thing that you have to do is to notice what the hell is going on around you. In other words, you need to wake the hell up. This is the stumbling block for the vast majority of men. I can’t talk to most guys about this stuff; they look at me as if I’m from another planet. Perhaps I am.

The next stage is to process the anger and frustration that you feel at the gross injustice of it all. Why oh why couldn’t I have been born 200 hundred years ago says the guy who wouldn’t have survived a single week crossing the prairie or setting out for the virgin Australian bush as a homesteader.

Hot tip: In 200 years time the men of that age will probably be moaning about why they weren’t lucky enough to be born in the year 1999. Just sayin.

Once the anger stage is done with and you have moved on to acceptance then it is time to skill up. You skill up for you, for the life that you intend to build for yourself. You do not skill up to find a girl. The girls find you because you have skilled up and you don’t give a toss about them or their miserable feelings.

You need to be anti-fragile. If you don’t know what that means then read the damn book. Your approach concerning women in your life will determine whether or not your life will be successful. You can screw up just about anything else and still get ahead but not women. At the rate that things are going soon the prudent choice will be to sleep with high class escorts. You pay either way but at least with that option they go away.

Men are built to compete but the modern workplace is eliminating that core masculine aspect via the chimera of equality, which is really just another way to neuter men; they’ve screwed us in the home, now we get it good and hard in the workplace as well.

Which means you need to choose a workplace that women won’t go near. Hint: the armed forces are no longer an option, (see what they’ve done?) Get a trade, work in a remote area, start your own business, save your money, invest wisely.

This stuff is hard. It’s much easier to just remain a slave. But it’s hard to be a slave too, particularly in the long term. Guys who embrace their inner beta and the feminine imperative do it because it’s the easy option now. But it’s so much harder to make a man of yourself when you’re older. Don’t defer this stuff until it’s too late. These guys are the one who will be genetically left behind. Even if they have kids, it’s often not all that it seems to be.

A multi-millionaire businessman who made the heartbreaking discovery that his three sons were not his own has been inundated with offers from women wanting to be his ‘friend.’



He prefers much younger women.


An added bonus of the government shutdown.


  1. I once listened to CBC “broad”cast about men being obsolete and how the world would be better off without them. It was so laughable because they didn’t even touch on the fact that the utilities the world rely on are build and maintained by men. However, if you where to reverse their proposition, it is much more probable. Except for one thing, procreation. The amazonians could always keep a store of frozen sperm, but artificial wombs don’t exist.

    This could be a solution to that problem.

  2. earl

    ‘At the time he and second wife Emma were trying for a baby, but the inherited disease means male sufferers are unable to father children naturally, so the three boys he had lovingly brought up as his own could not be his.

    After initial denials, his now ex-wife Kate admitted an on-off affair with a colleague during their 20-year marriage, but refused to name him and said they always used contraception.’

    Goes to show that:

    a) increase of marital infidelity was one of the side effects to taking contraception (Humanae Vitae)

    b) they certainly don’t work as well as we thought…either because they aren’t 100% effective and/or the operator somehow ‘forgets’

    Contraception is a big part of why we are where we are today with the sexes.

  3. LOL about “jobs without women”. There aren’t any unless you work for yourself. I am a high school math teacher. On weekends, which I never have to work, and during the fifteen weeks a year that school is out, I work on Harley Davidson motorcycles in my own shop, for which I charge a quite decent hourly amount. That is when I am not riding my own motorcycle or traveling to places with surfable waves. Get any job you want, just make sure it’s one that allows you the freedom to do your job your way so long as you get it done effectively.

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