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An added bonus of the government shutdown.

The Great One emailed me the other day to set up a date to record our next episode of The Greasy Pole podcast. He set a date towards the end of the month which is rather late since we try to get an episode up every 4 weeks or so. When I asked why he couldn’t record it sooner he gave me this response:

That’s the first time I’m available during our normal recording time frame.

 What with the government shut down business is booming.

The government shutdown piqued my curiosity when it initially happened which was just before Christmas. The interesting aspect for me relates back to an article I wrote a few years ago which some of you may remember. It was called, Could you pay for a $400 emergency?

The relevant bit:

An article this week in The Atlantic reveals that almost 50% of Americans can’t afford to pay for a $400 emergency. It’s a long article where the writer goes deep into his personal financial situation as he is one of those who can’t afford a small emergency.

Keep in mind that the majority of people who find themselves in this situation are the upper-middle class, in other words people who earn quite a lot of money. But no matter how much money you earn, if you leverage every cent that you have to buy lots of expensive toys and enjoy a lifestyle that is ostentatious even for your large pay packet then you’re going to find yourself in the financial crapper.

Back to the government shutdown. What do you think the odds are that the majority of people who fall into this pathetic financial bracket work for the government? I thought that it was hilarious that Trump declared a government shutdown on these parasites just before Christmas. The presents for little Jane and Johnny this year might have had to be purchased on some sort of emergency credit, seeing as these berks can’t afford a $400 emergency and all, and a government shutdown where your pay packet is suspended certainly falls under this criteria I would think.

And here we are coming up to a month later and the government shutdown is still in effect and with no end in sight. Trump wants his wall and he should most certainly get it as the security of the nation is at stake, not only at the borders but at its core as well. But what is also fascinating is the effect that this continued shutdown is going to have on the economy. As The Great One states, business in the private sector is booming and it is because the tap to the parasite class has been firmly turned off.

Throw in the little added bonus feature of the majority of those overpaid government parasites being hocked up to the eyeballs in debt and this could be a fine time for purchasing popcorn. If the shutdown goes into two pay packets then I predict an avalanche of articles in the MSM painting grim pictures of poor hard done by public servants whose entire financial existence has crashed into ruin.

Are government workers overwhelmingly leftists? I would hazard a guess that they are. Do you think that a lot of them are hard core SJWs? Why yes, Jane, I do.

This is known as winning by any other name.


The least genetically fit.


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  1. TechieDude

    I lost a number of friends from when I lived in DC during the last “shutdown”. Primarily it was my utter lack of sympathy. I will say that gubmint workers are still getting paid, and after that stops, if it does, they’ll get back pay. The contractors are not paid whatsoever.

    Welcome to the real world, where you can get laid off and fired. Being in IT, I’ve been through more than one bloodbath. Suck it up. Move on. Last time I was laid off it took me six months or so to find any kind of work, and then it was at half what I was making previously. I sold my house, bought a cheaper one, and adapted.

    So I couldn’t give a purple shit about gubmint workers on furlough, which amounts to extra vacation. Most are superfluous. Many of the government jobs in DC are make-work for groids. Having lived up there half of my life and done some govt. contracting, I can say with some authority that many if not most are useless and un-hireable in the private sector.

  2. Al Jahom

    Interesting, and I agree completely.

    I hadn’t previously read your article about the $400 emergency, though I had at the time read the news stories, with nodding appreciation.

    I was in a similar place to you. Post hoc rationalisation says it was all fine as I had a reasonable expectation of rising earnings, but that doesn’t change the fact that I could have put a deposit down on a house with what I spent on credit card interest during the period, and I’d have sunk without trace if I had lost my job.

    But I had to face the future so I sold the Porsche, settling the debt on it, and I moved to a smaller house with far better energy rating. I saved hard. Every spare dollar (pound) went into paying it all down, every bonus had enough creamed off for a nice dinner, and the rest went into plugging the financial abyss.

    Eventually, my head was above water again and I started to accrue a decent nest egg.

    Most importantly, i didn’t revert away from the new philosophy of spending less than I earned and spending well when I did spend. As a result, every last thing I have now is bought and paid for, and my monthly burn rate is half what it was.

    And it’s a damned good thing I did, because in the last few months something has happened that has meant my world being turned upside down. This event in itself is stressful enough, but I cannot imagine how much worse things would be if I had to worry about money too. I’d basically be utterly destitute and probably suicidal.

    But there’s another aspect too. While I don’t have FU money, I do have enough that I have CHOICES. If I don’t like an employer or a client, I can walk away from them without hesitation. If I want to spend a month in Italy, I can. i can also afford to regularly give modest amounts of money to all the causes I believe in. Those valuable online services that live on donations, those podcasters that brighten my day, those people organising to fight for things I believe in.

    it’s honestly life changing, and I think what Cappy and others do in raising awareness among the younger cohort is extremely important.

  3. Dave

    The welfare tap is the most potent doubled-edged sword of any post WW2 Western country……

    I would love to see it turned off in Australia, the sheer crushing of all the welfare maggots we have here would fill my heart with joy, the government could then drop taxes by around 50%.

    Marriage rates would explode, divorces would crash, inter-family support would grow, and also importantly third world garbage would find the country less attractive to migrate to.

    It’s hilarious given the small amount of money Trump is asking that the traitors refuse… I hope he crushes them all, it’s US tax payer money and the US tax payer wants that wall, it’s not up to those traitors.

  4. Phil B

    Pelosi has declared that she’d shut the government down “forever” rather than approve funding for a border wall.

    If Government is closed forever, then all those illegal aliens … errr … I mean poor refugees won’t be able to claim social security payments, Section 8 vouchers, food stamps, schooling, medical care etc. So they won’t come because all the freebies won’t be given to them.

    Seems like a Win-Win for Trump, no matter which way it goes.

  5. otto kratt

    when washington is like an old western where the cowboy rides into a ghost town, tumbleweeds roll down main street, then i’ll believe it’s been shutdown. pelosi and her ilk are still yelling at the microphone. they’re not drinking ripple in the alley with the rest of society’s best and brightest.

    ain’t shit shutdown.

  6. Allen

    The shutdown theater is great. Here we have Pelosi and Schumer who are used to “negotiating” with people who are going to cave anyway, and they know it. To trying to negotiate with someone who actually knows what the term means and is willing to walk away.

    $5 billion, no? How about $5 billion and illegal alien employer jail time? Still no? How about the money, the jail time for employers, and no social services then. The first offer was your best one, and I can keep doing this as long as you like.

  7. MPH

    I had wondered if Trump was using the shutdown to lever people out of government jobs into the private sector which is booming and desperate for employees. Remember he resisted a previous opportunity to force a shutdown, maybe because the economy wasn’t ready to absorb ex government workers?

  8. Someone

    I support the shutdown, but there are some federal workers like Border Patrol and corrections officers and air traffic controllers that are ‘essential’ personnel so I do sympathize with since they do provide a service that is necessary.

    The pencil pushers, not so much.

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