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Friday hawt chicks & links – The illegal immigrants are illegal edition.

Welcome one and all to the world famous and highly contagious Friday Hawt Chicks & Links thread, the thread with so much going on you’d swear that you were sitting beside a border watching hordes of illegal immigrants pour across. Now I’ve got nothing against illegal immigrants per se – fuck that, yes I do; they’re illegal, and not only that while they’re breaking the law they’re not even citizens. They are aliens. They are non people as far as an individual nation that retains the sovereign rights to its own borders is concerned.

Over the last few hundred, even thousand years in some cases, a great many people have died to determine where the national borders of our Western nations stand. By allowing unfettered immigration, whether legal or illegal, we make a mockery of all that spilled blood, of all the men and sometimes women who gave themselves up so that their own posterity could benefit from their sacrifice. We have allowed outsiders, foreigners to our own cultural identities, to come in and dictate to us who we are allowed to import and why. Take a look at these two clowns:

They’re not Americans. They are not the progeny of the American forefathers. They are not for whom the American Constitution was written. They are interlopers, troublemakers, wormtongues, parasites. They are not traitors because they are not American. Their place of birth makes no difference to this reality. If my parents had taken a holiday to China back in 1971 and I had popped out there it wouldn’t have gone one single step to making me Chinese.

The situation is now so absurd that it will only take a single drop in the bucket to reveal the absurdity and thus the betrayal for what it all is. And when that happens it will be the time of the great unraveling.

Now, on with it.

Tucker Carlson and the plight of the yellow vests.

This is the next stage of the attack on rural America. First it was destroy their ability to live a stable life, raise children and pass wealth down through the generations.

Then it was import the worst people from the rest of the world, zip code targeting immigrants to flip certain states to destroy potential revolt through the ballot box.

And now we’re into the vilification stage, the dehumanization stage. This is the foundation our leaders always lay before going to war with someone.

In the past it’s always been some group of evil brown people across the ocean.

Today it’s the deplorable, ten-toothed white people who are too stupid to recognize why they need to be exterminated.

It’s the exact same situation in Australia. Lower and middle class Anglo Saxon whites are the enemy, with the men and boys top of the list to have a target on their heads.


Crushing the peasants.

Governments never seem to learn:  the harsher the punishments you heap on people you’re oppressing, the more violence will be inflicted on you in response, eventually.  You heard it here, first:  if the gendarmes start shooting, I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole bunch of WWII-era weapons are unearthed (sometimes literally), to make an appearance at a forthcoming demonstration, or when somebody faces one of these new punishments.

The French government is getting desperate. They thought that this was one of the periodic French grumbles that would blow over. It is one of those grumbles; one that happens roughly every 200 years or so.



Corporate Punishment.

The reason this chap’s PayPal account has been deleted is because he upset Anne Soubry, and someone made a call to PayPal to tell them to inflict the standard punishment. If it were you or I being abused, or even knifed on a London street, nobody would be interested. But attack a member of the ruling class and suddenly services on which you depend are cancelled without warning. Where’s the transparency here? Where’s the due process? And where’s the consistency?

The West is partly based on the ideals of the free market which means being open and transparent. Africa is neither of these and so Africa is Africa. The internet in less than 5 years has gone from open and transparent to Africa. An open and transparent society ensures that everyone has access to essential services, whether by government or private enterprise, regardless of their views, lifestyle, or anything really. Like water, power, and gas. You can add credit cards, banks, internet payments, and many others to that list. You know, if we were still living in a first world society.


Tucker Carlson spoke openly about the ongoing destruction of the nuclear family, which indecently is the real reason why Western birth rates are so low.

Carlson has dramatically changed the very nature of the discussion, from one of condescension for the “hand wringers” who are supposedly misinformed about the real state of the American family, to a conversation about the dire threat the destruction of marriage poses to our social fabric. Under the pre-Carlson regime, conservatives were free to focus on blaming men for not manning up and reaping the wondrous benefits of our new family model. Now we have conservatives openly speaking dangerous truths.


I’ve written a few times about the modern chimera that is the cult of happiness. The Other McCain weighs in on the subject.

The fact is that men and women use social social media in different ways, for different purposes. To generalize quite broadly, women care more about friendship than men, and use social media as a way of monitoring and/or enhancing their popularity. Because popularity — social status — is a transient and unstable value, anyone who becomes excessively concerned with it is chasing the wind. As students of evolutionary psychology have argued, however, this female concern with social status is a sort of survival instinct and is thus hardwired into women’s nature, and it gives rise to the poisonous emotion of envy.

Finding a woman who is not addicted to social media is a tough ask these days. Mind you, even if she doesn’t possess this vice she’ll still probably be a nutbag.


Australia in 1964. It doesn’t look like this now. As in the people.


The APA has declared that masculinity is harmful.

This issuance from the APA is a foundation for how psychology – our Lords of the new church – will define what is acceptably ‘male’ and what is not. Furthermore it defines what aspects of masculinity is officially hazardous based on social constructionism and science denial.

Going forward I think Red Pill aware men will have to view mainstream psychology with even more suspicion than we do already. My Red Man Group colleague, Rian Stone, has mentioned that this equivalent of a “Papal Bull” from the APA represents a call to action for the Red Pill community and the manosphere in general to help men understand that conventional, “traditional” masculinity is not a disorder.




An added bonus of the government shutdown.


Podcast #100 – The getting kicked out of Europe episode.


  1. I got a book from my dad recently with pictures of New Zealand. I should have been forewarned by the title (New Zealand in Colour) but the pictures of Auckland made me immediately nostalgic for my childhood. The town was beautiful. I started making plans to move. Then I looked at the publishing date. 1962. A quick search on the internet revealed that Auckland looks just like any other major metropolis, with mountains of glass and steel (and probably dirt and slums below).

    Oh well.

    • Phil B

      And in some parts, it looks like downtown Shanghai. The ability to speak mandarin is probably more useful than good English. Some housing districts are almost solidly Asian with a sprinkling of yarpies (white South Africans) and Russians.

      I lived there for 7 years and now live on the south island. I won’t say I’ll never go back but if I wanted to live in a foreign land, I would have stayed in the UK.

  2. The Cob

    Sweet mother of odin, that hawt chick though…

    I saw Tucker in a debate on migration with the young turk dude a bit ago and he just destroyed him. He’s articulate, well spoken, and deadly logical. Wish he did more of them.

    You cover some pretty critical ground here in this Friday’s steampunked edition. And those two clowns are the epitome of the cultural ills that plague the west and the democratic process. Non-cultural Americans are now dictating what happens in that country and it’s basically the same everywhere except for a few eastern European countries pretty much, and maybe Italy and Brazil. Culture destroying leftists are desecrating anything and everything that has made us who we are.

    Leftism is a contagion that is destroying our societies from within. Once we lose our identity and borders, we lose everything. The fall of the Roman empire is analogous.

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