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Podcast #100 – The getting kicked out of Europe episode.

I make it to 100 episodes, yey me!
Getting personally impacted by Brexit in a negative way.
A heatwave in Australia, oh noes!
The glaciers are retreating, somebody think of the children!
Why we should not allow persecuted South African whites into Australia; sorry, not sorry.

And, if I have to return to Australia I might get into politics.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The illegal immigrants are illegal edition.


Never date a slut.


  1. Al Jahom

    Congrats on the 100, mate. I admire your pluck!

    If you had to leave NL for a period, would you not consider England? I expect there’s plenty of work in your field on the east coast here…


    Looks like an agreement has been reached but not ratified. Given that I haven’t listened to the podcast yet …

  3. Dave

    Heatwave? In Vic this summer has been quite cool, nothing like the real temperatures we used to get back in the 70s – weeks of hot days were normal back then. Our school also had no air-con and there were days when they closed the school and we went home, no big deal.

    I have never seen it rain so much this last Dec and Jan, making it hard for me to grow summer vege, we’ve on had a few consecutive days of mid 30s here in Melbourne – much milder than I’m used to….. but all the millennial faggots are crying the sky is falling.

    It seems that a line from a very old famous Australian poem…. “I love a sun-burnt country” is fading into memory.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Why we should not allow persecuted South African whites into Australia …”

    Except any remaining nuclear engineers, and that’s because Australia needs its own nuclear programme regardless of how unpopular it might be.

    How else is Australia going to keep its more populous neighbours at bay when America finally completes its collapse after many decades of cranial-rectal cohabitation?

    (Oh, and Kevin Rudd, you stay out of it, even if you can speak Chinese.)

  5. Klaus

    A residence visa for Australia for a wife? I paid for one as well. They’re jaw-droppingly expensive.
    Somebody better not badmouth you when you’re Senator Piggott…

  6. TechieDude

    “Why we should not allow persecuted South African whites into Australia …”

    I doubt many, if any, are hardcore lefties that did it to themselves. I just got finished reading ‘My Traitors Heart’ by Rian Malan.

    Team Whitey is horribly outnumbered there. True, they made the country work, but at terrible expense in the end. There was really no good solution. He goes over options they had and none were good. The simple fact was that they had their boots on the neck of the natives so long, hard, and often times cruel, that they long passed the point where they would be able to be an “inclusive” society long before Mandela was sprung. Matter of fact, as usual the press wasn’t telling the whole story at the time, canonizing Mandela, and overlooking the internecine cruelty and violence of his party.

    But I agree with you in the sense that as soon as Team Africa reached critical political power mass, it was time to beat feet. Now, matters are worse.

  7. Anon E. Mouse

    At the beginning of this episode where you were talking about being tracked on your cellphone.. Check out the first couple minutes in this episode of the Privacy & Security podcast w/ Michael Bazzell where he contacts a company that installs cellphone tracking devices in retail stores and malls.

    Crazy stuff, very very creepy!

  8. Another good podcast.

    Hopefully the residency thing will work out, although I suspect that applying will help. You have a good job and presumably your employer will be willing to write you a nice letter saying how they wouldn’t be able to stay in business without you.

    I’m of two minds about the South Africans. If we are going to let millions of uneducated, unskilled workers flood into our country from everywhere, a group of god-fearing, hard-working farmers might be a good addition. Understand your view about the end of apartheid, but I don’t know that it was ever going to last. It was a horrific system with positive results for the country but what probably should have happened was a gradual increase in education for the black South Africans with a commensurate increase in civic education, until they could be released into full participation. The way that South Africa was democratized was probably the least likely way to result in an actual representative democracy which protected the rights of all. That being said, however, I don’t know to what extent SA farmers had any influence on either the lead up or the process, so all things considered, they are probably worth keeping.

    Good job on “climate change” bullshit. I get disgusted with the “climate denier” as though I am denying that climate exists. I like the concept that “climate change” is redundant, since that what climate does. Haven’t heard it put as concisely and I will steal that at the first opportunity.

  9. Out of curiosity, how do you track how many subscribers or how many people listen to your podcast? I use a podcast grabber app (Pocket Casts, to be specific) and I have no idea whether all these little platforms tally up the number of subscribers or listeners. Less than 200 seems low to me, given how long I’ve been listening.

    Related question, how can we help boost your listener-ship if we aren’t on itunes or sticher? I keep hearing podcasters saying “rate us on itunes” but if we aren’t using that platform we have no mechanism to rate anything.

    • Adam

      I just go by the soundcloud stats, don’t really check itunes. I get about 500 listens an episode on average. This includes downloads which I don’t think you can see.

  10. OK. Just left you a review on iTunes. 5 star of course.

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