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Friday hawt chicks & links – The learn to code edition.

The links and hawtness thread is late because I’ve been under the weather all week while still going to work and yesterday I got home and fell into bed at 7pm and I just woke up which is about 12 hours sleep which I never do but I did it so I suppose that it is something I do just not often but sometimes like when I’m fucking exhausted and I didn’t even make dinner and now I’m hungry but I’m not making breakfast yet because I’m writing this thread because I know that if I don’t then my demented readers will probably start doing bad things to kittens on a livestream and I feel that responsibility so just hold off with that giant sex toy will ya I’m typing, I’m typing.

To cap off a week where the media went full retard against a 14 year old boy who smirked and who then convicted him in absentia of the new heinous outrage of face-crime, they then got handed a bunch of pink slips because it turns out that running a business model predicated on accusing everyone outside of your East Coast privilege beltway of being scum-sucking pieces of shit isn’t actually profitable. Color me shocked and all that.

When you’re on top of your game at being a journalistic piece of shit:

And then a week later you get some karma across your fat ugly face:

Glancing through my image file I came across a photo I used a couple of years ago for a piece about the HUffPo. The photo is of their opinion editorial board. Let’s revisit it, shall we?

And now?

Awwww …. they’re all sacked. I suppose that now they’ll have to learn to code because that’s the same advice they give to industries that die in part due to the efforts of their muckraking and moralizing. I mean, they’re all sitting in front of these computer things which I have heard you can use to write code and stuff.

Mind you, they haven’t been taking this advice rather well for some reason …^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1088570707544629249&

Sucks to be you, “Venom”.



These sacked journalists are all good communists so they shouldn’t really be worried about getting a bullet to the back of the neck and a bill for the privilege sent to their families.

This political logic generates much hate hypochondria in the media. For example, countless trained journalists watched a brief video of the American Indian leftist trying (and failing) to provoke the poor kid and immediately concluded that the reason they felt so much hatred toward the white youth is because he was the hater.

Not surprisingly, the media offer up a constant supply of Two Minutes Hates to serve as the KKKrazy Glue of the Coalition of the Fringes, many of which turn out to be fiascos. Countless battlefields chosen by the Establishment have turned out to be self-defeats.


Brexit news and Vox Day receives a letter from a reader explaining to him what exactly is going on behind the scenes in the British parliament at this crucial moment.

On Monday, Sir Stephen Laws, the government’s retired head of constitutional law, warned that the usurpation of the legislative agenda from the Government of the Crown could necessitate the refusal of Royal Assent for the first time since the reign of Queen Anne, a time before the Act of Union with Scotland, more than 300 years ago. This is where you get the concept of a Presidential veto from. However, there is no parliamentary override vote. Having the warning issued by Sir Stephen was a discreet way of warning the Speaker, analogously to having a former Chief of the Defence Staff speak to the press to warn politicians of things that a serving military officer cannot say.

Because Monday’s warning was clearly insufficient to deter the Speaker from the proposed usurpation of the legislative agenda, it was repeated on Tuesday by a spokesman of Her Majesty’s Government. That seems to have had the effect, because all of the amendments presented to the Speaker by the members of parliament yesterday are amendments to motions, not amendments to legislation. In other words, they are merely opportunities for meaningless bloviating with no force of law. This avoids the Queen having to refuse Royal Assent to legislation.

If Parliament had attempted to hold an override vote, then it is likely that the troops that are normally seen by the tourists in full ceremonial uniforms would have been sent directly to the chamber of the Commons to arrest the speaker, seize the mace (the legal authority of parliament), and throw the offenders in the Tower of London (that’s what it’s there for). The Queen would then have prorogued parliament pending fresh elections. The last time such things happened, there was a civil war of Parliament against the King. The King lost his head in Whitehall, and Parliament made such a mess of things that his son was invited to restore the monarchy. Charles the First had been particularly feckless, which must have been surprising because his father, James the First had been one of our best monarchs.

It is worth noting that the Queen allowed herself to be caught on an open microphone during her robing in the Victoria Tower for the State Opening of Parliament, prior to the referendum, voicing her support for Brexit. That didn’t happen by accident. The Victoria Tower is where all the Acts of Parliament are all held on vellum scrolls.


Ace goes to town on the cucks.

The thing is, what twitter exposed was not that you were leftwing. We already new that.

What twitter exposed was that you were also dumb, easily duped, eager to believe self-justifying conspiracy theories, thin-skinned, arrogant, incompetent, disgracefully lazy, psychologically (and almost certainly physically) inadequate, dunderheadedly unimaginative and unwilling to consider any idea not within the braindead leftwing Incela Corridor Conventional Wisdom Bubble, prone to the most cowardly go-along-to-get-along sort of groupthink, and weak.

Before Twitter, you were removed from us. Anyone who’s removed seems exalted. We knew you were leftwing political operators, but, and I hate to admit this, your remoteness made you seem like you were… elite.

Now we’ve seen what you really are. You’re C- minus students and fat-assed pencil pushers with a nose for sniffing out the right dicks to suck.

You’re fucking pathetic. You’re Salon Commenters with a personal makeup budget.

That’s what Twitter revealed.


This week’s long read is from Cappy. Sanity is the future of wealth.

On the other hand you have those who simply aren’t leftsits. They are willing to put in the work to earn themselves a good degree and thus a good career. They are willing to put forth the effort to diet and hit the gym and thus have themselves a great looking husband or a great looking wife. They don’t look to politics, traits, their race, or their gender to find value, but hone a skill or a craft or a hobby so that they might achieve excellence in one regard or another. If life gets them down or there is some kind of genuine tragedy, they don’t immediately crutch to a mental disorder, mired in self-pity, but hit the gym, go running, change their diet, talk to friends, and come back stronger before. And if they breed it’s in a stable nuclear family, resulting in stable kids who don’t live at home at 32, but go onto become self-supporting adults with their own lives and accomplishments. Yes, all this takes work, effort, rigor, toil, sacrifice, and dedication, but the result is a way better life, a happier life, and to be truthfully honest, we get to bang way hotter people. It’s a life leftists will rarely, if ever know, and it’s simply because we’re sane.


This week’s homos are perverts story – Married gay couple lured teen boys in Florida sex slave ring.

In 2017, a 15-year-old boy disappeared from Marion County, Florida, and was not found until nearly a year later. In May 2018, acting on a tip about another missing boy, a 17-year-old from Louisiana, police in St. Petersburg went to a rundown mobile home park and found that both teenagers were living with a married gay couple, Mark and Andrew Dennis, and two other men, Curtis Gruwell and Michael Schwartz.


A marital rating scale from 1939:


Dalrock tears apart the lies of chivalry.

In both Christianity and chivalry we are redeemed and sanctified by love.  However, where Christianity teaches that Christ’s love (agape) and sacrifice/suffering is what saves and sanctifies us, chivalry teaches us that romantic love (eros), especially the romantic love of a woman, is what saves and sanctifies us.  In Christianity Christ suffered undeservedly on the cross to sanctify us.  In chivalry sanctification is achieved by the man suffering undeservedly at the whim of the woman.

Where Christianity teaches that marriage makes sex and sexual desire moral, chivalry originally taught that the only pure expression of sexual passion occurred within adultery.  Later this was further twisted to the modern Christian assertion that romantic love sanctifies married sex and this in turn created the logical case for no fault divorce.



It's a cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck cuck world.


The Greasy Pole #10 – The English Humor episode.


  1. TechieDude

    The beautiful, diverse, inclusive baby they built appears to be all white women, with a smattering of Asians with identical groupthink. DoublePlus Good! Eh!

    What a shadenfreudelicious week.

    Ace was right on target. These types make me crazed. Middling students, degreed in uselessness, going to work straight away stirring the shitpot of anger, envy, and pride with opinions formed by nothing but indoctrination. Most have done zilch in their lives.

    The best was their whinging about comments. To that I’d say – How does it feel? Are you learning empathy? How do you think those Catholic Schoolboys or their parents felt?

    It’ll be cathartic for to understand they have no value (if they ever do).

    I went through the tech blowup in the early 2000s. People mostly stopped deploying gear, and those that did weren’t spending big bucks. It turns out, it wasn’t worth $80K a year per tech to rack and stack equipment (for those un-initiated – it’s unboxing devices, bolting them in a rack that you may or may not have assembled, and maybe connecting the wires). Turns out, that morons can do that for ~$15/hr or less.

    So it is unsurprising that it isn’t worth paying what I’m guessing is good money for a useless, self inflating windbag twat to send inane tweets. They provide no value in the grand scheme.

    Look at Cappy’s post. They don’t fit in that world.

  2. purge187

    Funny thing is, if you look at the Tweets by the (former) staff of the Huffington Compost, many of them mention their experience at writing about gender-related issues as part of their resumes. They never learn. 

     I hope Salon loses more of their anti-White staff too.

  3. Advo

    These people have neither built nor maintained anything of lasting value in their lives. The tales of their company’s demise reminds me of the biblical story of building on sand instead of rock. They chose to build a life tearing at the fabric of their own society, and are shocked (shocked!) that the market for that service is limited.

    • earl

      ‘They chose to build a life tearing at the fabric of their own society, and are shocked (shocked!) that the market for that service is limited.’

      This is why I still can’t understand why people support socialism.

      • purge187

        “This is why I still can’t understand why people support socialism.”

        For the same reason they support Feminism: envy. They want the power and money that others have, minus the responsibility and work ethic.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot

    “I suppose that now they’ll have to learn to code because that’s the same advice they give to industries that die in part due to the efforts of their muckraking and moralizing …”

    Isn’t there going to be a peak in Information Technology eventually where smart kids with the appropriate education are going to have trouble finding jobs, even at rigged market rates?

    And aren’t some of those smart kids going to have strong “verbal skills” that translate into being better writers than the Usual Journalist Suspects have ever been?

    So, Buzzfeed Bastard, you want to be a muck raker?

    Start raking actual muck like you’ve got a backbone, and stop thinking it’ll be easy to code!

    Advo: “These people have neither built nor maintained anything of lasting value in their lives.”

    Americans can fix that by giving each of these Buzzfeed Bastards a shovel, a hammer, a measuring tape … they’re not competent enough yet for nail guns and backhoes, but even ignorant people can learn if they’re not totally stupid.

    There’s a lot of farmland that’s allowed to go fallow in America because it’s not economically viable for small farmers who try to compete with big agribusiness, but that’ll change, and Americans will eventually need every one of these near-morons to start shovelling his or her share.

    In America’s past, these fucking idiots would never have left the farm.

  5. Allen

    Let’s see, 4 or 5 years in college getting that degree in Gender Studies, 6 years or so at the Huffington Post writing drivel, now a pink slip for your troubles. But, you have one more assignment before you go, we need an article from each of you on: “Where have all the Good Men Gone?”

    That was your great career you sacrificed your prime years for? The Huffington Post or Buzzfeed? Well ladies, if you’re allergic to cats I hear hamsters make for a fine pet.

  6. The nonsense quote from Dalrock is why I quit reading his junk. He has little understanding of Christianity.

  7. Random Thoughts:

    Weird marriage chart. You can only get 25 point in the merits side and you can only lose 28 points on the demerit side so how can you possibly ever have a score higher than 25?

    So which of the women in that picture is John R Stanton? And is he really a cowboy? You’d think he would be less on the side of the Indian if he was.

    I don’t think the Queen has to send soldiers anywhere or arrest (let alone behead) anyone in order to prorogue Parliament. I think she can just issue the order and then wait until after the hard Brexit goes into effect.

    Quartermaster: “he has little understanding” is not an argument.

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