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The Greasy Pole #10 – The English Humor episode.

The Great One and I recorded this last Sunday when the schoolkids and the fake veteran had only just happened.
We talk about the wonderful qualities of the English sense of humor, why it is so important to Anglo-Saxon cultures, and how mass immigration is in the process of destroying it.

Links mentioned in the podcast:

The video of the original incident.

The inheritance of humor by Hilaire Belloc.

The cultural significance of TikTok.


Friday hawt chicks & links – The learn to code edition.


Look out toyboys, the cougars are on the prowl.


  1. PB

    This Covington kids story is illustrative of the failure of intelligence in that the Twitterati lit up publicly based on images. This is the new stupid in motion. Adults responding viscerally and irrationally to images with no knowledge or concern for context, but an intense desire for confirmation of a bias. This is consistent with the de-maturing of Western society that began in the 60s with the rise of mass entertainment media.

  2. Dave

    I love the bit at the end where an opera is played followed by that primitive Indian drum and wailing garbage…. just shows how far whites have (or should I say ‘had’) risen from their primitive primitive beginings.

    Unlike every other race on this earth, whites are not a stagnant people, they moved closer and closer to divinity (prior to the present) with the passing of time. Of those other races that are now replicating white civilization and technologies, such as China, Japan, etc, are only able to do so through whites passing on the knowledge to do so.

    In addition, right wing whites tend to have been the powerhouse of boundary / achievement pushing historically… leftists contributed nothing positive and simply held us back, wasting valuable resources in the process.

    The Australian aboriginals are by far one of the worst failures of humanity, now benefiting from both a white civilization and associated economics they themselves could never have achieved.

  3. Greengecko

    Adam, Bill Burr is allowed to continue comedy because he is a leftist. He hates white men. Watch his latest appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast to see how he feels.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot

    In the spirit of Hilaire Belloc, why not pen a few stories for the children?

    “Theresa, who tied her people up with Europe, later to find herself hogtied by Parliament”

    “Liam, who found himself stranded in a makeshift shack on Flat Holm after his constituency realised what he’d done to them”

    “Jeremy, the eager lad ready to please everyone and everything, found with his tongue frozen to a lamp post”

    New Political Cautionary Tales could be a very profitable genre. 🙂

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