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Lifestyles of the radical feminist lesbians.

So the legend goes, when you open Pandora’s Box then uncontrollable events are released. The lesson to be learned is that you don’t mess with systems or traditions whose underlying purpose and reason for existence may have superficially escaped you. In other words, you’re a lot dumber than you think and you’re certainly not smarter than previous generations who knew a thing or two.

I was reminded of this cautionary tale while reading an article where The Other McCain explains his attendance at a recent event titled, “The inequality of the equality act: concerns of the Left.”

Then I looked up from my notebook and saw a group of women about to sit right in front of me. One of them looked familiar.

“Excuse me, ma’am — are you Lierre Keith?” I asked.

Indeed, it was her. It boggled my mind that this radical environmentalist from Deep Green Resistance was at the Heritage Foundation, but we’re living in strange times, in which lesbians are being driven out of gay organizations because they won’t toe the “inclusive” party line

The inclusive party line concerns the collective madness that is transgenderism and the real and unavoidable tragedy is that it’s affecting the kids.

“Their stories are heartbreaking,” Ms. Chavez said, before reading an email from a mother whose daughter — “a smart, quirky teen on the autism spectrum” — began identifying as transgender at age 13 while attending a school “where several students were already on hormones and one had a mastectomy at the age of 16.” The mother said she had been “living this nightmare for over four years.… Parents who do not support their child’s gender identity risk being reported to Child Protective Services and possibly losing custody of their children.”

At the link you will find a video of the entire panel discussion on the subject. Listening to one radical feminist lesbian speak about the pain she is going through while her young teenage daughter demands to be able to transition to a male, I couldn’t help thinking that you reap what you sow. These women helped to open Pandora’s Box. They contributed to the tearing down of the family unit for no better reason than they could and they desired to do so.

But you mess with long held traditions at your peril. If you tear apart something as fundamental as the family unit then you better have something really astonishing to replace it. Because if you don’t then a vacuum is going to be created and it will be filled by whatever or whoever is opportunistic enough to take advantage of such a situation. These feminists ostracized fathers and fatherhood. We were told that their daughters didn’t need no stinking fathers. And now they’re sitting on a panel and they’re all emotional because their teenage daughters want to cut off their breasts and somehow become boys, perhaps to become the fathers that they never had.

The transsexual mental disease cult has been unrelenting in its bulldozing aside of all parties in order to establish for itself a foothold of respectability. These lunatics care not for any individual; in fact the more that they warp and infect the general population the better for them, and children are their preferred targets because kids are susceptible. They are evil made manifest but the ground for the evil to sprout was tilled long ago.

It was tilled by radical lesbian feminists, among others. Just what sort of secure home life does a radical feminist lesbian mother create for her daughter? It comes as no surprise to me that the children of these idiots are desperately searching for their own boundaries. But without any guidance the boundaries that these poor children latch onto will be very random indeed, and as I have already said they are particularly susceptible to the deep evil that is the transsexual environment.

For the children swept up in this madness I have the deepest sympathy. But for their radical feminist lesbian mothers all that I can think is what the hell else did they expect to happen? If you tell your daughter that she can be anything that she wants to be while you set an example yourself of being a radical feminist lesbian, don’t be surprised if your daughter one-ups you. Perhaps the heavy handed tactics of the Child Protective Services are understandable. Can you honestly say that you’re a fit parent if you find yourself in this situation? Things like this don’t happen by chance.

These women directly contributed to the dismantling of the family unit but they forgot that they would have family units too, and nobody is exempt from the natural laws that govern us all. They foolishly and willfully opened Pandora’s Box and now they and their unfortunate children are reaping the consequences. But watching that panel discussion the thing that struck me the most was the ignorance of these women. They are still proud radical feminist lesbians. They have simply no conception that their personal ideologies and lifestyles are the direct cause of all of their troubles. They have learned nothing at all.


The right to self defense.


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  1. Neville

    Sow the wind .. reap the whirlwind.

  2. earl

    Inclusive to the left is being inclusive to the next victim group that elicits the most feels. The old groups are now ‘right wing nutjobs’.

    10 years ago it was the butches, now it’s the men who think they are women, I shudder to think who it will be in 10 years from now.

  3. “Before you tear down a fence” Chesterton

    Earl, my suspicion is that in ten years the rebels will be marrying a nice boy and having children.

  4. May they and their progeny burn in hell.

  5. Phil B

    It is a sort of self limiting fad. I know that the figures for male transexual suicide are, as a minimum, 40% and in some countries, higher … However, if they voluntarily remove themselves from the gene pool, then it is one way to eliminate them from society without any intervention.

    If I encouraged people to indulge in something that resulted in a 40% suicide rate I would be roundly (and justifiably) condemned. The people that encourage and enable this behaviour can only be described as evil.

    • Gretz

      After decades of misandry and hypocrisy from these lesbian marxists, they can go hell. They’ll all stab men in the back given the opportunity again. All this is just a loss of the “Uber Victim” status to them, to *men* no less, and once they’ve regained it, it will be back to smearing us again as monsters.

      Generally, I’m cool with them removing themselves from the gene pool. I won’t stand in their way.

      What I’m NOT cool with is some activist who’s managed to worm themselves into a social services position somehow overriding my rights as a parent to direct the medical care and moral upbringing of my child, and not being allowed to remove them from exposure to this poisonous and insidious cult, but instead get compelled to allow someone to sterilize and mutilate them.

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