I don’t like Thursdays.

Thursday is of course the worst day of the week because you can taste the weekend but you’re still a full two days away. Those who consider Monday to be the worst day are inferior and superficial people who probably think that modern comedians are funny. Monday is of course not the best day but you are under no illusions that you deserve another weekend because you have just enjoyed one. Of course, if your weekends consist of you yelling at the local kids to get the hell off your lawn perhaps you’re justified in your shallowness.

This morning, this Thursday morning, I glanced at the news headlines to see the usual dose of depressing items masquerading as fake news, or was that fake news masquerading as truth? It’s hard to tell any more. An assortment of headlines from the front page of The Australian went as follows:

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Child Sacrifice.

We live in an era of child sacrifice. What future generations will think about the West’s commitment to murdering its unborn infants under the pretext that women should be allowed to do whatever they want is predictable. We will be damned by our descendants, or at least those that manage to get born.

But abortion is not the only form of child sacrifice eagerly practiced by those eager to climb the progressive totem pole. Remember the 10 year old boy dressed as a transvestite and dancing at a gay club for money? That is also a form of child sacrifice. In that case the child has been sacrificed by his parents for their own social benefit in the progressive society in which they live. Their social status has been elevated as a result of the debauchery that their child engages at their direct encouragement. Parents in my day used to stand on the sidelines and cheer when we hit a four or scored a goal. Now they cheer when their child gets a fifty dollar bill.

It is an indictment of our age and our civilization.

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Jordan Peterson as approved opposition.

For readers unfamiliar with the Australian television landscape, Q&A is a live panel discussion program on the government broadcaster ABC. It is so notoriously weighted to the left side of politics, as is the entire ABC for that matter, that it is somewhat of a running joke. Q&A is the most leftist progressive show on a network which is leftist and progressive from top to bottom.

The format of the show goes something like this:

  1. Invite 4 progressive guests.
  2. Invite one guest nominally from the right but who is very much approved opposition.
  3. The audience when lining up to get in are anonymously asked who they normally vote for in an election. This is then displayed at some point on the screen with no sense of irony whatsoever. I mean, if you have the entire audience screaming blood at the very mild approved opposition guest but supposedly 40% of them voted for the conservative party, then you have an audience with a very serious case of collective Tourettes.

And next Monday one of the guests on the show is our old pal, Jordan Peterson.

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An Australian Apartheid.

An all-star rugby league game between the Australian aborigine and the New Zealand Maori teams drew controversy for one reason but failed to draw controversy for another. The failed controversy is why there are no similar Anglo-Saxon teams. This would admittedly be difficult seeing as it’s getting harder and harder to spot a white guy among all the South Pacific islanders who play professionally in Australia, but a token gesture to those who invented the game and founded the league and even the nation in which all these guys play would be nice.

But I digress.

The actual controversy is due to the fact that the Australian team refused to sing the national anthem.

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Australia – It’s not our country anymore.

In The Australian newspaper today:

Scott Morrison is targeting ­migrant communities critical to his re-election in a bid to seize on Bill Shorten’s shift to fast-track refugee medical transfers to Australia, as the government ramps up pressure on Labor in a move drawing comparisons to John Howard’s Tampa moment.

As a new opinion poll last night showed the Opposition Leader has been badly punished after backing independent Kerryn Phelps’s medivac bill, the Prime Minister tapped into voters’ concerns, releasing an opinion piece published in three languages, Mandarin, ­Arabic and Korean, for community newspapers.

We import these people for no better reason than diversity! and then our prime minister has to go to them cap in hand in their own languages in a groveling attempt at re-election.

It’s not our country anymore.

Update: XYZ Magazine took the time to flesh out the same article. However, I have one disagreement with David’s analysis.

Last week Bill Shorten proved an XYZ prediction wrong and torpedoed his chances of winning the next federal election.

I think it’s going to be a wipe out for the Liberals.