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There is no such thing as a hate crime.

I was rereading my piece from the other day titled, Be careful what you wish for, about the Jessie Smollett case and fake hate crimes when a sudden realisation came over me; an incredibly depressing realisation at that.

That’s a pretty impressive list, all the more so because it is undoubtedly incomplete. And the truth is that fake hate crimes and real hate crimes cannot coexist with one another for the simple fact that if there are real hate crimes present then there would be no need to invent the fake ones.

Jessie Smollett attempted to frame and thus imprison two white guys, any two white guys would have done just fine. That means you and me. Grab a couple of crackers to go down for it, hopefully they’ll get it nice and hard in the can.

A fake hate crime is a real hate crime; it’s simply the inverse of what it was purporting to be.

I’ve been hoodwinked, sucker punched, bluffed, sucked in, swindled, gypped, scammed. They pulled a fast one over me, your honor. Then they took me to the cleaners as well. But the worst thing about it is that they fooled me. They Goddamn fooled me. It hurts to say it. It pains me to say it, but I have to put it out there.

Because they fooled all of you who read that piece as well. Not one of you identified the giant con that the progressives perpetrated against us with Smollett. If you had have identified the con then you would have said so in the comments. We all got taken in, dear friends. Every single last damn one of us.

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Coal miners need to learn to code.

We all witnessed the impotent rage of journalists when confronted with their own draconian advice of learn to code after they discovered that their jobs are becoming the equivalent of a horse poo cleaner during the invention of the motor car. It sure wasn’t pretty and they also revealed just how thin their collective skins are.

Apparently it was unacceptable behavior to taunt journalists in this manner. Funny that, as I don’t see any journalists going in to bat for Australian coal miners who have been unilaterally told by an Australian political leader to learn to code. And this is a state which has rather a lot of coal still underground. Let’s hear from Queensland deputy premier Jackie Trad.

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George Pell and the Australian assault on Christianity.

An article snuck across my radar last week, hidden at the very bottom of the news, seemingly only included as a necessity that had to be included for the sake of ticking all the boxes.

ACT to ban chaplains from public schools.

The ACT government will ban chaplains from public schools in Canberra from the end of the year by withdrawing from the School Chaplaincy program.

ACT Education Minister Yvette Berry says the territory’s Education Act mandated that public schools were secular, and that any chaplains currently employed could stay but would have no authority to teach religion.

“They’re employed to continue to do that youth work and social work, which is important but that is conducted in non-religious way,” she told the ABC.

Of the 150 schools in the ACT chaplains are currently employed in about 20.

For overseas readers, the ACT is a very small state in Australia which was formed entirely for the creation of the nation’s artificial capital, Canberra. It is a bureaucratic state and currently enjoys the best standard of living in the country and the highest per capita average income. In modern Australia it pays to be a parasite.

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Be careful what you wish for.

The rise in hate crimes.

So many MSM fake news pieces start off with a segue much like that. If we believed the purveyors of fake news it would seem that the Western world has been inundated with Nazis, racists, homophobes, and misogynists running around torturing people to death with words and stuff. Of course, the opposite is true.

The rise in hate hoaxes.

All of these forces on the Left, now including Big Tech as well as the legacy media, have refused to accept the verdict of 2016 — a populist revolt against the political, economic and cultural elite — and this has fed into the intensifying climate of fear. Read this list of “hate” hoaxes since Trump’s election and you get an idea of how this constant fear-mongering impacts the feeble-minded.

That’s a pretty impressive list, all the more so because it is undoubtedly incomplete. And the truth is that fake hate crimes and real hate crimes cannot coexist with one another for the simple fact that if there are real hate crimes present then there would be no need to invent the fake ones.

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Greasy Pole #11 – The binary breast disabled toilet episode.

The Great One and I discuss various fascinating topics guaranteed to get your knickers in a knot.
Sleeping with a girl who has disproportionate breast sizes,
The prog horrors of ‘theybies’ and ‘deadnaming’,
Do progs listen to our podcast?
What to stock up on in the event of a civil breakdown,
How bad is The Last Jedi?
and the absolute joy of using disabled toilets.

Friday hawt chicks & Links – No country for white Christian men edition.

Let’s start this one off with an image, shall we.

Funny, right? Well I laughed at least. But that’s not the point.
I originally thought that the oh so obvious Smollett hoax would be just more chaff in the wind, yet another example of the continuing attacks and racial bias against white men, as opposed to the whites with actual privilege, the coastal white elite.
But it’s more than that, much more. And Roissy captures the rottenness at the heart of the five point apex of the government, big business, the mainstream media, academia, and the special people, that all conspire against the underclass of non-privileged white men.

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I don't like Thursdays.

Thursday is of course the worst day of the week because you can taste the weekend but you’re still a full two days away. Those who consider Monday to be the worst day are inferior and superficial people who probably think that modern comedians are funny. Monday is of course not the best day but you are under no illusions that you deserve another weekend because you have just enjoyed one. Of course, if your weekends consist of you yelling at the local kids to get the hell off your lawn perhaps you’re justified in your shallowness.
This morning, this Thursday morning, I glanced at the news headlines to see the usual dose of depressing items masquerading as fake news, or was that fake news masquerading as truth? It’s hard to tell any more. An assortment of headlines from the front page of The Australian went as follows:

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Child Sacrifice.

We live in an era of child sacrifice. What future generations will think about the West’s commitment to murdering its unborn infants under the pretext that women should be allowed to do whatever they want is predictable. We will be damned by our descendants, or at least those that manage to get born.

But abortion is not the only form of child sacrifice eagerly practiced by those eager to climb the progressive totem pole. Remember the 10 year old boy dressed as a transvestite and dancing at a gay club for money? That is also a form of child sacrifice. In that case the child has been sacrificed by his parents for their own social benefit in the progressive society in which they live. Their social status has been elevated as a result of the debauchery that their child engages at their direct encouragement. Parents in my day used to stand on the sidelines and cheer when we hit a four or scored a goal. Now they cheer when their child gets a fifty dollar bill.

It is an indictment of our age and our civilization.

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Jordan Peterson as approved opposition.

For readers unfamiliar with the Australian television landscape, Q&A is a live panel discussion program on the government broadcaster ABC. It is so notoriously weighted to the left side of politics, as is the entire ABC for that matter, that it is somewhat of a running joke. Q&A is the most leftist progressive show on a network which is leftist and progressive from top to bottom.

The format of the show goes something like this:

  1. Invite 4 progressive guests.
  2. Invite one guest nominally from the right but who is very much approved opposition.
  3. The audience when lining up to get in are anonymously asked who they normally vote for in an election. This is then displayed at some point on the screen with no sense of irony whatsoever. I mean, if you have the entire audience screaming blood at the very mild approved opposition guest but supposedly 40% of them voted for the conservative party, then you have an audience with a very serious case of collective Tourettes.

And next Monday one of the guests on the show is our old pal, Jordan Peterson.

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An Australian Apartheid.

An all-star rugby league game between the Australian aborigine and the New Zealand Maori teams drew controversy for one reason but failed to draw controversy for another. The failed controversy is why there are no similar Anglo-Saxon teams. This would admittedly be difficult seeing as it’s getting harder and harder to spot a white guy among all the South Pacific islanders who play professionally in Australia, but a token gesture to those who invented the game and founded the league and even the nation in which all these guys play would be nice.

But I digress.

The actual controversy is due to the fact that the Australian team refused to sing the national anthem.

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